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STEM Robotics Competition Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion.

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1 STEM Robotics Competition Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

2 Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion Guideline #1 – The Robot Arena is a 4 X 8 X ¾ Plywood Platform with a 3-1/2 high perimeter border mounted to the outside edge of the plywood. The border of the platform must not exceed 2 ¾ inches above the top side of the plywood base and shall be made of ¾ inch stock. There will be one BEACH BORDER along each long side of the arena made from ¾ X 2 X 8 solid wood. (See figure 3). There will also be a seawall zone for the placing of the rocks. Made from Quarter round wooden trim.

3 Guideline #2 – At the beginning of each round, 2 robots making up one team will compete against the clock. A pair of robots, on the same team, will be located in the center of the arena. The pair of robots on the other team will be located on the opposite side of the arena. Robots are encouraged to work as a team to gather rocks and to plant the sea grass in their beach area. Teamwork points will be awarded for robots that can perform both tasks. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

4 Guideline #3 – Each round will be 5 minutes in length. Student helpers may assist each referee with time- keeping in the event so that the players will know how much time is remaining in the round. Stopwatches or countdown timers may be used as timing devices for each round. A count- down audible will be given at 1 minute, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds remaining in the round. LED Indicators and or audible time indicators may also be used in conjunction with this timing system. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

5 Guideline #4 – At the start of each round, the judge will empty the rock bin onto the arena floor. One robot will be picking up rocks from a pile and placing them in the seawall area. The small rocks (no bigger than 1 inch) must be moved into the seawall area. The point scoring will be 1 point for each rock inside the zone. The other robot will acquire a piece of sea grass and plant it in the 8 wide sand zone. The point scoring will be 2 points for each piece of sea grass planted and free standing in the sand. Sea grass may be picked back up if dropped by either robot. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

6 Guideline #5 – Teams will also get 3 points for each of their team robots that get back into their starting zone by the end of the round. Two wheels of each robot must be INSIDE their own starting zone to get the end of round points. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

7 Guideline #6 – Sea grass must be planted individually, a.k.a. the sea grass cannot be attached together, but a robot with a custom gripper could plant more than one at a time. There is no set distance the sea grass must be from each other in the sand, just that the sea grass is freestanding. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

8 Guideline #7 – Robots may get damaged during competitive play and they may be taken to their pit area, between rounds, to be repaired. If for any reason BOTH robots are not fully functional at the start of a new round, the robot on the team which IS functional, may compete without their partner robot. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

9 Guideline #8 – Each robot must have a team flag mounted that displays the team name on each side as well as the letter A or the letter B which establishes the robot as the part of a team. An example of this might be; Mr. Roboto A or Mr. Roboto B. The flag size will be 4 X 2 wide and may pivot around or be stable. The flag will be mounted so that it flies above the robot and can be seen by spectators and judges. The flag WILL NOT count into the height requirement and does NOT need to fit into the go-no-go box at check in. However, the height of the flag will be NO MORE THAN 12 (Which is 2 above the MAX height of the robot). It would be wise for teams to make more than 1 Team Flag for each robot due to the fact a flag could get damaged while in contact with other robots. Each robot MUST have their flag present in every round to compete. A robot which arrives for a competition round without their flag in place, mounted on the robot, WILL NOT be allowed to compete in that round. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

10 Guideline #9 – Each team will compete under the banner of Gracious Professionalism. This means that in no instance should you willingly or deliberately damage another teams robot before, during or after competition. It is EXPECTED that there will be incidental contact on the playing field between robots, which is allowed. Mediators will be watching events to be sure that the contact is not intended to damage another teams robot. Should contact from one robot damage another teams robot, the offending team should make every effort to aid the damaged teams robot with replacement parts or the use of tools to make any repairs necessary, after the round. It should be the aim of the student and advisor to take pride in conducting themselves with the utmost respect for their opponents through the sharing of advice, support and supplies where necessary. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

11 Guideline #10 – No robot or robot part can, at any time, go over the center divider on the arena field. There will be 1 warning (PER TEAM PER ROUND), then there will be a 5 point deduction for EACH TIME a robot part goes over the center divider/ invades the space of the other team at their table during that round. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

12 The contest date is set for Friday, June 6, 2014 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Contest Guidelines for STEM the Erosion

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