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1 From Price Quote to Invoice OFFERIS

2 How do you create a Price Quote? We have functions for every step 1 Choose Customer 2 Add products and services 3 Print it out

3 Customer registry First step – choose your customer 1

4 There are a lot of information about every company which you have in your database. You will use this information for communication with your customers (or suppliers), list of persons in particular company, etc. In the Customer Registry you can easily filter list of your customers by various criteria. This list can be a source for printing address labels or bulk e-mail. Customer Registry

5 2 Products under control We know who is the Customer, now we are going to add products.

6 You can add your products to Price Quote as well as Sections and Subtotals for division the Quote to logical parts. Then you can add discounts for selected items and/or for entire Price Quote. With Offeris, change prices is just piece of cake as well as fulfil data about products you are offering. Products contains description, pictures, prices, types, accessories and more. Products under control

7 3 Print Price Quote Price Quote is one of yours marketing materials in your customers eyes.

8 It is not only about design but improving YOUR PROFESSIONALITY

9 ? But moment… This is not everything! Work with Offeris from everywhere!

10 » Offeris is web application » Connection from everywhere Connection from everywhere

11 Business software Offeris modules Products Companies, Contacts Price Quotes Orders Business Cases Invoicing TasksManager

12 From Price Quote to Invoice

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