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Welcome to the Library of Kozminski University. address: Jagiellońska str. 57/59, 03-301 Warsaw tel.: (48-22) 519 21 42

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1 Welcome to the Library of Kozminski University

2 address: Jagiellońska str. 57/59, 03-301 Warsaw tel.: (48-22) 519 21 42 e-mail: web page: Library of Kozminski University

3 POLISH Biblioteka Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego ENGLISH Library of Kozminski University CZECH Knihovna Akademie Kozminského DUTCH Bibliotheek Kozminski Universiteit GERMAN Bibliothek der Koźmiński-Universität MONGOL Koзмински Их Сypгуулийн Номын Сан PORTUGUESE Biblioteca da Universidade Kozminski ROMANIAN Biblioteca Universităii 'Leon Kozminski' RUSSIAN Библиотека Академии Леона Козминского SLOVENIAN Knižnica Kozminski Univerze SPANISH Biblioteca de la Universidad de Kozminski UKRAINIAN Бібліотека Академії Леона Козьмінського

4 In order to enroll to the library it is necessary to take part in a library training

5 English version of Kozminski University website If you wish to see library catalogue – click on caption "E-library"

6 Catalogue of Library of KU If you prefer English version – click on British flag

7 English version of the librarys catalogue The easiest way of searching the catalogue is going to the option "Search"

8 In the simple search it is necessary to choose a search criterion - according to authors, titles, subjects, publication series, ISBN or UKD (Universal Decimal Classification) Search criterion to choose

9 After choosing a search criterion (eg. by authors) it is necessary to introduce the issue of your interest (e.g. Kotler), and click on Search

10 The searched issue is highlighted on the top of the list. You should click on the issue of your interest.

11 A list of the selected authors titles is highlighted. Next to the book of your interest, click on the selected title.

12 A description and a list of copies of the selected book is highlighted INFORMATION: picture of green book - means that the given copy can be borrowed picture of yellow book - means that the copy is borrowed at present picture of red padlock - means that the given copy is only to be used in the reading room

13 A call number of the given copy is given after word SYGNATURA (eg. 339.13.Kot.1994). According to this call number the book should be found by the reader on his/her own in the reading room. CALL NUMBER

14 Schemes of shelves positioned in the whole library help to find a book by oneself LOOK FOR THE BOOK WITH THE CALL NUMBER 339.13.Kot.1994 HERE

15 Books that can be borrowed have a sticker with a call number on a white background eg.: Books that can be used exclusively on place have a sticker with a call number on a red background eg.: 339.1 3. Kot. 1999 12188 339.1 3. Kot. 1999 12188

16 In order to borrow a book you should: find a given book on a shelf through a computer catalogue report to a librarian on duty with the found book show the student card to the librarian on duty

17 ATTENTION! If instead of a call number there is an information fill in a voucher (wypisz rewers), the book is not freely accessible. In this case you should order the book by the librarian on duty, by filling in an appropriate voucher.

18 Correct voucher filling The correct call number should be taken from the list of copies

19 Maximum number of borrowed books students - 5 volumes last year students - 7 volumes postgraduate, MBA and doctoral students - 7 volumes

20 Book borrowing period students - 28 days students of the last year of studies and postgraduate students - 42 days MBA and doctoral students- 70 days

21 ATTENTION! A late book return is subject to a fine of 1 PLN for every day of delay.

22 Library rooms available for readers main room with a general reading room little reading room information room current periodicals reading room 14 cubicles 2 team work rooms

23 Periodicals distribution in the reading room current yearcurrent periodicals reading room from 2000 r. to the previous year in a bay next to the counter before 2000 (periodicals are brought by the library staff) Library does not lend periodicals. Peridocials can be used exclusively on place.

24 It is forbidden to put back the used books and periodicals by oneself. They should be put on especially marked tables or in baskets. A book put back wrong means a loss!!!

25 It is forbidden to enter the reading room with the following: overcoat luggage drinks and food cellular phones switched on

26 The library does not lend (gives access exclusively on the spot): copies marked as copies available on the spot (czytelnia) periodicals

27 If you wish to see Library home page – go to English version of home page of Kozminski University and click on caption "Library" LINK TO LIBRARY HOME PAGE

28 Home page of Library of Kozminski University

29 Detailed principles of the Kozminski University Library functioning are described in Library Regulations

30 We thank you for your attention and we encourage you to use our Librarys resources

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