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Back Judge Mechanics.

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1 Back Judge Mechanics

2 Pre-Game: Clock Operators
Meet with them during pre-game walk around Review the following: Current time and confirmation of time remaining til kick off Mechanics on when the clock will start on the kick off Stop or wind the clock if any official signals. Should be the Referee on starting the clock 25 second clock operator must watch the Referee on every play. Talk about the signal that WH gives to start the play clock. Cover procedures to reset the 25 second clock-off BJ or WH signal Verify quickest method to communicate clock adjustment requirements

3 Pre-Game: Clock Operators
If the game clock malfunctions: Operators will be instructed to turn off the clock lights if possible It is critical for the BJ (and all crew) to consistently view the game clock and know how much time is remaining. Write down time of scores or major events Time will be kept by the LJ If the 25 second play clock malfunctions (more likely): Operator will be instructed to turn off both clocks Discuss your 10 second and 5 second signal mechanics with both coaches and quarterbacks at that time REMBEMBER: Both clocks must be operating simultaneously. If not, shut them down. A malfunction of the 25 second clock can be caused by an idiot operator

4 Pre-Game: Ball Boys Meet with them during pre-game walk around and include the HL and LJ Review the following: Get the kids names! Confirm and mark each team game balls Strongly encourage them to stay with you the entire game. Scare them if you have to by telling them you will replace them if needed. One warning! (Find your own method to keep their attention) Communicate when the BJ will get a ball versus the HL or LJ Discuss process for a new ball after a score DO NOT LET THEM OUT ON THE FIELD!

5 Pre-Game: Captains Coordinate with LJ & R time to call for captains. Locker rooms are not always convenient With coach present, identify speaking captain and have him give you their options Remind coach how much time is remaining so they are not delayed On the walk to the field inform the speaking captain he will line up next to the Referee for the coin toss If there are more than four verify which four go out and tell the others to stop at the numbers Shake their hands and get a ball ready in case your team kicks

6 Measurements Clear the teams from the area of measurement
If possible get a second game ball ready Ensure ball on field does not move. HOLD DOWN. The “DA” umpire will bump it with the chain during the measurement. You are the closest to visualize the measurement, tell the Referee what you see “Short” or “First Down” If short, let the referee grab the chain at the tip of the ball, hand him the second ball If first down hand the second ball to the Umpire for spotting Hold spot of original ball on both scenarios

7 Dead Ball Officiating Video CheapShot.wmv

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