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Lucas County Solid Waste Management District City of Toledo Collection Services Presentation to the State Solid Waste Management Advisory Council Meeting.

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1 Lucas County Solid Waste Management District City of Toledo Collection Services Presentation to the State Solid Waste Management Advisory Council Meeting August 16, 2012

2 City of Toledo Look Back (curbside recycling) August, 1998 Compliance Agreement March, 1997 OEPA notice to District (not in compliance with the Plan) City agrees to provide biweekly curbside recycling as follows: Min 40% of HHs by 12/31/99; 80% of HHs by 12/31/00 and 100% by 5/31/01 May, 2000 – Memo of understanding between District and City for a District $1.00/ton grant to the City for maintaining the curbside collection program.






8 City of Toledos progress over time March, 2008 PC meeting update Continuing progress on a single stream recycling pilot, review of an automated collection system, and possible impacts of the City income tax renewal vote. December, 2008 PC Meeting update City has decided to go automated but still hasnt determined its service (public/private) mix. 10,000 HH pilot area initiated



11 City of Toledos budget plan for collection services (refuse/recycling) Proposed RatesFullIf Recycle Jan-Apr 08$5.50$3.00 May-Apr 09$7.00$2.00 May-Apr 10$8.50$1.00 May-Apr 11$10.00$0.00 August, 2009 – 1 bulky pick up per quarter (addtl $50 each) SWAP (Solid Waste Accommodation Program) 2010 – Proposed $15/hh or $8.50/HH if recycle 2010 - Homestead Discount $5.00/HH if recycle

12 City of Toledos progress over time March 2, 2009 PC Meeting update City received approval to get financing for the carts and to move forward with automation collection for the entire city. The City is conducting due diligence of privatization vs. internal refuse/recycling collection. Participation in pilot area is up to 90%, while in non-pilot areas is closer to 40-50% participation. March, 2009 City of Toledo is seriously considering suspension of their curbside recycling program

13 City of Toledos progress over time June, 2009 PC Meeting update The City is struggling to support and fund their program and is in a severe budget crisis at this time – which has raised the question of whether they can fund the recycling program September, 2009 PC Meeting update The first automated trucks are scheduled to arrive the week of November 23 rd and the 1 st automated route will start on 12/7/09. The carts will have an in-mold graphic label to provide recycling information. All carts, new and from pilot program, will be equipped with an RFID tag.

14 City of Toledo requests District assistance – November 15, 2010 Promote Regional efficiency Effectuate needed cost savings City of Toledo seeks to cease providing refuse and recycling collection services in the City LCSWMD is legally authorized to assume collection responsibilities Refuse and recycling collection services can be provided to reduce City costs

15 Timeline Established November 15, 2010 City of Toledo (COT) requests Lucas County Solid Waste Management District (LCSWMD) to investigate the option of establishing a county-wide refuse and recycling collection operations within Lucas County including the City of Toledo November 2010 through February 2011 COT and LCSWMD develop Plan, RFP (Request For Proposal) and Agreement for Refuse and Recycling Collection Services. December 14, 2010 Resolution to City Council (Agenda Meeting) supporting the concept of the LCSWMD providing refuse/recycling services for the City One page report to City Council (Agenda Meeting) outlining timeline for LCSWMD Plan to provide refuse/recycling services for the City. January 4, 2011 City Council Budget Hearing. Discussion of LCSWMD providing refuse/recycling services for the City and the subsequent savings to the general fund. February 15, 2011 "GO" or "NO GO" decision needed by City Council. Last possible date to authorize the administration to move forward with the LCSWMD Plan to provide refuse/recycling services for the City. Toledo to enter into agreement with District for collection services. February 16, 2011LCSWMD advertises for Refuse and Recycling Services for COT/Lucas County. February 28, 2011 Toledo City Council passes 2011 Budget which includes saving associated with the LCSWMD Plan to providing refuse/recycling services starting Sept. 1, 2011. March 2011Bid opening by LCSWMD for the Refuse and Recycling Services RFP. April/May 2011LCSWMD awards Contract for Refuse and Recycling Services. - Vendors will need 3 to 4 months to hire staff to begin services September 1, 2011LCSWMD begins operation of Refuse & Recycling Collection for COT.

16 General Conditions of Terms Program shall be cost and revenue neutral for District Assurance of uninterrupted service (Seamless transition) Orderly transition as City ceases operations and Districts contractor commences collection Billing to continue by the City, Dept. of Public Utilities Districts contractor to provide customer service Citys 40 collection trucks purchased by contractor for $8,000,000

17 Incentive based recycling Eliminate Holiday Leap forward program Address un-automated areas (cul-de-sacs, alleys) Refuse is weekly / Recycling every 2 weeks Bulk collection (1/quarter) – Fee for extra Contractor may adjust routes (more efficient) Fuel surcharge (prior 3 months, >$4 base) City pays applicable landfill fees

18 Two Agreements w/ Elected Officials Support City of Toledo and Solid Waste Management District Solid Waste Management District and Republic Services This is a move in the right direction to ensuring we are providing services in the most efficient fashion for our taxpayers, said Mayor Bell. Working with the county to provide shared services also provides some structural relief for the citys budget without adding to the countys financial burden. I appreciate Commissioner Gerkens leadership and foresight in working as a partner with the city to make this happen. This is a positive step towards increasing efficiency and sharing services between the county and the city, said Commissioner Pete Gerken. This partnership has the potential to bring more effective and wider service to the citizens of Toledo and Lucas County.

