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Presented to Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee February 8, 2013 Carleen Lyden-Kluss.

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1 Presented to Lone Star Harbor Safety Committee February 8, 2013 Carleen Lyden-Kluss

2 NAMEPA is a maritime industry-led initiative which engages maritime businesses, government and the public to Save our Seas by promoting sound environmental practices. NAMEPA operates as a nongovernmental organization committed to preserving the marine environment through educating seafarers, port communities and students about the need, and strategies, for protecting this important global resource.

3 The Facts Founded in October, 2007. Modeled after the 30 year old HELMEPA Industry-led environmental initiative Member based Engaged Board of Directors Over 130 shipping companies/individuals members Activities (National and World Maritime Days, Childrens Art Contest, marine debris, response simulations, Environmental Intelligence in Maritime seminars, international coastal cleanup) Outreach to recreational boaters and students

4 Why NAMEPA? Responding to The Environmental Imperative Demonstrating maritime's commitment to protecting the marine environment Reaching out to seafarers, port communities and children Networking through aquariums and through schools to reach student curricula Promoting the maritime industry

5 Sample Members ABS American Club APL Blank Rome CR Weber DNV Eagle Bulk Eagle Ocean Euronav ExxonMobil/SeaRiver Gallagher Marine Genco Shipping GenMar Shipping Groton Pacific Horizon Lines Kirby Corporation Liberty Maritime Lloyds Register Maersk MJLF MSRC Marquette Transportation Navios NYC-DOT Ferry Div. Orion & Global OSG Resolve Marine Royal Caribbean Cruise Line SeaGroup Sea Research Foundation Skuld Statoil TBS Shipping Teekay Shipping Torm USA Tsakos Energy Navigation T&T Bisso Titan Marine Valles Steamship Veson Nautical Watson Farley Williams

6 Held 6 Environmental Intelligence in Maritime events (Houston, San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington DC, Athens Greece, Anchorage, New York) featuring issues important to our industry and the marine environment. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Coast Guard Produced and distributed 120,000 marine debris posters with the USCG Auxiliary. Launched our MARPOL/Marine Science seafarer training program. Partnered with Sea Research Foundation and the USCG on this years Student Drawing Contest. Represented NAMEPA at 24 maritime events. In partnership with the American Salvage Association, conducted a Student Science Fair. CELEBRATED OUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!! In 2012 we achieved many milestones:

7 NAMEPA Activity Seafarers: Through its relationship with the North American Maritime Ministry Association (NAMMA), we distributed over 12,000 copies of the American Clubs environmental crimes poster. Again, through NAMMA, we distributed 2,500 copies of NAMEPAs Marine Debris poster to ships calling on North American ports. Developed a MARPOL/Marine Science seafarer training program which has been disseminated throughout ports in North America including the Caribbean. Provide environmental information in seafarer centers throughout North America.

8 Port Communities: NAMEPA hosts industry seminars and conferences with regional orientation to suit the local communitys interests/concerns. These seminars, entitled Environmental Intelligence in Maritime present panels composed of industry, regulatory and environmental interests to bring a complete discussion to the table. EIM seminars to date have occurred in San Francisco, Houston, New York, Washington DC, Long Beach, Anchorage, and New Orleans. NAMEPA has hosted both the National Maritime Day and World Maritime Day for seven years. These large events address the broader environmental and safety interests of the maritime community. NAMEPA Activity (continued)

9 NAMEPA has been a sponsor of Green Shipping, Green Ports, Sustainable Shipping, and other events that share our commitment to Save our Seas. NAMEPA contributed its marine debris poster to a country-wide cleanup effort in Grenada. NAMEPA has participated in 5 international beach clean ups. NAMEPA Activity (continued)

10 MARPOL/Marine Science Booklet

11 Students: NAMEPA sponsors an annual childrens drawing contest featuring a theme of environmental protection (marine debris, save our seas, the seafarer, etc). This years contest reached over 1,500,000 students. NAMEPA is developing a K-12 marine debris education program, and will be partnering with the USCG/NOAA to bring this curriculum into schools nationally and internationally. NAMEPA is sponsoring a science contest amongst Harbor Schools, maritime academies, and universities around marine environment protection. NAMEPA is sponsoring a cadet award for commitment to marine environment protection. NAMEPA Activity (continued)

12 2013 promises to be a productive year as well, with many events and strategic alliances brewing: January 16 th EIM- 2013 Regulatory Updates - Houston February 4 th Environment Panel - Cayman Islands February 28 th Senior Leadership Roundtable - Queen Mary, Long Beach March 18-20 th CMA Shipping Conference - Stamford, CT April EIM- Great Lakes May 21 st National Maritime Day & AMVER Awards – D.C. August 8 th EIM Senior Leadership Roundtable- Anchorage Sept. 14 th International Coastal Cleanup October 30 th EIM/American World Maritime Day Observance November EIM- Oil Spill Response Collaboration Vancouver, BC

13 Thank you ! For more information, please visit:

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