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Highlands High School Freshman/Sophomore Parent Meeting

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1 Highlands High School Freshman/Sophomore Parent Meeting
September 7, 2010

2 Continuing the Path of Excellence
ACT group composite increased in every area on the 11th grade assessment 6 Governor’s Scholars 2 potential National Merit Commended (or better) students 47.2% graduates with AP credit 585 AP tests given …15-9th grade credit earners State Champions in academics, and athletics (We the People, 3rd year in a row HHS Girls’ track and football) 2 National qualifiers for speech

3 And Even More… Most Scholastic Writing Awards in Region-2 representing HHS in New York Over 200 scholarships awarded to students Juniors 3rd in state for ACT Highest KCCT scores in Northern Kentucky (3rd in state) Freshmen Mentor program Over 780 AP enrollments Newsweek 367th in Nation Robotics Team Engineering Award 14 Cappie Nominations- most in school history One of 7 Kentucky Schools U.S. News Silver Award Forbes Magazine top 25 in Nation One of Cincinnati Magazine’s 30 Best

4 Making High School Count
What should you expect in high school? More courses to choose from New teachers and classmates More extracurricular activities More independence and more RESPONSIBILITY Greater emphasis on academic achievement More social events Greater consequences for failing classes Greater need for time management and organization

5 Understanding the Academic Record
Graduation Requirements Class of 2012 and beyond English – 4 credits Mathematics – 4 credits Science – 3 credits Social Studies – 3 credits History & Appreciation of the Visual & Performing Arts – 1 credit Health – ½ credit & Phys. Ed. – ½ credit Electives – 6 credits 22 CREDITS FOR GRADUATION

6 Understanding the Academic Record
Class Status Freshman  Sophomore = 5 credits Sophomore  Junior = 10 credits Junior  Senior = 16 credits Senior  Graduation = 22 credits

7 Understanding the Academic Record
GPA (Grade Point Average) & Class Rank GPA & Ranking starts on Day 1 Don’t wait until Spring of Junior Year to “care” about GPA & Rank Highlands uses a 4.0 scale Advanced & AP Classes are Weighted

8 Understanding the Academic Record
Highlands High School Transcript All colleges, scholarships, the military, and many employers will see this “paper you.”

9 Curriculum & Diplomas Pre-College Curriculum Commonwealth Diploma
Graduation Requirements PLUS Two (2) Years of SAME Foreign Language Commonwealth Diploma PLUS Four (4) AP Courses (English, Science, World Language, and Elective) Advanced Curriculum Diploma Ten (10) or more courses must be Advanced Level or AP Two (2) courses must be AP Minimum GPA of 3.75 Major of Intensive Study Four (4) courses in specific field with “B” or better grade Take “Senior Seminar” during Senior Year

10 Vocational Programs McCormick Area Technology Center
Grades 11 & 12 Only Need to know early if desired Sign up during scheduling of junior year courses 3 courses at Highlands / 3 courses at McCormick MUST take Humanities as Freshman or Sophomore MUST be diligent about passing courses Areas of Study: Auto Body Repair Automotive Technology Carpentry Computer Aided Drafting Electrical Technology Health Sciences Information Technology Masonry Welding

11 Know Your School School Calendar Attendance/Tardy Policies
Page 1 of student agenda/handbook Always available at Attendance/Tardy Policies Page 33 of student agenda/handbook Code of Conduct/School Rules Page 36 of student agenda/handbook Cell Phone Policy

12 Know Your School Eligibility Page 58 of student agenda/handbook
Cannot be failing more than one class! Checked WEEKLY! Eligibility includes participation in ANY extracurricular activity. Including but not limited to: Sports, Clubs, Fine Arts Productions, AND Dances/Dance Related Activities. Letters sent home every other week.

13 Page 35 of student agenda/handbook
Be in School EVERY Day Good attendance will not guarantee you good grades. Poor attendance will, however, pretty much guarantee you poor grades. MAKE-UP WORK “I wasn’t here,” is not an excuse to miss homework and assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to use all of their resources to gain access to missed work. Students should have the phone number/ address of at least one other student in each of their classes to ask about assignments missed or questions regarding completion of assignments. Students should check teacher websites or the teacher for assignments. Students should also know the policy that each of their teachers have about how long they have to make up the work. Page 35 of student agenda/handbook

14 Know How to Get Good Grades
Be Organized Use agenda/planner Folders/Notebooks for each class Keep Backpack/Locker Neat Organize the night before Manage Time Well Create a study plan Break large assignments into smaller parts This is always a work in progress Be Successful in the Classroom Learn to adapt to each teacher’s expectations Learn all rules and procedures Be on time Have everything you need Participate in class Treat other (teachers, students, property) with respect

15 Know How to Get Good Grades
Take Good Notes Be an active listener Neat and Easy to read notes Get copies if absent Know How to Read a Textbook Scan to get an overview Read the assignment Review what has been read Study Smart Find a good place to study Organize study time Allow more time for homework than you think you will need Use tricks and tips to memorize things Use Test-Taking Strategies Have everything you need for the test Before starting, look over the test Mark question to return to Check answers Use all time available

