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International Speech Contest A Contestant's View of the Mike Futty, ACB BAC to the Future.

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1 International Speech Contest A Contestant's View of the Mike Futty, ACB BAC to the Future

2 First Things First Please turn all cell phones, pagers, iPods, tricorders, communicator badges, and other noisemakers off.

3 Unexpected noises can ruin a presentation.

4 You dont want that on your conscience, do you?

5 Good. Lets Start.

6 Congratulations to LaShunda Rundles from Dallas, Texas 2008 World Champion of Public Speaking

7 So, how does it feel to compete?

8 Its hovers between…

9 this

10 and this.

11 That being said…

12 What are we going to talk about today? Why People Compete Contest Preparation Going On Stage I Won. Now What? I Lost. Now What?

13 Why do People Compete?

14 Fame and Glory

15 Curiosity

16 Personal Growth

17 Validation

18 To Get A Message Out

19 and, to be honest…

20 some compete

21 simply because theyre asked to.

22 (which isnt bad)

23 The real secret to being a good competitive speaker is this:

24 Forget the Lucite.

25 Its not about the Lucite.

26 If you focus on the Trophy

27 Youve lost focus on what is important…

28 Its about growing.

29 Its about the Audience,

30 connecting with them

31 and changing them in a Positive Way.

32 Speech and Competitor Types Evangelist Comedian Hearts and Flowers Teddy Bear Rambo Body Count Happy to Be Here

33 So, how do you prepare to compete?

34 Rule Number 1

35 Know the rules

36 It is AMAZING how many competitors reach area and division contests who DONT KNOW the rules.

37 You read the rules when you play Monopoly…

38 and this is more important!

39 so…

40 Read the Rules

41 Learn the Rules

42 Become one with the rules

43 Have a copy of the rules with you at every competition.

44 Pop Quiz

45 Can a competitor videotape a competition?

46 The rules dont say you cant.

47 but

48 It isnt allowed at the International level due to an agreement with Bill Stevens productions.

49 also

50 If you want to record a competition, make sure you clear it with the Chief Judge in advance

51 and

52 Get a signed release from every competitor you intend to record and provide it to the Chief Judge before you start recording

53 If they dont sign, you dont record them.

54 If the Chief Judge doesnt want to allow recording, dont record.

55 on a personal note…

56 in the true spirit of Toastmasters

57 and as a professional courtesy,

58 offer a copy of the recording to any competitors you record

59 So, where do you get the rules?


61 The rules say*… *as of this writing

62 You must be a member in good standing

63 in a club of good standing

64 You must complete six CC manual speeches BEFORE the club competition


66 you are a charter member of a club chartered since July first. The Club must be officially chartered prior to the Area contest.

67 and you must…

68 maintain eligibility at all levels of the contest

69 also…

70 Competitors cant be…

71 (this is long)

72 incumbent International Officers and Directors and candidates for these offices; District offices (District Governor, Immediate Past District Governor, any Lieutenant Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Division Governor or Area Governor) whose terms expire June 30; District officers or announced candidates for the term beginning the upcoming July 1

73 or

74 presenters of education sessions at the Area, Division and District event at which the contest will be held

75 or

76 a judge at any level for a contest in which they are still competing

77 meaning…

78 you cant be a judge for Division A this week…

79 and compete in Division B next week…

80 In essence…

81 In the true spirit of Toastmasters, a competitor shouldnt be in any position that could give them an unfair advantage- whether real or perceived.

82 As for contest levels…

83 there are six

84 Club* Area Division District Region* International* You need three original speeches!

85 Why three speeches?

86 thats easy…

87 For Toastmasters to present you as their best, you cant be a One-Hit Wonder

88 So you will need three speeches

89 Substantially Original

90 and certified as such in writing to the Chief Judge

91 You also submit Biographical Information

92 At Region, you also need to submit the title and outline of your district speech.

93 At International, you need to submit the title and outline of your district and region speech.

94 Rule Number 2

95 This is REAL Important

96 Know the Judges Ballot

97 Let Me Repeat that.

98 Know The Judges Ballot

99 50% - Content 30% - Delivery 20% - Language

100 Content = 50%

101 Content is King Remember

102 Speech Development 20%

103 Effectiveness 15%

104 Speech Value 15%

105 Delivery = 30%

106 Physical 10%

107 Voice 10%

108 Manner 10%

109 Language = 20%

110 Appropriateness 10%

111 Correctness 10%

112 Now, lets discuss putting a competitive speech together

113 Start NOW.

114 Its a bit of work to really do it right

115 and worth every minute.

