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Starting with the Young

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1 Starting with the Young
Professor Ockie Bosch Systems Design and Complexity Management University of Adelaide Business School Creating New Era Leaders Starting with the Young

2 Complexity and Dynamics
Increasing Competition Technological developments Global Information Exchange Climate and Environmental changes Complexity and Dynamics Social & Political Developments International Division of Labour Differentiation of Customer Needs Disruption of the Value Chain Dealing with Complexity and Coping with Increasing Market Dynamics have become major challenges for Managers and Decision Makers

3 A Coherent Net Torn Apart

4 Making Decisions in such a Complex Web of Interactions
Do we get it right? Do we make good policy and investment decisions? Are we aware of the unintended consequences of our decisions? Are we effective in our cross-sectoral communication and collaboration to deal with the multi-dimensional nature of complex problems? Do we go for quick fixes because it is easier to treat the symptoms? Politicians, business managers and all members of society have to make important decisions on a daily basis in the complex web in which business, social issues, finance and economics, environment, politics and culture are all highly interconnected OR Do we urgently need new and innovative ways of thinking and a fresh approach and tools to deal with the problems facing our society?

5 Starting with the Young
Creating a “new way of thinking” in society is highly difficult Starting with the Young has been identified as a major leverage point to address this difficult problem and gaming is part of the culture or language that talks to young people. Ecopolicy A cybernetics simulation game that introduces young people to the concepts of systems and interconnected thinking.

6 Short Overview: Ecopolicyade® Gaming contest
Founded in 2004 by the teachers H.-W. Hansen & W.D. John in Malente 2005 German State Schleswig-Holstein – Final Ecopolicyade in German Parliament pupils 2006 German Federal States Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein pupils 2007 German States Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein 100 schools and pupils 2008 Germany-wide - Funded by German Ministry of the Interior and Sponsors (Staedler, Invotel, Berlin City Council....) > participants 2010 / 2011 / Germany –wide: Strong involvement from Business & Government Sectors; Finals in German Parliament > 200, participants Netherlands 2011, USA CA 2011, Austria 2012, Italy 2012, Australia (Adelaide) 2012, Vietnam 2012/3, Sri Lanka 2013, Argentina 2013, Australia-wide 2013/4, China 2013/4, Japan 2013/4

7 What is Ecopolicy about?

8 Opening Niedersachsen 2007
Prime Minister Dr. Christian Wulff Dr. Karl-Heinz Oeller Malik MZSG Hans-Werner Hansen ecopoliyade Büro

9 ecopolicyade® Finals in the German Parliament, Berlin

10 Munich, Members of the City Council playing with Students

11 Students and Politicians

12 Berlin Business Team

13 Final Contest in Brandenburg, Opening Ceremony with the Minister of Culture, Martina München, April 2012

14 ZDF-TV broadcast ecopolicyade

15 ecopolicyade® Schleswig- Holstein, Schloss Bredeneck 2008

16 TV-News Lower Saxony

17 TV-News Schleswig-Holstein


19 ecopolicyade® international
2011/12 Germany Austria (Salzburg) Netherlands USA California 2012/13 Poland Spain WeißRussia Australia (Adelaide) Switzerland Vietnam 2013/14 Australia China Brasil Italy Sri Lanka Argentina Japan Adelaide

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