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Kelly Parsley, MA Carroll College Ashley Breding, BA Carroll College

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1 Kelly Parsley, MA Carroll College Ashley Breding, BA Carroll College

2 Introductions/Definitions Why no one talks about this Why we must talk about this Unsafe/Illegal Tailgate Policies Safer Options Safest Options Make your Tailgate Event Safer

3 Is defined as a social gathering that occurs prior to football games in the parking lot outside the stadium. Participation in tailgating often includes grilling food and may or may not involve the consumption of alcohol. --Neighbors,Clayton et. al.

4 People like the family-ness of the event People like the image of happy students doing what we did People like happy alumni People (school and community) like the cash flow People like to focus on individual; not the institution

5 Trouble with tailgating can also mean cash flow OUT Lower Attendance at Event Lower Retention Lower Recruitment Legal Issues Security/Safety Issues Costs of Second-Hand Drinking

6 There is very little research on tailgating No best practices or even promising practices We must talk about it We must create campus/community partnerships to explore what will work best in each community

7 No published research to date has specifically examined the prevalence of alcohol consumption during tailgating at college football games. Indirect evidence, however, suggest that tailgating is associated with heavy drinking… --Neighbors, Clayton et. al. March 2006

8 We reviewed 22 college tailgate polices We reviewed the literature from over 20 agencies committed to learning more about college drinking.

9 Hanover College Appalachian State University Montana State University Montana College of Technology University of Colorado, Boulder University of Iowa University of Rhode Island University of Montana University of MontanaWestern University of Minnesota Springfield College Catawba College Wesley College University of Arizona Harvard University Boston College Bates College North Dakota State University Illinois State Tailgating Policy Louisiana State University Penn State University

10 A Matter of Degree: The National Effort to Reduce High-Risk Drinking Among College Studentshttp://www.ama- (no information on tailgating) American College Health Association; (No information on tailgating) American Athletic Institution Bacchus and Gamma Peer Education Network Case Histories in Reducing High-Risk Drinking Among College Students m Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV College Alcohol Study Core Institute Environmental Policies to Reduce College Drinking: Options and Research Findings. Toomey, T. Wagenaar, A. Journal of Studies on Alcohol Supplement 63.2 (March 2002) pp 193-213. Environmental management: A comprehensive strategy for reducing alcohol and other drug use on college campuses. ERIC. Event and Context-Specific Normative Misconceptions and High Risk- Drinking: 21 st Birthday Celebrations and Tailgating. Neighbors, C., Oster- Aaland, L. Bergstrom, R., and Lewis, M. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 76.2 (March 2006) pp 282-88 Facts on Tap Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study. (No information on tailgating) Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention (No information on tailgating) Impact of a Tailgating Policy on Students Drinking Behavior and Perceptions. Oster-Aaland, L.K., Neighbors, C. Journal of American College Health 56.3. pp 281-85. The Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholisms Task Force on College Drinking National Inter-fraternity Conference Party Behaviors and Characteristics and Serial Drunkenness among College Students. DuRant, R. McCoy, T., Champion, H., Parries, M. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 69.1 (Jan 2008) pp 91-99. Penn State Tailgating Causes some Headaches for Police. The Centre Daily Times. Nov. 13, 2009. tml. Promising Practices: Campus Alcohol Strategies Tailgating to the Extreme Comes with Consequences Michel L., Warner, G. The Buffalo News. April 13, 2010. What Colleges Need to Know Now: An Update on College Drinking Research. US DHHS.NIH Publication No. 07-5010 November 2007.

11 Have no tailgate policy Have no security patrolling the tailgate area Have security with no authority to arrest patrolling tailgate areas Have a policy that suggests the need for a designated driver

12 A. Improve Education B. Outline Consequences C. Limit the Environment D. Change the Environment E. Change the Institution

13 A. Improve Education Attach to policy: Tailgating participants must adhere to all state and local laws. Attach a flier containing all pertinent local, state, and federal laws. Improve education of students about policies via campus venues

14 B. Outline Consequences Add to policy: Clearly outlined consequences for first, second, and third violations. Create a Fan Behavior Policy prohibiting unruly, drunken behaviors. Add to policy: Tailgate permit holders are responsible for all conduct within their tailgate area. Add to policy: Two strikes language for alcohol-related violations. Add to policy: Permit holders must have a signed Acknowledgment of Policy on file with the athletic department. Community must be willing to hold people to these consequencesespecially early in the term!

15 C. Limit the Environment Limit Tailgate Area Limit Tailgate Entrance and Exit Limit Tailgate Times Limit Alcohol Sales Limit Alcohol Options

16 D. Change the Environment Offer activities that are an alternative to drinking. Ensure that if a person wants to avoid drinking that they will not have to witness drinking by having to walk through the tailgate area. Create a policy prohibiting drinking games and other potentially dangerous drinking activities (e.g., shot gunning). Prohibit alcohol consumption in tail gate areas. Hire trained law enforcement rather than security. Add to policy: Signage in tailgate areas may not include any information with regard to alcohol.

17 E. Change the Institution Institute a one-year ban on alcohol and tailgating to gain time to gather evidence and to study workable solutions. Create a Tailgate Advisory Committee of key stakeholders, community members, students, law enforcement, campus administrators, and students. Create, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive program to address tailgate issues. Create and enforce a Social Host Ordinance.

18 Make tailgating illegal within a community. Make drinking at tailgate parties illegal. Host tailgating off school property. Strongly enforce all tailgate policies, rules, and consequencesespecially early on in the semester!

19 Pick one idea you would you like to implement to create a safer tailgate event Resources Needs Baseline Data Stakeholders

20 RESOURCES you have to make this happen: Things you NEED to make this happen: STAKEHOLDERS who can help make this happen: OBJECTIVE (activity) to help make this happen: A safer pre-game experience for our community Baseline data? Put an * by those not already on board

21 Law enforcement commitment to campus safety Campus staff Student Gov.t Local prevention agency support for research RESOURCES you have to make this happen: Money for fliers and staff Time at faculty meetings Local prevention agencies keeping this on their work plans DUI Taskforce support Things you NEED to make this happen: STAKEHOLDERS who can help make this happen: OBJECTIVE (activity) to help make this happen: A safer pre-game experience for our community Baseline Data? Tailgate arrests Shorter tailgate hours (maybe 11 am until the end of ½ time) College President Law Enforcement Faculty* Student Leaders Local Prevention Agencies Put an * by those not already on board

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