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Wavelink Product Update And Sales Contest Kickoff August 2011.

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1 Wavelink Product Update And Sales Contest Kickoff August 2011

2 Introduction TE and Speakeasy Overview Avalanche and Remote Control Overview Sales Contest Details Q&A Prepare for a joint strong second half of sales Agenda

3 Datalogic Products Are Enabled! 43 Enablers, 59 Emulators, 21 Studio agents, over 120 separate clients Elf Falcon X3 Joya Kyman Memor Falcon 4400 Pegaso Skorpio Datalogic Device Clients Available Today from the Wavelink web site 315 325 335 345 4200 4620 J Series R10 R12 R7 Rhino NET

4 Hopefully your sales job is easier. You get to provide your customers industry leading products at no extra charge, right out of the box. Deploy with Scan to Configure, forget about deploying manually ever again! Hassle free – no installation or licensing to worry about You have access to a huge upgrade target list of installed base Customers get great capabilities and compelling choices. If you give it away without making the customer understand your position, you are wasting money and a huge opportunity! Datalogic offers Wavelink Prelicensed What does that mean to you?

5 You just sold them the products offering industry leading features as a bundle. Now increase every hardware PO by $20 to $500 for each device by simply adding-on software products they will benefit greatly from owning Customers see these add-ons as being very good value for their money - they already own the base products when they buy your computers Datalogic support teams, internal organizations, and partners can quickly benefit from the add-ons too Again, if you give it away without adding on to the sale, you are wasting a huge opportunity! Heres a what else for you These products open the door for you to more


7 Organizations should recognize these benefits Boost in productivity Flexibility Solid architecture Security Advanced troubleshooting Organizations should gain these value add elements Integration with automated device management Easy and inexpensive path to speech and voice enablement Options for an Industrial Browser Wavelink Terminal Emulation What benefits should Terminal Emulation deliver?

8 In use by thousands of companies across the globe with over 3 million licensed clients. 27 of the top 30 retailers in North America and 9 of the top 10 global retailers use Wavelink software on their mobile devices. Wavelink Terminal Emulation has been evolving with market needs for over a decade. It leads the industry in available feature set through constant innovation. Recent innovations include a screen reformatter, powerful scripting engine, and integrated speech-to- text and text-to-speech capabilities. Why Wavelink Terminal Emulation? Best In Class Terminal Emulation

9 Wavelink TE Benefits Simple, but comprehensive, wireless solution Unrivaled standards-based connection persistence and security Easily configurable for multi-modal input without host changes Combined Industrial Browser shared executable Low cost, high quality integration of voice into existing host connectivity applications with Wavelink Speakeasy 100% client-side voice solution Industry standard Terminal Emulation from Wavelink helps organizations benefit in many ways

10 Wavelink TE 7.3 Screen Reformatter Work more effectively with grammar files Apply changes to Wavelink TE more efficiently Work faster through improved navigation Accomplish more by working with collections Scripting Import or export multiple scripts in a single action. Set multiple temporary text-to-speech settings with a single text-to-speech command. Speakeasy Enhanced voice recognition with user-specific voice training New and improved speech-to-text engine Speakeasy monitoring and diagnostics tools in Wavelink TE client Notable new features and functions


12 NOT new thick client application YES voice for terminal emulation YES voice for Web application YES existing application for voice enablement Wavelink Speakeasy What Speakeasy is and what it isnt

13 Speakeasy gives you the ROI of feature rich Voice & Speech technology at lowest total cost in the market

14 Text-to-speech: Data is spoken to users Eliminates wasted movements Delivers text-based instructions instantly Instantaneous user processing and recognition Wavelink Speakeasy Speech-to-Text: Streamlined data capture Complete hands free solution User independent or dependent Extensive language support Increased Flexibility with Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text and Multi-Modal Data Entry Flexible use of voice Voice AND/OR scanning Use existing devices

15 Adding Voice via Screen Reformatter Wavelink TE Screen Reformatter Quickly extend voice to emulation applications Tree view for further ease-of-use Tailor interface for specific users or groups Original Host Application Screen Reformatted Screen

16 Released now Kyman Watch the press releases and the cobranded site for more information as more devices and options are released Datalogic Supported Devices Speakeasy Enabled Coming soon… Elf Memor Falcon X3


