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Integrated Math and Physics for Entry to Undergraduate STEM

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1 Integrated Math and Physics for Entry to Undergraduate STEM
David Wick & Michael Ramsdell Clarkson University (Physics) Katie Fowler & Peter Turner Clarkson University (Mathematics)

2 Motivation: National Need YOU CAN HELP
Environmental Problems Sustainability Issues Technology Explosion Massive Amounts of Data Medicine ECONOMY We need an innovative workforce to create solutions to problems which are today unimaginable

3 Program Components School Year Program Career/college information
Research project-conference participation Roller coaster design competition Graduate/Undergraduate Fellows Campus visits /workshops Mentoring and Tutoring Cyber-learning environment Roller Coaster Camp Teacher Professional Development

4 Unifying Theme Integrating Math, Science, and
Technology education through Problem and project-based learning Enhanced teacher-student understanding of the role and importance of STEM careers Challenge students and teachers

5 Roller Coaster Camp Six-Day Camp for Grades 7-12
Five days at Clarkson University “Company Structure” - Concept Engineers (7-8) - Design Engineers (9-10) - Safety Engineers (11-12) One day at Great Escape Students form a company that must design a rollercoaster that is safe and fun!

6 -Slogan -Logo Teacher CEOs Crazy Coasters Design Co. Cool Creations
Dangerous Designs Shameless Safety Archie Ringlepox Dimple McGee Barney Bing Dudley Doorknob Skip Tipster Charlie Snorkel Buster Bowtie Teacher CEOs

7 (“Roller Coaster Architects”)
Concept Engineers (“Roller Coaster Architects”) Concept Design, Drawing to Scale Task: Design a Roller Coaster to scale that contains the following elements: - Start Segment (Hill) - Loop - Corkscrew - Mystery (?) - End Segment

8 (“Kinematics Specialists”)
Design Engineers (“Kinematics Specialists”) Roller Coaster Design Task: Modify the design for each segment to make the ride realistic. Will the riders make it to the end of the track?

9 (“It’s all your fault Engineers”)
Safety Engineers (“It’s all your fault Engineers”) Safety Analysis: Is this a safe design? Will the riders pass out? Task: Modify the design for each segment to make the ride exciting, physically possible, and safe. - Calculate accelerations (g’s) - Check critical points …There’s safety in numbers!

10 VRC Decoder Puzzle What is the name of the unknown segment in the simulated Roller Coaster ride? Barrel Roll

11 Collect altitude and acceleration data!

12 Saturday: Final Day and Awards Ceremony…
Final Presentations! Final Jeopardy – Can you say “Mooooo?” Final Challenges!

13 In-School IMPETUS Program
Three primary after school activities for students, coaches, and CU fellows: 1) Roller Coaster Design Contest (Grades 7-12) 2) Research Projects (Grades 9-12) 3) After School Competitions (Grades 7-12) - Students and coaches meet once per week. - Clarkson student fellows go to schools at least once per month.

14 Roller Coaster Design Contest
Design and build a working roller coaster model that will transport a ½ in. diameter steel ball or glass marble safely (using the AAPT design guidelines). Use low cost materials such as wood, wire, string, twine, doweling, toothpicks, cardboard, construction paper, glue, tape, etc.


16 Roller Coaster Design Contest

17 Campus Visits Pi-Day National Science and Engineering Festival
Career planning College preparation information Tutoring

18 Original Student Research
Local Competition Part of afterschool program CU visit showcase Statewide Student Conference Albany, NY each March Research poster competition (roughly 500 students) Student-driven professional development workshops Inspirational speakers! Networking across NY State! FUN!

19 Success Stories! 3rd place, An Investigation of Floor Characteristics and Exposure Time on Bacterial Transfer (Canton CSD, 2008), 1st place, Facial Features and the Human Response (Norwood Norfolk CSD, 2009), and 3rd place, Effects of Magnetic Fields on Living Organisms, (Norwood Norfolk CSD, 2010). 2nd place, Where’s the Body, (Canton CSD, 2011) 2nd place, Who Spends More Time on Cell Phones, Boys or Girls, (Harrisville, 2012)

20 Promote Competitions! Moody’s Mega Math Challenge Science Olympiad!
(6-8th grade) We can provide additional student help to coach students both in person and online! Team of 4 kids plus 2 individuals We will pay for the registration fee (February competition) Moody’s Mega Math Challenge (10-12 grade) Teams of 3 work for ~8 hours on an open-ended problem We can provide facilities and support Registration is FREE! EVERY HIGHSCHOOL SHOULD DO THIS  Science Olympiad!

21 Personalized 8th Grade Tutoring
NEW! Clarkson Student Mentors visit bi-weekly Khan academy personalized goal system Show proficiency, level-up, remain challenged! Linked to Common Core! Extendable to other subjects! Regents prep Science exams Accessible from anywhere with internet access

22 Thank You for Listening! Stay connected! Katie Fowler David Wick Mike Ramsdell Gail Gotham Mary Margaret Small Diane Brouwer

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