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2 World Vision… Alison Squires Global Education Writer Kylie Malin School Relationship Coordinator

3 They say it takes a village to raise a child, but no one says where it is or how to get there…

4 POSTER Responding to Disasters SIMULATION EQ DVD Myanmar Survivors DVD Indian Ocean Tsunami Response

5 Achievement objectives… Social Studies Level 3 – Understand how people make decisions about access to and use of resources Level 4 – Understand that events have causes and effects

6 Events Challenge Disasters Crisis Access Responding Resources Human rights Events Child rights Working together Decisions Causes Effects ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7 What is a disaster? A natural disaster? Where are they occurring? Why are some disasters worse than others? How do disasters affect people? How does World Vision respond to a disaster? Who coordinates the different aid organisations? What is the role of the media in a disaster? What can we as a class do to respond effectively to these disasters? Disasters…



10 1.Read the quotes 2.Write a list, draw a mind map, or… 3.Show how the disaster affected different parts of childrens lives. (effects) 4.Imagine you are an aid worker and rank these effects in the order of importance for how you plan to help. Shelter, home, possessions, emotions, food, water, education, clothing, health, family, environment. What do we need? POSTER ACTIVITY J

11 EQ simulation… Online game OR Game pack Same content Use separately or together

12 EQ simulation… Register Aid organisation name + logo Week 1 decisions Weeks 2 – 4 Scoring + bonus work

13 Top tips… To run a successful simulation Read the manual (classroom tips) Allow enough time Trial the game Organise teams carefully

14 Question Form…

15 Leaderboard Leaderboard…







22 EQ simulation… Great to stimulate discussion and introduce problem solving. Year 6-8 Teacher Just loving EQ. I am using it with an extension Y7-8 group and they are flying. But could use it with any level. They are doing big projects which unfortunately wont be finished till early next term. One of the best teaching experiences Ive ever had! Social Studies Teacher The kids enjoyed making the decisions. They also loved connecting to the web. After the first week they all went straight to the leader board after theyd input their decision to see where they were coming. They were thrilled to see their logos and other work on the website. It was great to see how quickly some of them picked up how to send emails and scan information in. Primary Teacher

23 Resources… Poster gallery, teacher notes to download Poster resources - video clips, pdfs, web links Resources in education shop (loan/purchase) Disaster websites – New Zealand and global Speaker for your school – Kylie Malin 021 2293632

24 DVD case studies… How World Vision responds to disasters: Three years after… the Indian Ocean Tsunami (11 minutes) One year after… Cyclone Nargis (8 minutes)


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