19 Details of Households served 95,500 households in Toledo - Re-evaluate household count after 6 months, then annually with contract Carts provided as purchased by City - RFID tags – Sonrai software - Cart replacement – Maint, replacement and disposal incl. in services Evictions/Demolition – all costs by City Homestead Exemption Discount (incl. w/ billing)

20 Seamless Transition Same trucks; new look Same collection carts Still weekly pick-up Recycling every 2 weeks Still pay through water bill

21 Seamless Transition Same phone number 419-936-2511 Still take waste to City owned (Hoffman Road) Landfill Minimal changes for residents

22 Eliminating LEAP Forward Program July 4 was final LEAP One-day delay for holidays Includes Saturday pickup 6 major holidays (vs. 13 holidays recognized by City) New Years Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas

23 Start up Issues – Scripts 1 of 4 SITUATION: Customer received letter and sticker on placement of cart, along one way street. EXPLAIN: We understand this is a change to the normal place your trash and/or recycling carts were set, but Republic Services cannot legally go down a one way street the wrong way and the trucks are set up to service on the right hand side of the street. In order to safely service your home, we are asking that you place your cart on only one side of the street. If you would like, we can have someone meet you to show you where to place your cart and how the sticker will assist in getting the cart back to your property.

24 Start up Issues – Scripts 2 of 4 SITUATION: Recycling truck has not been by yet. EXPLAIN: Your trash and recycling material may be picked up at a different time than you are used to, so please have your trash out before 7:00 AM. or the night before. Also, please remember that Republic Services is doing away with the leap forward program which is a great benefit to you!

25 Start up Issues – Scripts 3 of 4 SITUATION: Disabled Citizens who cannot cross the road EXPLAIN: I will forward your information on to a Republic Services supervisor and they will work with you to find the best solution and they will either talk to you at your house or give you a call.

26 Start up Issues – Scripts 4 of 4 SITUATION: My Republic Rewards – Recycling Program EXPLAIN: My republic recycling rewards program will not kick off until September 1 st. You will be receiving flyers in the mail over the next month with more information on the program and how you can set up to start benefiting from it.

27 Cost to Residents $8.95 per month 45-cent increase $5.00 for Homestead Exemption residents Cost increases built into contract 3% increase each year, five-year contract with up to five-year option to renew Republic invoices District and District invoices the City Wire transfer of funds (City to District), then pay Republic

28 City of Toledo Cost Impact? Privatization reduces the use of taxpayer dollars from the general fund Save $6 million annually $2.8 million in 2011

29 Former Toledo Collection Employees How many went to work with Republic? 11 How many new employees did Republic need? 33 NET HIRING GAIN FOR THE AREA

30 Incentive Based Recycling No additional fee for not recycling Earn points for recycling My Republic Rewards, powered by RecycleBank Households can recover full amount invested in waste collection! Points earn coupons (rewards) for discounts at retailers

31 Began accumulating points September 1 Community-based program 1 lb = 2.5 points Online account to manage/redeem points Fully-staffed phone line Residents must register!

32 My Republic Rewards How many have signed up? 24,000 Meetings to continue the educational process. Block watch Fliers Senior centers How many points have been spent (redeemed)? How many rewards orders have there been?

33 Public Education Mailings, media, etc. Increase understanding of changes (pick up day fixed) Some cart locations adjusted Assistance at public meetings Senior concerns addressed Increase participation in My Republic Rewards

34 Transition – Collection Volumes What has happened so far! Truck/Equip purchases and utilizations Elimination of routes Baseline on both refuse and recycling tons

35 Toledo residents Call volume

36 Recent Community Event The Sustainability Commissions Get Your Green On contest was for the design of a logo for the group. Republic held a Design A Truck contest for Toledo students from kindergarten through eighth grade promoting recycling Five students were recognized, one Lucas County high school student by the Sustainability Commission and four elementary students in the Republic contest

37 Get Your Green On contest Presented winner with a $100 gift card to The Andersons and a Kindle

38 Design a Truck contest Presented 4 winners with one-year memberships to Toledos Imagination Station and a Kindle

39 Follow up and working together Contractor update meetings regarding issues - Meetings with Council members - Meetings with the Mayor - Meetings with the District Meeting monthly in 2012 Keep Toledo/Lucas Co Beautiful outreach Republic Services public outreach

40 What made this work? / Future… Starts from the TOP (elected officials) Willing partners (in the industry)… Collection services in place (leverage others) Single County District (Regional opportunities) RECYCLING (Current MRF RFPs sought) Expand – bundling collection services

41 Questions? Jim Shaw, P.E. Lucas County Sanitary Engineer Christopher Pizza Lucas County Solid Waste Management District Manager Paul Rasmusson Republic Services (formerly Allied Waste Services)

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