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ITA Marketing & Front Office Committee. Bill Stuffing Gave CSRs box of StoveTop Stuffing & a recipe as a thank you Software Conversion Daily morale boosters.

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1 ITA Marketing & Front Office Committee

2 Bill Stuffing Gave CSRs box of StoveTop Stuffing & a recipe as a thank you Software Conversion Daily morale boosters

3 Hamilton Relay Services representative attended Had booth to describe services and equipment for deaf, hard of hearing, and speech disabled individuals. Good tie in with FCC filing on accessibility. Brought customer awareness

4 Email hosting through NeoNova Customers have access to Google Apps: Drive, Calendar, Sites, etc. Everything stored in the cloud

5 Addl revenue streams TechVantage – computer maintenance program Billed on a monthly basis Includes 2 FREE (Tune-ups) Optimizations per year & 10-Point System Inspection

6 Installed FTTH – gave customer thank you gift Popcorn boxes: microwave popcorn, M&Ms, IPTV line up, remote control brochure, bundling brochure, DVR brochure Went to customers in the rural area – new customers

7 Customer service spearheads monthly potlucks Pick a theme Ex: Chili Cook Off Crowns for the winner and print certificate

8 Drive increased bundle agreements & promote services to NW Iowa Mail to each household 3 times

9 New logo = consistent messaging Created new website & Facebook page Vehicle decals - more cost efficient than wraps New letterhead, business cards, signature boxes for all staff emails Required all staff to wear logod clothing

10 Simplified front/back office communication Tickets and locates are not lost Assign from one tech to another Easy to include notes when completed

11 Breakdown information for each promotion is emailed to all staff Ex: $50 bill credit for new and upgrading Internet customers Email would include sales goal, incentive for meeting the goal, list of weekly incentives if reach goals. Weekly Incentives include: casual (jeans) day Overall Campaign Goals include: pizza party, prize drawings, and cash bonuses

12 Bring community together in a fun contest for the NCAA mens basketball tournament. All online, easy to complete a bracket No cost to participants Provides touch points with customers

13 Award for technical staff Solved challenging issue – gave out a pocket protector in an award ceremony Nominal cost to boost employee morale

14 Integrated with Google – Gqueues App works in Chrome & Android devices Managers assign tasks and provides complete communication on projects.

15 Launching a new website Formed a website committee – rep from each of cooperatives 5 departments Gain better content with all departments input

16 Installed FTTH – employees wore t-shirts with logo and message about FTTH Provide employees with movie tickets or Amazon gift cards after successful project completion Employee meetings – have a drawing, or guess the # in the jar. Prizes have been a Kindle Fire or other device.

17 SecureIT Race Incentive to upsell a service Winner was given a gift card

18 Tag Line: Responsive. Local. Committed.

19 Read Elf on the Shelf story at area libraries Telly moves daily around showroom Kids spot Telly; name put in drawing $10 in chamber bucks drawn weekly Encourages parents and children to come into the office during the holidays.

20 Took out LD and calling features nobody uses Phone and Tier 2 or above of internet, get a discount Phone and Tier 2 of video or above, get a discount Take all 3, get a discount

21 Increase positive community presence on Facebook: Holiday Open House – open 4 hours on Sunday afternoon. Reputation for best spread. Food drive during Holiday Open House

22 Partnered with a 6 th grade class to man the float Theres No Place Like Home – students dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz.

23 Weekly internal email to keep staff informed Information on: Staff Schedule Churn Competition Marketing Regulatory Service Orders Troubles Human Resources Training Opportunities

24 Make your own bubble wands Strip the outside of CAT5 wire to expose small colorful wires Let kids bend the wires to make creative bubble wands Make homemade bubble mix

25 Consortia Consulting talked to staff Recognized personality groups amongst each other

26 A week of fun activities Open the office an hour late Make breakfast for staff Scavenger hunt around town

27 Facebook used to run contests, give updates, spread positive PR

28 Partner with 3 rd grade classes to design yellow page ads depicting Jefferson Prizes to top 3 drawings that best follow the judging criteria Present awards and talk about fun facts in the directory and telephone etiquette. Ads are used as filler in next years directory.

29 Telco partners with area RadioShacks Upgrade Internet speed– receive $25 gift card New Internet customer – $50 gift card Sign up for a bundle with 2 year agreement - receive a Kindle Fire.

30 Increase positive community presence on Facebook with parents: Lollipops for Pictures – coloring pages uploaded to Facebook. Emergency Number pages for Kids at back-to- school time.

31 Addition to annual meeting Annual tailgate at local exchange Light meal Games for kids Terrific prizes

32 Newsletter customer contest Questions – answered correctly, entered to win Prizes – Prepaid Master Card at $50, gas cards, etc.

33 Point system for functions that you attend Every point earned equals $1 Use money for Heart of Iowa clothing

34 Staff meeting each Monday for 10 minutes During meeting we rotate a staff person to do education on either a product or service weekly. Define product/service, list the benefits/value, cons of products, common Q&A, and cost to customer. Informational flyer produced and each staff person has a binder.

35 Questions

36 Marcie Boerner: Kelly Johnson: Lori Keppler: Janell King-Squires: Renee Knoop: Heidi Mitchell: Cassie Radtke: Jody Schulte: David Sherlock: Melissa Stagg:

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