16 Grading Policies All questions about grades should be directed to the teacher Grading Policy – Must pass 2nd semester to pass the year Exam Policy - Page 15 95 or higher (90 in math) during 2nd semester and 85 or higher 1st semester 6 or fewer absences More details in agenda/handbook pg. 14 Summer School Policy – Must have achieved minimum 60% (50% in math) to eligible for summer school classes – Page 21

Set Goals Work with your student on setting realistic yet challenging goals SHORT-TERM GOALS Get a “B” on tomorrow’s Algebra I test LONG-TERM GOALS Graduate with a 3.0 GPA To be a GOOD GOAL : 1.) SPECIFIC ) MEASURABLE ) ATTAINABLE

18 Get Involved High school is what YOU put into it
Make High School Count School Activities (sports, organizations, clubs) Community Activities Community Service (at HHS or “out in the world”) Benefits Spend time with friends/make new ones Enjoy school more Become a leader Provide a valuable service Try something new Relieve stress Great for college/scholarship/job applications Develop a variety of skills and talents Have fun!

19 Parents & Highlands Staff “The Helpers”
As adults we have the privilege of shaping our student’s futures. How can we do this successfully? Good Decisions & Choices How to Handle Stress Use Available Services Plan & Prepare for the Future

20 Academic Support Where can your student turn when they are having academic issues? 1st stop should ALWAYS be the teacher of the class! National Honor Society Tutors Ask a previous teacher or teacher you have a good rapport with Ask parents/siblings for help Academic Saturday School

21 PLAN Testing PLAN Test Pre-ACT test (college admission & state test)
All 9th & 10th graders Academic Section & Career/Goal Oriented Section Areas include: English, math, reading, and science reasoning No additional fee for this test September 15th during school day

22 PSAT Testing PSAT Test Pre-SAT test (college admission test)
All 10th graders (already paid for in regular school fees) 9th graders optional ($13.00) – By Sept. 17 in Guidance Office (checks to Highlands High School) National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) Areas include: five section Two 25-minute critical reading sections Two 25-minute math sections One 30-minute writing skills section The whole test requires two hours and 10 minutes. October 13th during school day

23 Yearly Testing Overview
9th Grade PLAN – September 15 PSAT (Optional) – October 13 10th Grade PSAT – October 13 C.A.T.S. – Late April (Just Reading Section)

24 College Planning Northern Kentucky Regional College Fair
Tuesday, September 21 6:00pm – 8:00pm Northern Kentucky University National College Fair Sunday, October 3 1:00pm – 4:00pm The Duke Energy Center Performing & Visual Arts College Fair Tuesday, October 12 7:00p.m.-9:00p.m. University of Cincinnati Tangeman University Center Websites

25 Opportunities Academic/Essay Competitions
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Program 10th Graders Use the internet to look for scholarship programs (even as a 9th or 10th grader there are scholarships out there)

26 The Student Athlete During High School… stay eligible!
After High School … NCAA (for Div. I & II schools) Reference Sheet Given Apply to the NCAA Eligibility Center FALL of Senior Year Eligibility is determined on a “sliding scale” Lower GPA  Higher ACT/SAT score

27 Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship Program
Earn money for Kentucky Colleges/Universities Any 2 year or 4 year college, community college or technical school Scholarships from $125 to $500 Based on Student Grade Point Average 2.5 Minimum in high school Minimum GPA must be maintained in college 2.75 freshman year 3.0 sophomore - graduation One time best ACT/SAT “Bonus” ACT – 15 SAT – 710 Each high school year is figured separately 5 years to use 4 year’s worth of money to check status Only AP classes are weighted not Advanced Updated at the end of each school year

28 The Internet is Your Friend
Guidance Website on Fort Thomas Schools Page Formerly PrepHQ… Now Connect!

29 to show honor or esteem for; hold in high regard
Respect to show honor or esteem for; hold in high regard  to show consideration for; avoid intruding upon or interfering with to respect others' privacy Respect for Self: Appearance, Conduct, Language, Work Ethic Respect for Others: Peers, Teachers, Administrators, Support Staff Respect for Property: Desks, lockers, bathrooms, classrooms whether old or new Respect for Learning: On task, demonstrating academic honesty, focused environment Respect is a two way street. To gain respect, you must give it! Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

30 Upcoming Events Calendar
September 15 – PLAN Test September 16 – Open House September 17 – PSAT registration deadline (freshmen only) September 20 – Progress Reports October 1 – Fall Awards Program (9:00am) October 7 & 8 – NO SCHOOL (Professional Development) October 13 – PSAT October 15 – End of 1st Quarter October 22 – Report Cards Sent Home

31 Contact Information Trinity Walsh 9th & 10th Grade Ann Meyer 11th & 12th Grade Janine Sharp Guidance Secretary

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