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University of Central Florida

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1 University of Central Florida
2013 United Way Campaign

2 2013 Campaign Totals Total: $145,022.41
97% of our goal, and an increase of 6.1% over 2012 Orange Osceola Seminole: $117, / 432 donors Brevard: $8,087 / 23 donors Volusia Flagler: $1,027 / 4 donors Lake Sumter: $1, / 9 donors Aramark Corporate Pledge: $2,000 Special Events: $15, / 72 events

3 3 year history : Totals

4 3 year history : Participation by Date

5 3 year history : Participation by Date

6 Fundraising Team of the Year
Raised COS $43.00 NanoScience $83.00 Physics $109.00 Health Services $109.50 President's Office $247.00 Undergraduate Admissions $260.00 ITR $457.00 SMCA $505.00 RWC $748.00 F&A $910.00

7 Fundraising Team of the Year
Raised College of Arts and Humanities $1,640.47 Rosen College $1,681.41 Human Resources $1,816.97 FIRST PLACE – FACILITIES AND SAFETY $2,144.46

8 Leadership Spirit Award
2013 Nominations extended through December 16th 2011 Winner – Sue Ann Mann Honorees: Rhodney Browdy, Barbara Brown, Patricia Hall, Maritza Pomales, Donna Reid, Maria Gambino, James Godden Nominations: 26 2012 Winner – Brittaney Sottile Honorees: Ruth Ann Griggers, Patricia Hall, Sue Ann Mann, Joanne McCully, Omesh Persaud, Doris Santos, Terri Smith Nominations: 23

9 2013 Nominees (to date) Genyth Travis Joe Raditch Joanne McCully Megan
Pabian Omesh Persaud Janet Zajac Scott Mauro Terri Smith Sue Ann Mann Maria Santana Cathy Baust Linda Baker Patty Hurter Jeff Golub Denise Matias Patricia Hall Rebecca Pluguez Brittaney Sottile Donna Reid Connie Washam Christina Grace Amanda Nethero Anjella Warnshuis Elizabeth Hardman

10 Volunteer Reward Raffle
Chef’s Gala Tickets: Pauline Strauss Parking Decal: Julie Voyles $30 CPY Gift Certificate: Joanne McCully Polasek Museum Tickets: Karen Reinemund Aluma Wallet: Jon Mockus

11 Day of Action – Book Drive
UCF Contributed 22 books To the Day of Action Book Drive. Book drives like ours raised 6,205 books that were distributed to 17,000 children.

12 Letter Carrier’s Food Drive
UCF Postal Services and the UCF United Way Campaign Team co-hosted an on-campus Stamp Out Hunger event.

13 Orientation Workshops – Meet Kate

14 Leadership Breakfast

15 New Thermometers! Thanks, Don Gillespie!

16 Campaign Cabinet Belinda Boston, Assistant Vice President Student Development and Enrollment Services Michael Frumkin, Dean College of Health and Public Affairs Linda Gooch, Head Coach Spirit Program Athletics Grant Heston, Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs News and Information Shane Juntunen, Associate Director Office of Student Involvement Valarie King, Director Diversity Initiatives Fred Kittinger, Associate Vice President and Director of State and Local Government Affairs, University Relations William Merck, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Administration and Finance David Pavlonnis, Assistant Vice President Student Development and Enrollment Services Melvin Rogers, Associate Dean College of Health and Public Affairs Rick Schell, Vice President and Chief of Staff Rich Sloane, Director Community Relations, College of Education James Wright, Professor, Sociology

17 Committee Leaders - Events
Spooky Knight 5K – Joanne McCully, Chair Flea Market – Rebecca Pluguez, Chair Leadership Breakfast – Tee Rogers, Chair Critical Needs Drive – Donna Reid, Chair Days of Caring – Judy Froehlich, Chair Star Bank Contest – Connie Washam, Chair

18 Committee Leaders - Outreach
Volunteer and Donor Appreciation – Linda Wood, Chair Marketing – Joe Raditch, Chair Community Needs Awareness & Volunteering – Brittaney Sottile, Chair

19 Heroes took first place in the Spring 2013 contest!
Fall 2013 Gold Team $1,500 for SafeHouse of Seminole Spring 2013 Heroes Team $2,000 for the Coalition for the Homeless Heroes took first place in the Spring 2013 contest! Fall 2013 Knigtro’s Chosen $1,000 for Harbor House of Central Florida

20 Miles: 446.68 | Total Raised: $997.92
RunUnited 2013 Miles: | Total Raised: $997.92 Who turned miles into smiles in 2013: -> MOST MILES! Pauline Strauss ran/biked miles, raising $ for the United Way Family Emergency Fund -> MOST RAISED! Joanne McCully ran/roller bladed 81 miles, raising $ for the American Cancer Society -> Tracy Reedy swam 30 miles, raising $ for the Second Harvest Food Bank -> Donna Reid ran/walked miles, raising $ for the Central Florida YMCA -> Jessica Brooks ran 30 miles, raising $90 for Southeastern Guide Dogs -> Tee Rogers ran/walked miles, raising $ for In Harmony With Nature RunUnited History participants, miles, $997.92 participants, miles, $1,388.42 participant, 185 miles, $656.70

21 Live United Flea Market
Raised $366.95

22 UCF Day of Caring benefiting

23 Spaghetti Dinner Potluck

24 Raised $3,238.71

25 Mini Vacation Raffle Raised $367.00 Winner: Cynthia Kisby
3-day / 2 night stay in Clearwater Beach Winner: Cynthia Kisby

26 Congratulations to our 2013 contest winners
Starbank Contest Raised: $499.17 Congratulations to our 2013 contest winners Philosophy Recreation and Wellness Center

27 Critical Needs Drive Raised 2,669.9 pounds of donations
Challenge Winner: Philosophy – pounds Participants raising 50 pounds or greater: Rosen College, Center for Distributed Learning, College of Arts and Humanities, President’s Office, Graduate Studies, A&F VP office, Human Resources, History, Modern Languages, Biology, Facilities & Safety, English Department Additional participants: Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning, OIR, Police, Political Science, Recreation & Wellness Center, Health Services, Physics, Business Administration

28 Department Event Highlights
Raised $294.79

29 Campaign Leadership 2014 Members and Chairs are needed for:
Campaign Management Planning Committee Marketing Committee Prizes & Awards Events Management Flea Market Leadership Breakfast Community Needs Awareness & Volunteering Volunteer Appreciation Lunch Spooky Knight 5K Critical Needs Drive Day of Caring at UCF StarBank Contest RunUnited University Campaign Kick-Off Campaign Oversight Campaign Cabinet (director level and above) Memberships open: 3 Chair Position: Open Campaign Fiscal Officer


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