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2011 Kick Off Meeting July 18, 2011 Home of the 2005, 2006 & 2009 Olympic Conference Champions.

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1 2011 Kick Off Meeting July 18, 2011 Home of the 2005, 2006 & 2009 Olympic Conference Champions

2 12 th Man Club Introduction – Philosophy – Executive Board – Committees – Giving Back – Activities – Point System Coach Fisher – Code of Conduct Program/Ad Book Merchandise and Fundraising Election of Freshmen Rep Raffle Drawing

3 3 The purpose of the 12th Man Club is to promote participation in Seneca High School football and related activities by the students, their families, faculty and the community and is incorporated as NJ nonprofit corporation. Our philosophy is to support our football player, student-athletes as a family – on and off the field. As long as your son plays football at Seneca, you are a member! Fun for the students, families and staff! The Club meets every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the lecture hall C-106 at Seneca High School.

4 David Brown– President Megan Schulte – VP Joe Collis – VP Sally Miskiewicz - VP Kevin Kammerer – Treasurer Maria Funches– Secretary Robin Vena – Sr. Class Rep Christine Flake – Jr. Class Rep Shaun Vena– Soph. Class Rep Freshman - TBD

5 Merchandise/Fund Raising – Megan Schulte Program/Ad Book & PR – Sally Miskiewicz Pre Game Meals – Robin Vena Banquet – Lynne Devericks-Bobo Tail Gate Party – Megan Schulte Volunteers Needed

6 Player Benefited – Approximate Yearly Expenses $33,000.00 Or about 440.00 per player each year

7 $2000 in scholarships given to 10 Senior football players based upon academic performance $500 donated to Senior Grad Bash $9,000 in funding for practice field irrigation Senior commemorative posters at award banquet Equipment ImPact concussion testing kit Contribution to pay for stadium lights Other capital improvements in future Signage and Flags at Stadium

8 Pre game meal – Cooking – Serving – Set-Up & Clean Up Tent & Merch set up & take down Merchandise set up and sales Program/Ad Book Sales – Opposing roster inserted

9 Green/Gold Game – August 20 – 10am Game 12pm Bar-B-Q – Cooks, set up, cleaners needed End of season banquet Bench-A- Thon Tail Gate Club activities press releases NEW!

10 Seneca Football Points Reward Program (2011-2012) Purpose: To encourage participation by players, parents and other family members in the Seneca 12th Man Clubs meetings, committees, fund raising projects, banquet and Game Day activities such as: pasta dinners, game set-up, merchandise sales & post game snacks. Reward: The Seneca 12th Man Club will reimburse an amount to each player based upon his participation in the 12th Man Clubs activities that can be used toward the purchase of a Varsity Jacket at the end of his junior year. Point System

11 11 Bill Fisher Head Football Coach 609.268.4600 x8463 609.923.2992 cell


13 Players sell ads to businesses, friends and relatives Single biggest club fund-raiser Players get Varsity Pack with ad sales of $250 Prizes for top 3 in sales - 1 st – 300.00 2 nd – 200.00 3 rd – 100.00 All ads due by August 20 Ad must be in camera-ready form and can be electronically generated or in hard copy printed format complete with wording / lettering / picture Ads and payment can be sent to or dropped off to: Electronic / word document can be sent via E-Mail to: or Put your company name and Seneca Football under subject to identify e-mail. Payment - Make check payable to: Seneca Football12 th Man Club Forms: Letter Personal Ad Company Ad Requirements

14 FUNdraising 2011 Calendar of Activities and Events Fall 2009 Sept - Dec Winter 2009/2010 Jan - Feb Spring 2010 Mar - June Summer 2010 July - August Grocery Cards WAWA Certificates SFB BanquetPhillies RaffleGold Cards SFB Merchandise & Spirit Gear Lift-a-ThonGrocery Cards WAWA Certificates Ad Book Eagles Tickets Raffle Grocery Cards WAWA Certificates Clothing DrivePJ Whelihans Clothing DriveFootball Frenzy Holiday Gift GivingGrocery Cards WAWA Certificates

15 Grocery Cards: 5 % of amount is awarded directly to the club $200.00 x 1 month X 12 months = $2400.00 5% of $2400.00 = $120.00 X 100 Players = 12,000.00 Easy No added cost Supports local businesses and sponsors Great for gift giving The power of one family can net $12,000.00 in Grocery cards alone !

16 Volunteers Needed 2011 Football Season Guaranteed Fun! Game Day Merchandise – Set Up One hour before home games Tent set up – Sales Pre game sales, 1,2,3,4 Quarter tent sales Tent and stands sales – Clean Up Attire Spirit Gear Grocery cards WAWA certificates Raffle tickets Ad Book Sales

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