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Football & Charity in Scotland.. BBC Radio Scotland Radio Scotland magazine style show focusing in on sport in Scotland. BBC Scotland Remit The remit.

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1 Football & Charity in Scotland.

2 BBC Radio Scotland Radio Scotland magazine style show focusing in on sport in Scotland. BBC Scotland Remit The remit of BBC Radio Scotland is to be speech-led, for people seeking programmes about the life, culture and affairs of Scotland. BBC Radio Scotland should also contribute to this purpose by providing opportunities for informal learning across a wide range of topics. As a group we feel that a informative sports programme presented in an informal and conversational tone would fit the style of Radio Scotland.

3 Programme Idea The piece will focus on three different charities who use football as a tool for different ends. Looking at what football offers to people in need. Areas that the package would explore would be; Who volunteers and what attracts them to do so? Why is football a good tool for charities? People who attend these charities and how it helps them.

4 Programme Idea Other areas of investigation; How the charities are funded? Why the particular charities need to exist? These are time dependent on whether they will be included in the piece after editing

5 Macro & Micro Macro - The macro view on the package will be an explanation of what the charities do, how they are organized and what they are trying to tackle through the use of football. Micro - this will consist of the interviews with the volunteers, asking them personal questions to find out why they are involved with their respective charities. There will also be interviews with people who attend the events the charities and how it benefits them. The main strand that will run through the micro will be everybodys experience of the charities.

6 Target Audience In general BBC Radio Scotlands target audience is adult listeners with a strong interest in Scottish affairs and culture. The programming is roughly aimed a adults from 35-55years old but not exclusively so. These listeners are keen on programmes and subjects that are relevant to their lives or the lives of their families.

7 Audience Considerations The language of the package can range from informal to formal as the target audience would be used to this in Radio Scotlands programming - The aim of the script will have the voice over spoken in a reasonable formal tone. Hopefully the interviews will be less so. The tone of the package will be serious in explaining the issues that the charities are combating but the package will be ultimately uplifting focusing on the altruistic actions of people. This I believe is something that the BBC Radio Scotland audience would want to hear. The pace of the piece will move at a fairly steady pace to maintain interest, the audience want informative programming. The programme will allow people to speak in detail about their experiences.

8 The Charities Street League - is a charity set up to work with people between the ages of 16-25 who are not in employment, education or training (NEET). It is one of the fastest growing charities in the UK and has regional bases all over Scotland and in Edinburgh. It offers an eight week programme of sport and education. Two hours on the pitch and two hours in the classroom teaching people skills to increase their employability with teamwork, communication and goal setting.

9 The Charities Multicultural Family Base. - is a charity to support Black and ethnic minority children. It runs several different initiatives, it also has a football project. According to their website Football is our national game, so why arent more children and young people from our black and minority ethnic communities participating? At Multi-Cultural Family Base (MCFB) we believe that Black and Minority Ethnic children and young people (male & female) are missing out on the brilliant opportunities that taking part in football provides in drawing children and young people into the community and building the confidence and skills they need to secure brighter futures.

10 The Charities Tartan Army Childrens Charity (TACC) – is a charity that aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in Scotland and in the countries that the Scottish national team plays. The charity has four main areas of action.

11 TACC Overseas donations wherever Scotland play Over £150,000 has been donated since 2006 Ukraine 2006 & 2010 to a school for blind children and to an orphanage Georgia 2007 to a premature baby unit and to a home for disabled children Macedonia 2008 to a centre for street children and to a home for disabled children

12 TACC TACC FC – In 2010 TACC piloted a programme to provide a Friday night game of football and a hot meal to children in Scotlands poorest areas. During 2011 we plan to roll out the programme across Scotland, with 4 more clubs set to join. My First Scotland Match – Most of us were lucky enough to be taken to our first football match by a father, grandad or brother. However many children in Scotland will never get this opportunity…so we organise it for them! At each Scotland home match TACC organises tickets, a new Scotland top and pocket money for 20 disadvantaged children, from across Scotland.

13 TACC Christmas – Each year TACC launches a Christmas present appeal – since 2008 over £20,000 of presents have been donated to children supported by Aberlour Child Care Trust. In 2010 we also provided warm winter coats to hundreds of children in Scotlands most deprived areas. Lastly, we pay for Christmas parties at the homes and orphanages that we have visited overseas.

14 Justification Street league - interesting charity to focus on as the issues that they are tackling are important issues in todays society ever since the financial crash of 2008. Also these issues may affect the families of BBC Radio Scotland listeners. Multicultural Family base - Similar in nature to Street league as the charity is focused on children from ethnic minority families and may affect the lives of listeners directly. According to the BBC Radio Scotlands remit Its output should fully reflect the diverse communities, cultures and faiths of Scotland.

15 Justification TACC- Whilst I may not focus on all the areas of action of the TACC due to time restrictions I think their inclusion in the package would add a very nice overall Scottish element to the piece and an internationalist element which I think would be a very good note to end the package one.

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