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AER European Citizens Forum Youth Entrepreneurship Strategies YES Orleans, April 18 th 2011.

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1 AER European Citizens Forum Youth Entrepreneurship Strategies YES Orleans, April 18 th 2011

2 Mayte Gálvez, CEEIM (SPAIN) Region of Murcia

3 Regionaldata Main economical activities: Agriculture, Industry, Construction and Services 1 1.362.546 inhabitants (3,07% Spain) (3,07% Spain) 2 11.313 km 2 total surface (3,07% Spain)

4 EERaward Murcia region was awarded the prestigious label of EUROPEAN ENTREPRENEURIAL REGION (EER) of the Year, in 2011. This award recognizes the Policies and Strategies implemented by the regional Government aimed at strengthening the entrepreneurial nature of our society and supporting the creation of new firms.

5 Globalentrepreneurshipmonitor TEA2009 [18-64 years old] 6 Companies per day 46 % Start-ups 53,9 % Baby business 25,5 % Using new technologies 34 % Export 12,3 % Foreign entrepreneurship TEA Spain – Autonomous Regions Region of Murcia Data

6 Ceeim Who are We ? 2 1infraestructure Incubator Incubator Business Center objetives Entrepreneurship Spirit Entrepreneurship SpiritBusiness initiatives initiatives

7 Ceeim ourservices 3 2 Physical infraestructure Incubator Incubator Services to outsiders Relatedactivities Formaceeim FormaceeimImaginaEje/Eme… 1Businessadvice Information and docs Training & education ConsultingEuropeanprojects

8 Ceeim location CEEIM, Espinardo University Campus, 30100 Murcia

9 Ceeim boardofmembers Private, non-for-profit, made up of 24 Public and Private organisms, Financial entities and the main representative emerging and traditional Companies of the Region.

10 Ceeim ourcompanies

11 ourprojects

12 27/05/10 EJE & EME projects Spain is still laying behind in terms of evaluation, although Valnalón is currently carrying out an interesting piece of research to assess the impact of one of its enterprise education projects in primary and secondary school students, in several Autonomous Communities: EJE - The Region completed the pilot project last year (2009/2010) with 28 centers, and the project has been consolidated this year (2010/2011) in 27 centers. EME - The Region of Murcia is developing this year (2010/2011) the pilot project in 25 centers. BEST Practices

13 EJE & EME Young Entrepreneurs in Schools

14 27/05/10 CEEIM IMAGINA CONTEST This competition awards the best ideas of innovative business projects, which enable the implementation and development of innovative companies in the Region of Murcia. It is aimed at students of Vocational Training centers (or higher level) and Secondary school (16-18 yrs) enrolled in the Region of Murcia. Students present innovative ideas, real or fictitious, designed for their development and implementation in the Region.


16 27/05/10 CEEIM CREATIVE OLYMPICS Developing skills such as creativity is something basic for the entrepreneurs spirit growth. Participants must be enrolled in any Vocational Training centers or Secondary school (16-18 yrs) in the Region of Murcia. The objective: to encourage creativity as a catalyst for innovation.


18 27/05/10 CEEIM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY WEEK The aim of the event is to raise the profile of S&T in our schools, in order to motivate students. Participants can observe, experiment, play … in a lot of different activities!!

19 S & T week


21 27/05/10 "Children born into poverty develop special gifts that prepare them for business creation…Precisely because of their background, because of their experience surviving in a challenging world, they are able to perceive life opportunities that others, more content with their lot in life, can easily miss...". The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. THANK YOU!

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