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Toastmasters Contest Judges The Cornerstone of all Speech Contests.

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1 Toastmasters Contest Judges The Cornerstone of all Speech Contests

2 Speech Contests Characteristics of Good Judges Barriers to Objectivity The Art of Judging Judging forms Judges Code of Ethics Role of Chief Judge Simulations Agenda

3 Humorous Speech Contest - fall Table Topics Speech Contest - fall Evaluation Speech Contest - spring International Speech Contest - spring Speech Contests

4 Judging Evaluation Characteristics of a Good Judge

5 Accurate Fair Trustworthy Knowledgeable Good Listeners Characteristics of a Good Judge Continued…

6 Speaker Position Champion for the Underdog Halo Effect Reverse Halo Effect Second Time Around Not the Norm Prejudices & Personal Preferences Barriers to Objectivity

7 Judges Ballot 3 Judging Categories Judges rate and rank speakers – no feedback allowed The Art of Judging

8 Judging Forms

9 Judging Forms

10 1. I will demonstrate the utmost objectivity. I will consciously avoid bias of any kind in selecting first, second and third place contestants. I will not consider any contestants club, area, division or district affiliation. Nor will I consider any contestants age, sex, race, creed, national origin, profession or political beliefs. 2. I will not time the speeches and will not consider the possibility of under-time or overtime when judging a contestants speech. Judges Code of Ethics

11 3. I will support by word and deed the contest rules and judging standards, refrain from public criticism of the contest and only reveal my participation as a judge, scores and ranking in accordance with speech contest rules. 4. I am not a member of the same club as any contestant when judging at the division, district, semi-finals and international levels. 5. I have no conflict of interest with any of the contestants that would cause me to be biased. Judges Code of Ethics Continued…

12 Role of Chief Judge

13 Understand Speech Contest Rulebook Appoint assistances and brief duties – timers, counters, judges Provide one judge with tie-breaking ballot Check contestants eligibility Oversee ballot counting Confirm announcement of winners Destroy the ballots Chief Judge Duties

14 Simulations Time to flex those judging muscles!

15 ontestModule.aspxQUESTIONS Website Links

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