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Jeremiah Sanders Chris LaFree and Nathan Fowler.

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2 Jeremiah Sanders Chris LaFree and Nathan Fowler


4 Girls are more social than guys?

5 Fact 1 Female students blossom socially before guys and are typically more social than their male counterparts. (Source 1)


7 Fact 2 Studies have shown that girls tend to use areas of brain that are devoted towards verbal and emotional side (qtd. In source 1; Moir & Jessel; Rich 2000)

8 Girls are more athletic than guys during puberty?

9 Fact 3 Girls develop physically at a different rate than guys. Girls are sometimes not as athletic as guys. Girls can develop their physical skills and be more athletic than guys, however, it is normal for girls to not be as athletic.


11 Having knowledge of the natural personalities of students will be beneficial with lesson planning and classroom management.

12 Female Students tend to participate in music classes, more so than Males who, when given the opportunity take physical education classes. Many music companies print music gender specific. SSA which is Soprano, Second Soprano, and Alto Weight training, Games such as football, and other aggressive sports.













25 Guys and girls are equally physically inclined?

26 Fact 4 Boys are more mobile and active from uterine life onward, but mostly in the large muscle, whole body realm. But this does not mean that girls are passive. (Dr. Kyle Pruett)


28 Male and Female students learn differently because of the rhyme Boys go to Jupiter to get more studipier?

29 Fact 5 Guys and Girls do learn differently Girls are quick with transition between lessons and tasks. Guys are on do not have the same style Guys need to engage in visual or kinesthetic learning. The male brain has to refresh (qtd in source one; Gurian)

30 Planning according to the male students in a classroom is important because of the stereotypes and generalizations already made about males

31 Fact 6 Males are geared toward Spatial and Mechanical learning tasks (Moir and Jessel 1989; Rich 2000)

32 Fact 7 Gender is one of many factors that composes the unique composition of a person.

33 Fact 8 Gender also influences the students behavior. Temperament (e.g., shyness, energy level) Intelligence Natural Abilities (e.g. creativity, disorders)


35 ( Moir & Jessel; Rich 2000 Gurian differences/36229.html#ixzz1C1c7q0gO (Dr. Kyle Pruett )

36 Remember to be Gender Sensitive. Typecasting is not always accurate. Do not assume anything about anyone Behavior issues are related to Gender at times.

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