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Why Arent People Showing Up?! Spicing Up Your Events Kevin Gibson.

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1 Why Arent People Showing Up?! Spicing Up Your Events Kevin Gibson

2 Why People Dont Show Up Time Geographic Distance Family/Other Commitments Wont Know Anyone Dare I Say? Youre not having the event they want!

3 To Spice Up Your Event: Need four key ingredients – Big Picture Simplicity – Leverage – JMU – Your Passion

4 Big Picture Simplicity (Raisins) Drive by data! It is okay to do one event and do it well! What drives the economy in your area? Is there a critical mass of alumni at one company/industry? What are the big schools doing in your state/city/region/non-region?

5 We had this event… Happy Hour Museum Tour Wine Tasting New Grad Welcome Party Game Watch …AND …a brewery tour …a JMU faculty member led the tour or gave a quick talk before/after via video …a presentation from local business …assigning of mentors …invite local parents and have contests for first team to score, leading team at the half, etc. Leverage (Almonds)The leverage has never been in attendance. The leverage is in the story of the event. -Paul Clifford, President and CEO of East Carolina University Alumni Association

6 We had this event… Summer Family Picnic/Cookout Professional Sporting Event Homecoming Brunch Holiday Party Bowling Event …AND …a cornhole tournament to raise money for scholarship …a JMU coach attends to give an update on Athletics at JMU …a most years since youve been back to JMU contest for a signed football helmet OR simulate a tradition from your student organization …collect toys for Toys-for-Tots …a first four strikes of the day lane for chance to win tickets to a JMU football game

7 JMU (Sesame Sticks) Mimic the student experience! When you think of Harrisonburg/JMU, what comes to your senses? (smell, taste, touch, hear, sight) What are your best memories?

8 JMU (Sesame Sticks) JMU UREC Intramurals Daves Taverna Your Example Your Group Recreation league volleyball team Taverna burgers shipped in for your summer cookout Your Example

9 Your Passion (M & Ms)

10 Research Shows: Alumni most care about How does the value of the diploma increase over time? – How can you help answer that for alumni in your group? Alumni still want to feel good about their decision to go to JMU – How can your group facilitate that feeling? When you dont understand something, your first action should be stepping towards it. – i.e., ask us!

11 Trail Mix Making trail mix has to be the simplest big picture thing we could have made – Not demeaning the hard work it takes from you We had this session AND made trail mix You related this trail mix to trail mixes youve had before This trail mix is yours, no one else has an identical one – All of you have a different version (new groups, non-regional, large groups, small groups, age differences, etc.) – You made this trail mix to suit your needs (do the same with your group) All of one thing would have made a bland trail mix

12 Lets Chat! Thoughts? Whats hard, whats easy? What burning questions do you have?

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