18 Deep integration of custom clients lets you better remotely control over every aspect of your devices to maximize ROI Simple, efficient provisioning out of the box allows you to deploy devices without ever configuring a single setting by hand Centralized powerful console provides total management solution reducing the needed number of management apps Consistent user experience minimizes training saving time, increases customer satisfaction Secured to compliance standards protecting you from break in and data theft threats

19 Simple provisioning out of the box Broad & deep support for devices Custom clients for each device family to support unique features Support for mobile computers, printers, WLAN infrastructure, RFID hardware, & more Flexibility in setup and approach Server OS – Windows vs. Linux Database – you dictate and use what works best for your company Device platforms – computers, printers, RFID, others with many OSs Site Edition vs. Mobility Center - single site vs. distributed Owned, Hosted, SaaS - network hosted vs. on-premise Huge number of reportable fields in database Server based or Web based console options Avalanche Differentiation

20 Wavelink Avalanche 5.2 Whats new? New configuration options – own it, rent it, DIY Remote Device Wipe – you specify what to wipe Enhanced device to server encryption Integration with Smartphone management Many server improvements Enhanced multi-tenancy Added Group location features to enhance the site capabilities Reporting from Group locations with option for email output Upgraded device history and audit log events Expanded details on alerts Improved support for more WLAN devices and infrastructures Support for Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 Telicost mobile phone expense management services available

21 Similar to Managed Services, but leaves day-to-day administration in customer or partners hands Subscription model Hosted servers No setup fee Administration via Web Console Easy to get started Avalanche On Demand - in the cloud

22 Avalanche delivery models - Key differences Avalanche On DemandOn-premise Avalanche Hardware Location HostedCustomer site Responsibility for Servers WavelinkCustomer Day-to-day Management Responsibility Customer Licensing Model SubscriptionPurchased license Setup Fee Required? No Devices Managed Mobile Devices Mobile Devices and Infrastructure Sneak Peek at Avalanche on Demand More detail to come on Avalanche options and new release on a later date!


24 Resolve pilot-error issues in real time – sys admin sees exactly what worker sees Use device skins that look like the device with functional buttons Support rep can use scripts on devices and also record, store and replay stylus and keyboard actions for later use Its easy on the network with real-time image capture compression, optional 16 color mode and customizable refresh rates to 18 frames per second Support console can work with more than one device at a time Support can remote restart devices to get workers back on task asap Devices in suspend mode can be taken over via a WWAN avoiding travel time to get the device fixed or repaired Heres why customers buy it Avalanche Remote Control

25 Shorter time to resolve remote problems saves a LOT of money Reduces time to solve problem Eliminates wasted time traveling to get help Admin can directly access to the device and its files, over the network, and even perform remote reboots On the spot training moments to instruct and show worker Support staff can deal with more issues more quickly Recurring problems can be identified more quickly and eliminated The benefits are clear and payback is immediate Why buy Avalanche Remote Control?

26 Released now Falcon 4400 26 key Falcon 4400 52 key Jet 25 key Kyman 36 Key Kyman 53 key Memor 21 Key Pegaso 19 Key Skorpio 32 Key Skorpio 37 key Datalogic Device Skins Remote Control Enabled More coming soon… Elf – Numeric Elf – Alpha Falcon X3 – Alpha Falcon X3 – Numeric and more… Watch the cobranded site for more information as more devices and options are released

27 Here Comes The Pitch…

28 List $500 per device List $20 per device 20% of SW list price Benefits of Pre-licensed Wavelink software products Recap of what you have to Sell Software Maintenance Add-on Revenue opportunities

29 Sales Contest Co-sponsored by Datalogic and Wavelink The Datalogic partner who has the most add-on revenue combined during the total 3 rd and 4 th Quarters of 2011 will receive a $500 reward in January after Q4 sales totals are tallied. Minimum sales to qualify $5,000 The totals will consider the actual revenue of the Remote Control and Speakeasy sales and their related maintenance Add these products to your sale and increase your revenues while improving customer satisfaction!

30 Questions and Answers wireless comes together Tom Burke Elva Martinez Kelly Ungs Mikkel Storm Peter Cannon

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