116 So, commit the time to do it right

117 and get a good mentor to work with

118 who can also commit the time to do it right.

119 Make a Story File

120 Build stories over time.

121 Your stories

122 Why only your stories?

123 The audience doesnt know them

124 and you cant tell others stories…

125 with the same passion…

126 or emotion.

127 So, stick with your own.

128 You say you have no good stories?

129 I dont believe that. (and Ill tell you why)

130 If you have children

131 you have stories…

132 If you were ever a child yourself…

133 you have stories…

134 If youve ever been in a Dennys

135 after midnight…

136 you have stories…

137 If you have relatives…

138 you have stories.

139 You get the point.

140 Want more stories?

141 Just read the news…

142 Carry a notepad or digital recorder with you at all times.

143 If you laugh,

144 cry,

145 become angry,

146 upset,

147 surprised,

148 shocked,

149 or are touched in any way,

150 record what happened for your story file.

151 and get it in there when you get home!

152 Next, you need to choose a good topic

153 and objective.

154 How do you pick a topic?

155 Here is a great way

156 If you were going to die, what ONE lesson would you leave your children?

157 The answer is probably a great topic

158 If it overlaps something that somebody already did,

159 Look at it from a different angle

160 or approach it in a different way.

161 Your objective is what you want the audience to think, feel, or do when you are done.

162 The six emotions we all share are happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. On the topic of feelings…

163 Keep the topic and objective short and concise.

164 You should be able to write your topic and objective

165 on the back of a business card.

166 Example: Volunteering makes a much bigger difference than people think. I want the audience to volunteer more.

167 The movie Alien was pitched to the movie studios with just three words.

168 Jaws in Space

169 Why is this important?

170 It frames everything else in the speech.

171 Once you have that done…

172 Choose three stories from your story file that best support it.

173 and begin to

174 Build Your Speech.

175 Use things that will stick with the audience

176 What SticksWhat doesnt SimpleComplex ConcreteAbstract EmotionalStoic UnexpectedPredictable StoriesFacts

177 Theme Objective Introduction Point/Story 1 Point/Story 2 Point/Story 3 Conclusion Jolt The first 30 Seconds are critical! The conclusion is as critical as the intro!

178 Content is King? Remember


180 An updated speech form

181 Once you have the speech outlined, you can begin to…

182 finalize it

183 Create a six minute speech.

184 Not seven minutes. Not six minutes, 30 seconds. Six minutes.

185 Now, lets talk about humor.

186 The room and seating makes a difference.

187 Women laugh more freely than men.

188 More women in the audience means faster and more laughing.

189 Bigger rooms with more open space tend to result in less laughter.

190 Time of day, recent events, and many other factors can make differences too.

191 The point is not to get rattled if you dont get the laughs you got before.

192 Allow time for laughs if you use humor.

193 Allow more laugh time for larger audiences.

194 What makes people laugh?

195 Exaggeration

196 Pain

197 Sudden release of tension.

198 Surprise (sudden redirection)

199 or better known as a setup and punch line.

200 Henny Youngman Ive been in love with the same woman for 30 years if my wife finds out, shell kill me!

201 Keep humor in short bursts.

202 Never use long stories to set up a punch line.

203 Never, ever use jokes...

204 or unrelated, forced humor.

205 Find the humor in the situation.

206 Use observational humor.

207 Words with a K sound are funny.

208 Cupcake is funny sounding. Tomato isnt.

209 Finally, laughing at yourself is the safest humor.



212 Next, practice your speech.

213 First rule of practice: Too much isnt enough.

214 practice at…

215 Your Club Other Clubs With Your Family With Your Friends In the Car (Make a CD) With Anybody

216 Record Yourself: Audio Video

217 Watch the video with the sound turned off

218 to focus on your stage presence.

219 and

220 Listen to the audio without watching the video

221 to focus on your vocal clarity and variety.

222 How about technology?

223 Two words. Murphys Law.

224 The Day of the Event

225 Relax.

226 Watch what you eat Before the competition.

227 Relax.

228 Stepping on Stage

229 The Audience

230 Delivery

231 Stage Presence

232 Two Last Unwritten Laws

233 Perception is Reality

234 Rub of the Green

235 Youve won! Now what?

236 Youve lost. Now what?


238 Does your speech: make a significant point? provide significant value make the audience think and feel? regularly jolt them? include humor from the situation?

239 Are there other good resources out there?



242 Conclusion

243 Resources


245 International Speech Contest A Contestant's View of the Mike Futty, ACB BAC to the Future Club (h) 302-337-7177 (w) 302-337-7113

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