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DIAT Under the aegis of ECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU.

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Presentation on theme: "DIAT Under the aegis of ECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU."— Presentation transcript:

1 DIAT Under the aegis of ECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH DIATECILJNTU AnanatapurJNTU Hyderabad Osmania University UOH

2 Disaster Management: The Rationale Disasters, natural or man-made result in untold misery on the human beings and adverse effects on the ecology. Thus our ability to manage and mitigate disaster assumes paramount importance. Disaster management is understood as the managerial function charged with creating the framework, within which communities reduce vulnerability to hazards and cope with disasters. The function of disaster managers is to evaluate risk and exposure, create response plans and ensure response capacity after an event. The response capacity to disaster becomes complete when the community, with specific reference to youth is involved in the entire disaster management cycle. Youth constitute a vibrant, constructive force of a nation and more so in India, where it is emerging as a leading nation in the percentage of population in the age group of 13-35.

3 Disaster Management: The Rationale The recent tragedy in Uttarakhand has once again raised question on countrys preparedness to evaluate environmental risks and ability to manage a natural calamity of such a magnitude. And this is not limited to India alone, nuclear disaster in Japan, flood in China and tsunami in the pacific - worldwide disaster management is gaining utmost importance as the frequency of disasters natural or man-made is on the rise. The estimated loss is over $800 billion globally. Alarmingly, Asia tops the list of casualties due to natural disasters. 95% of all deaths from disasters have been in developing countries

4 World Congress on Disaster Management: The initiative World congress is an innovative platform which focuses on intricacies of Disaster Management, involves various stakeholders and opinion leaders to find efficient Disaster Management solutions. Key Benefits Outstanding Program – 2 nd WCDM boasts a top rated educational experiences and an impressive lineup of speakers from around the world. The Power of Global Networking – 2 nd WCDM is the premier congress of its kind in the world, attracting speakers and delegates from over 100 countries worldwide giving you the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people. Leading Edge – 2 nd WCDM pushes the envelope. It challenges our thinking and promotes new ideas. It is not just a congress that talks about what happened in the past years, it looks to the horizon to help prepare us for what the future holds. The first World Congress on Disaster Management was held in Hyderabad during 21-24 October, 2008. Objective was to lay foundation for an intellectual forum with national and international resources, and expertise for effective and efficient disaster management

5 1 st World Congress on Disaster Management 2008 (I WCDM-2008) The first WCDM received outstanding support from all the quarters and saw participation from various private and public sector bodies. His Excellency Bharat Ratna Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inaugurated the conference and various noted personalities/experts participated in the conference. 21 st - 24 th October Hyderabad


7 Encouraged by the outstanding success of the First World Congress 2008, February 13-16, 2014 are the schedule dates for 2 nd World congress on Disaster Management to be organized at Hyderabad, India. Venue: National Academy of Construction (NAC) Campus, Hyderabad Core Focus: Emphasizing the need for coordinated research and action for disaster risk assessment, risk waning and risk management. The ideas is to forge alliances between various stakeholders aimed at intensifying the effort to make the world safer and more resilient to such calamities and disasters. 2 nd WCDM 2014 provides a unique platform for Disaster Management professionals from around the world to present, network and learn. Discover new solutions by networking with your peers Exchange ideas with colleagues from other Disaster Management Disciplines Participate in a knowledge exchange unlike any other event of its kind! Located in Hyderabad, the cultural, cultural capital of India. No better affordable opportunity for local Indian to see and hear from International Speakers. Wonderful for international delegates to visit one of the finest cities in the world!

8 Highlights: II WCDM- 2014 II WCD M- 2014 Sessio ns Case Studie s Discus sion forums Analys is Generate and Disseminate knowledge about various disasters and Reduction Mechanism. Awareness about the changing nature of disaster risks Good practices and indigenous knowledge Technology applications Preparedness analysis Forming a common vision to tackle the problem Identify implementation points Introduction of Disaster Management as a subject at preliminary level- including schools Rationalization of Disaster Management policies of government and autonomous bodies

9 Methodology White Paper s Talks Plenar y Lecture s II WCDM Presentati ons/Demo nstration Poste r Sessi ons Exhibitio ns

10 Holistic Approach to Disaster Management The 4-Day conference will cover every aspect of Disaster Management through sessions, expert talks, demonstrations and exhibition. Objective is to cover all the issues pertaining to Disaster management and invite participation from all the sectors. Overall the congress would cover 15 themes through 51 sessions under the following Clusters: Natural Disasters Caused by Man Made Hazards Socio economic Vulnerabilities to Disaster Emergency Response Multi stakeholders Participation Sectorial Issues Application of Technology Vision and challenges for future Vision and challenges for future For session wise detail, refer to thematic session page in the booklet attached

11 Association Opportunities II WCDM is a very niche property inviting world class talent and experts. One would experience the high-level audience of business leaders, politicians, practitioners, heads of organizations and scientists from all over the globe. Since Disaster Management is integral to most of the business units and organizations, it will invite and attract organizations from variety of sectors. Thus providing an ideal platform for partners to share their experience, knowledge, products and learning's.

12 Association Opportunities Showcasing Exhibition Plenary Session Panel Discussion Good Practice Platform Brand Showcasing An exclusive area to showcase product services to an audience of stature. With Participants ranging from Government Bodies to various private bodies (Domestic and Global), it offers a great networking platform Extremely prestigious platform, which can be used to harness support and project your organization on a global platform As a participating Sponsor, one would get an opportunity to be part of the panel or host the entire session to an august gathering If you wish to demonstrate your good practice, this is the platform. And surely going to be doubly beneficial with senior industry leaders, autonomous bodies and government bodies in attendance From venue branding to all Media and PR initiative, your brand will be linked to this prestigious event

13 Association Categories

14 Association Investment

15 An Effort Well Supported DMICS, has been getting support from various government bodies, research institutes, academic institutes, autonomous bodies and other Non profit organizations for its all important initiatives.

16 Understanding DMICS Disaster Management, Infrastructure and Control Society (DMICS) It is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity and exclusively committed to safeguarding the people and property through scientific, professional and inclusive management of disasters of various types. Making a Point The Society has been successful in highlighting various issues concerning disaster and management of these disasters through; workshops, seminars, conferences and congresses. Ideas is to effectively communicate with communities, various Governments, NGOs, scientific and technical organizations, media and the private sector and enroll them into various programs, dialogues and initiatives. A continuous effort is also made to sensitize masses at the grass root level to have a deeper and meaningful impact.

17 Discussion

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