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Top Tips to Sports Chaplaincy by from & for Sports Chaplains.

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1 Top Tips to Sports Chaplaincy by from & for Sports Chaplains

2 Always pray before you are going into the club. My prayer is, fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit and open my eyes to see what you are doing so I may join in with it. - Matt Baker, Charlton Athletic FC, & Pastoral Support Director for Professional English Football

3 Let the ministry of interruption develop in you. - Phil Mason, Bolton Wanderers

4 Do a tour of the ground before kick off each home game and meet all the stewards/ground staff etc. - Arthur Goode, Plymouth Argyle

5 Be prepared to listen and listen well. - Adrian Smith, Stock Car Racing

6 Recognise that some staff and players will never want to get close to you - but always acknowledge them and smile! - Malc Allen (Cheltenham Town FC)

7 Be spiritually prepared – casual conversation can switch to theology or deep searching within seconds and easily switch back again. Ride the waves as they come. - Barry Mason, Salford Reds

8 Enjoy the banter, laugh and then give back as good as you get - Ian Nicholson, Woking Town

9 Pray for Favour. - Chris Roe, Crystal Palace

10 Friendship with some players can last a lifetime, be in it for the marathon, not the sprint. - Neil Urquart, Scotland & Kilmarnock

11 Offer to help! The person may not have thought of your suggestion, as obvious as it seems to you. - Julian Thomas, Carmarthen Golf Club

12 John Maxwell always says "walk slowly through the crowd. - Michael Rollo, Stenhousemuir

13 Be consistent in attendance and attitude…. And Don't take yourself too seriously - Mark Fleming, (Chaplaincy) Director of Scottish Football

14 Be courageous ( don't hide from difficult people situations or challenges) - Peter Amos, Barnsley FC

15 Get your hands dirty, we are there to serve, so be happy to clean up the kit, mop up etc. - Martin Lewis, Cardiff Blues Academy

16 Look for a man (or woman) of peace who understands your role can be your advocate & help. - Dave Chawner, National Rugby Union Consultant

17 Being available is as important as doing things (good to remember when you are wondering what chaplaincy is all about for example on the days when all the conversations seem trivial!) - Geoff Redmayne, Glasgow Warriors

18 Injured players and those out of form are often ignored / isolated so they present chaplains with opportunities to show 'they are different'. - John Boyers, Manchester United

19 "Never forget that we are there for everyone at the club, from the boot boy to the owner and of course the fans" - Steve Collis, Montrose FC

20 "Ask about them and their families..." - Jonathan Robinson, Wakefield RL

21 Don't get discouraged when things do not work out as planned, look for the opportunity in the new circumstance. - Kurt Francis, Crusaders Rugby League & Wales RL

22 "When players ignore you don't take it personally. It's probably got nothing to do with you" - Baz Gascoigne, Sheffield Eagles

23 Be generous….it knocks on the head the myth that everyone is in it for themselves. - Jimmy Dowds, Dunfermline FC

24 Build good relationships with the Kit Man & Physio – theyre close to the players & likely to survive managerial changes! - Andy Rimmer, Bournemouth AFC

25 God will reward your loitering with friendships based on trust. - Warren Evans, Bradford Bulls, Pastoral Support Director for Rugby League

26 Dont seek recognition let it flow naturally from your kind actions. - Graham Locking, Chaplaincy Director for Horse Racing

27 Remember its Gods chaplaincy hold it lightly and be prepared to let go of it everyday. - Richard Gamble, Ex- Leicester City

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