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Amy and Kanes interview with John Beecham 25.4.12.

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1 Amy and Kanes interview with John Beecham 25.4.12

2 John Beecham was born in Bedford on the 24/4/1944 because his parents were evacuated because of Hitler's bombs. He went to Longshaw Road Primary then he went to Heathcote Secondary school, in Chingford, where his family moved when he was two years old.

3 Johns earliest sporting memory was playing football, but not for a professional football team. He is a life long Arsenal supporter and still watches all their games. He also remembers the 1966 world cup when England won, beating Germany 2-1.

4 John watched the 1952 Helsinki Olympics on television, especially enjoying watching running, which he still likes to watch now. His favourite athletes are Sebastian Coe, who is now organising the 2012 Olympics. He also liked Roger Bannister, famous for running the 4 minute mile.

5 John has seven grandchildren. Their names are Casie, Cole, Brandon, Reece, Cally, Holly and Isabelle. Only Cole has followed his granddad's footsteps in football. John used to be a Plumber, before he retired and his favourite car was a Ford Consul.

6 Johns favourite band is the Beatles and his favourite song is Help! He likes watching football, Olympic running and cricket on television. He really liked Ian Botham as a cricketer.

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