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Welcome Baseball Presentation. Introduction Dale Klaus, Director of Athletics or ext. 390 Responsibilities include: FallAdministrator.

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1 Welcome Baseball Presentation

2 Introduction Dale Klaus, Director of Athletics or ext. 390 Responsibilities include: FallAdministrator for Golf WinterAdministrator for Wrestling springAdministrator for Water Polo, and Baseball

3 FHSAA Publications/Communications – latest info, Classifieds, etc. Books online: sports manuals, FHSAA Handbook, member school directory, etc. Record books are online only FHSAA Videotaping Policy Coaching purposes OK (NOT for scouting purposes) Personal use OK NO commercial re-sale or re-distribution

4 Health and Safety Reminders Lightning – If either principal or his/her designee asks the official to stop the game because of lightning, THE GAME SHALL BE STOPPED. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes before continuing play or ending the contest (suspended game or game over). AEDs – Recommended for regular season contests and required for district and play-in contests.

5 Health and Safety Reminders (Cont.) Parental Permission (Bylaw 9.8)EL3 Good for current school year only Medical Consent Form (Bylaw 9.7)EL2 Good for 365 days as per Florida Statute Both forms required before any participation in conditioning activities

6 Health and Safety Reminders (Cont.) Physical Exams may be done by: Licensed Physician Licensed Physician Assistant Doctor of Osteopathy Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner Chiropractic Physician State Statute 1006

7 Coaches Responsibilities TOURNAMENT APPROVAL Only necessary when involving schools from other states (concurrent season and similar eligibility rules) Events Needing NFHS Approval Host School Responsibility Due 90 days in advance or late processing fee Can be tracked on NFHS web site ( Must use current form

8 Coaches Responsibilities (Cont.) Bylaw 9 Overview Eligibility – EL10 Form should be submitted if a school representative has any questions Game Contracts required for each regular season contest & tournament

9 Unsporting Conduct FINANCIAL PENALTIES Coach must miss the same number of games as players (Policy #30) School fine schedule in FHSAA Handbook (Policy #30) Officials Protocol Pre-game conference with head coaches and team captains Disqualification Procedure 1. Notify both head coaches of ejection 2. Submit written conduct report within 24 hours

10 Unsporting Conduct Consequences for schools if players leave the bench area should an altercation occur Penalties could include: Participant(s) must miss contests School penalized financially School removed from the state series

11 Unsporting Conduct Public criticism of officials is forbidden Coaches dont criticize officials Officials dont criticize coaches NO Alcohol and Tobacco Products

12 Schools Responsibilities to Officals 1.Should (common courtesies) Secure dressing facility [Post-season MUST] Provide private shower with hot water Provide refreshments during halftime 2.MUSTS Greet the officials upon arrival Private, secure place to park Provide security (pregame, halftime and postgame) Provide location of principal or game admin. Coaches must not enter officials dressing room 3.May lose privilege to host state series!

13 Inclement Weather Policy Officials must contact the principal or his/her designee The safety and welfare of all is of paramount importance A suspended contest shall resume from the point of interruption per rules of the sport by both FHSAA and NFHS rules If a suspended contest is resumed following a delay, teams should be given a reasonable amount of time to stretch and warm-up

14 Important Dates First Contest – February 10 Official State Entry List – April 14 Submitted to C2C Schools and final district win-loss records to District Host Maximum of 20 athletes District Tournament – April 21-25 Regional Tournament- April 30-May 13 State Championship – May 14-22

15 Sanctioning Preseason Classics can be held February 3-8 Invitational Tournaments NFHS sanction if out of state schools participate 90 days before the event No more than 1 (one) trip per school year out of FL beyond neighboring states

16 JV and Varsity Rules Coaches are reminded that players may only play (includes being in uniform) on one team in any day. A player may play for the varsity on Wednesday and play on the JV team on Thursday or vice versa.

17 Rule Changes 6-1-3 Clarified the correct and legal position of the pivot foot in the set position 7-3-5c Clarified the rules for a specific type of interference by the batter making any other movement, including backswing interference, which hinders actions at home plate or the catchers attempt to play on a runner,

18 Points of Emphasis 1.Malicious Contact 2.Coaching Attire 3.Umpire Authority

19 Important Dates January 13, 2014: First Practice Date February 3, 2014-February 8, 2014: Preseason Baseball Classics February 10, 2014: First Regular Season Contest April 12, 2014: Last District Contest April 14, 2014 Official entry list due April 19, 2014 Last Regular Season Contest April 21, 2014-April 25, 2014 District Baseball Tournaments

20 Thanks for Viewing Dale Klaus, Administrator for Water Polo 352-372-9551 x390 Good Luck This Season!

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