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How to Begin… ?.

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1 How to Begin… ?

2 Start with… Clear your basics of C and Data Structures
Reference Books: 1. Head First C 2. The C Programming Language : Kernighan & Ritchie 3. Video Lectures : IIT Delhi (available on DC)

3 Practice on Online Judges…
~ 20,000 questions available Questions from various past contests One of the best choices to start with. Archive of many contests Classified on the level of difficulty Editorials of past questions

4 One of the oldest judges Well categorized questions.
One of the oldest judges Well categorized questions. Strict constraints on format of Output. For queries: To debug: There is a plethora of online judges available. What we suggest you, is to START with one of these. The REST you will discover yourself in due time.

5 Reference websites… :
can help you with nearly everything C++ has to offer. : algorithms of standard problems with code, but we suggest you to try implementing them by yourself. : awesome tutorials

6 Verdicts, you may get… AC- Accepted, correct solution
WA- Wrong Answer, something wrong with logic PE- Presentation Error, incorrect format of output (whitespaces) TLE- Time Limit Exceeded, the time complexity needs to be reduced. Optimize your solution or try a better algorithm CE- Compilation Error, code could not be compiled on the system. Runtime Errors- SIGSEGV-The program accessed memory incorrectly, exceeding environment limits. SIGFPE- incorrect arithmetic operation, like divide by zero

7 Contests Long challenges: 10 days
(work hard and you may get codechef T-shirts too) Cook-Off: 2.5 hrs Contests by various colleges

8 2 hour contests questions of varying difficulty time penalty +wrong submissions penalty + hack help to test and increase your speed and accuracy

9 a great place to learn very good questions even better editorials Its better to practice on online judges prior to it. When you are familiar with basics, go for it…

10 ACM-ICPC ( International collegiate programming contest)
Among the most prestigious programming contests Aim for it from now Yearly competition ( prelims, national, international level ) You get to compete against the finest programmers and learn a lot. ( )

11 If you have any problem solving a question or understanding some concept , feel free to bug us, we will be happy to debug you… ACM Executive body Nimesh Ghelani: Prem Kamal: Utkarsh Raj: Rishikesh Jha: Vivek Verma: Nischal Kumar: Chandan Agarwal: Sanket Singhal: Aparajita Choudhary: Bhavini Mishra: Happy Coding… 

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