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Robotics PSITE & Pinoy Robot Games GET INVOLVED! START NOW!

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1 Robotics PSITE & Pinoy Robot Games GET INVOLVED! START NOW!

2 Pinoy Robot Games promotes CREATIVITY INGENUITY TEAMWORK Problem-Solving

3 The Pinoy Robot Games Foundation through ROBOT GAMES

4 Who study robotics?

5 Who study Robotics?



8 Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Singapore Korea Japan

9 What to study? MECHANICS (Science & Math) or just buy a kit ELECTRONICS – very basic PROGRAMMING – very important ENVIRONMENT and INTERFACE They all work together as one.

10 Why study robotics? Robotics can be an end – for engineers BUT they need to program! It can be a means to learn programming, embedded systems, operating systems, real- time systems, etc.

11 Do you need to know mechanics? To star it, NO! Use a pre-built or follow a how- to pattern of building and focus on programming. To improve, YES! Change Tires, change body, change structure, etc.

12 Do you need to know electronics? NO! USE Pre-built ones. YES, the basics of electricity and electronics to ADD to the circuit. For advanced programming, and building of your own libraries Better electronics can also improve design.

13 Robotics in the IT Programs

14 Programming Courses Study of Programming –Make robots move (instead of mere input/output) –Sense environments and build conditions –Learn state transitions and automata by example –Use loops, events, triggers from a real environment.

15 Network & Communication (Multiple robot controllers) Use of bluetooth, Xbee, RF, etc to control them remotely Use of Wifi or Ethernet shields Add web and network programming for IP-based robots (cameras, home controls, etc).

16 Computer Architecture Learn computer electronics and make your own libraries (midway between C and Assembly) Study of interrupts and bus architectures Firmware programming

17 Areas for research Study of Algorithms Navigation and Planning Video & Audio Processing Collaborative Robots & Computing Embedded systems Real time systems

18 Robotics in the IT Programs

19 Why study robotics?

20 Why Study Robotics? Most Bought Robot in the world Home/Building Controls Cleaning Pools Washing Windows Robot Window Washer Robot Cleaning Pipes

21 Micro-controller Applications

22 How to Start? ARDUINO Mechanical Parts Motor Controller Sensors (a bit expensive) Solve Problems or Join Contests.

23 How to Start? (Supplies) PC Troubleshooters

24 How to Start? (Supplies) E-Gizmo and Alexan Locally made Arduino Boards

25 How to Start? (Supplies) New from Alexan (Motor and Sensor Shield)

26 How to Start? As a computer club Hold Seminar/Training Compile tutorials Run Contests Adapt it as a learning platform


28 Watch OUT!!! NATONAL and Regional SUMOBOT


30 Sustaining teacher training and praxis Good modeling for students Starting point for possible curriculum use and integration. Starting point for possible research and research grants

31 PSITE hold regional contests Pinoy Robot Games maintain a National Tally Board (for scores) and official rules of the contest. Pinoy Robot Games hold the NATIONAL CONTEST

32 National Contest WINNER sponsored to go to the International Robot Olympiad or Singapore Robot Games

33 Jobs of the Future



36 Pinoy Robot Games Thank You! Melvin R. Matulac

37 Pinoy Robot Games and PSITE

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