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Ladder Faculty Appointments and Advancements. Agenda- Day 1 General Review The Recruitment Process The Review Process Appointment Cases.

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1 Ladder Faculty Appointments and Advancements

2 Agenda- Day 1 General Review The Recruitment Process The Review Process Appointment Cases

3 Academic Personnel Contacts Viktoriya Filippova, Sr. Analyst x5428 Physical Sciences, Bren, Engineering, Depts. of Art, Art History, Theater & Dance, Film & Media Studies, and MATP Karen Moreno, Sr. Analyst Social Sciences, Education, Creative Studies, Humanities and Fine Arts (except those listed above) Cindy Doherty, Director x8332 General Policy questions

4 General Review and Information Ranks and Steps Salary Scales Lecturers SOE

5 Salary scales Years at rank and step Overlapping steps Off-scale, Above Scale

6 Ranks, Steps, and Normal periods of service ASST PROF ASSOC PROF PROFESSOR (8 year limit, (6 years normal, (indefinite, tenured) non-tenured)tenured) Normal Normal Normal Stepperiod of serviceStep period of service Step period of service I2 (not used at UCSB) II2 III2 IV2 V2 (overlapping step)I 2 VI2 (not used at UCSB)II 2 III 2 IV 3 (overlapping step) I 3 V 3 (not used at UCSB) II 3 III 3 IV 3 V 3 VI 3 II 3 VIII 3 IX 4

7 TABLE 1 FACULTY--LADDER RANKS--PROFESSOR SERIES* ACADEMIC YEAR Minimum ScaleSalary Scale Minimum ScaleSalary Scale Years at10/1/11 7/1/13 RankStep AnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly AnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly AssistantII256,4004, ,1004, ,5004, ,3004, ProfessorIII259,5004, ,3005, ,7005, ,5005, IV262,9005, ,8005, ,2005, ,1005, (1300, V266,0005, ,0005, ,3005, ,4005, Visiting 3278-Adjunct 1307-Acting) AssociateI266,1005, ,1005, ,4005, ,5005, ProfessorII269,3005, ,4005, ,7005, ,8006, III273,2006, ,4006, ,7006, ,9006, (1200, IV377,7006, ,0006, ,3006, ,6006, Visiting 3268-Adjunct 1207-Acting) ProfessorI377,8006, ,1006, ,4006, ,7006, II383,8006, ,3007, ,5007, ,0007, (1100, III389,9007, ,6007, ,7007, ,5007, Visiting IV396,4008, ,3008, ,3008, ,3008, Adjunct V --103,3008, ,4008, ,4008, ,5009, Acting) VI --111,8009, ,2009, ,0009, ,5009, VII --121,00010, ,60010, ,40010, ,10010, VIII --131,00010, ,90011, ,60011, ,60011, IX --142,00011, ,30012, ,80012, ,20012,433.33

8 Lecturer SOE series Similarity to Ladder Rank Salary scales PSOE covered by union if less than 100%

9 TABLE 10 - B LECTURERS AND SENIOR LECTURERS WITH SECURITY OF EMPLOYMENT LECTURERS WITH POTENTIAL SECURITY OF EMPLOYMENT-100% TIME Minimum ScaleSalary Scale Minimum ScaleSalary Scale 10/1/11 7/1/13 AnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly AnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly 43,9083, ,228 3, ,7843, ,128 3, ,8923, ,236 3, ,7923, ,160 3, ,9003, ,280 3, ,8243, ,228 4, ,9803, ,384 4, ,9163, ,356 4, ,0724, ,512 4, ,0324, ,508 4, ,2124, ,688 4, ,1964, ,696 4, ,2924, ,804 4, ,3004, ,836 4, ,4564, ,004 4, ,4884, ,060 4, ,6924, ,276 4, ,7484, ,356 4, ,8804, ,500 4, ,9604, ,616 4, ,2124, ,868 4, ,3164, ,008 4, ,4964, ,188 4, ,6244, ,352 4, ,8044, ,544 4, ,9564, ,732 5, ,1124, ,888 5, ,3005, ,100 5, ,5525, ,364 5, ,7645, ,612 5, ,9325, ,792 5, ,1685, ,064 5, ,3725, ,268 5, ,6445, ,576 5, ,9565, ,900 5, ,2525, ,244 5, ,5525, ,544 5, ,8845, ,912 5, ,3165, ,368 5, ,6845, ,772 5, ,7925, ,880 5, ,1845, ,320 6, ,4485, ,596 6, ,8766, ,072 6, ,8886, ,072 6, ,3406, ,572 6, ,4366, ,668 6, ,9246, ,204 6, ,5246, ,816 6, ,0606, ,388 6, ,5166, ,868 6, ,0886, ,488 6, ,1126, ,512 6, ,7206, ,168 7,014.00

10 The Recruitment Process FTE The Search Process Final Candidate (Appointment Case)

11 FTE Annual Call EOR Changes in FTE already granted

12 Open Recruitment Background: Federal contractor so must comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination and requiring an Affirmative Action Program. APM-035 Affirmative Action and Non-discrimination in Employment. Open Recruitment Policy: Required for any position at 50% time or more and for more than one year (RB VII-1)

13 Open Recruitment (Search) Process Form departmental search committee Compose an ad and submit Recruitment Packet, Part 1 (VII-9) with required attachments to EO Office and Dean for approval. Make sure ads and documentation are sufficient for possible non-resident hires. Create recruitment on UC Recruit. Complete the Applicant Evaluation Summary and Part 2 of the Recruitment Packet. Submit for appropriate approvals. Screen applicants and select finalists to be brought to campus for interviews. Prepare the hiring proposal; Part 3 of the Recruitment Packet. Submit for signatures and forward with appointment case.

14 Exemptions and Exceptions Faculty Recruitment Exemptions to Open Recruitment Policy (VII-1, IV) None for ladder faculty Exception to Open Recruitment Policy (VII-1, VII) Spousal/Domestic Partner Employment Unanticipated opportunities

15 References for Faculty Recruitment Red Binder, section VII-4 Procedures for Recruitment of Ladder Rank Faculty and Equivalent Red Binder, section VII-9 Academic Recruitment Packet Also available on the download forms section of AP web site Questions about Open Recruitment: Elizabeth Rogers, Equal Opportunity Office Personnel Analyst in Academic Personnel Office or Deans office.

16 The Review Process Appointment case review process Reviewing agencies Authority delegation Deadlines

17 Appointment Case Review Process

18 Reviewing agencies Dean CAP Make up of committee Role in the review of an appointment Ad Hoc Make up of committees Role in the review of an appointment Confidentiality

19 Appointment Approval Authority RB I-1 Title requestedAuthority Assistant Professor II, III, includingDean Acting titles Other Assistant ProfessorAssociate Vice Chancellor Associate Professor, ProfessorChancellor Lecturer PSOE Dean Lecturer SOE, Sr. Lecturer SOEChancellor

20 Deadlines RB I-14 Internal UC: April 1 AAU: April 30 Competing offers

21 The Appointment Case Contents of a case Departmental recommendation External letters Other items in the case Items to forward that arent part of the case

22 Contents of an Appointment Case Documents to be submitted by the Chair (RB I-15) Departmental Letter External Letters CV Biography form Publications Start-up request Recruitment Packet Department Rep. nomination

23 Departmental recommendation Voting rights Evaluation of all review areas Joint or affiliated appointments Minority opinion letters Chairs confidential letters

24 Rank, Step & Salary recommendation Rank and step based on record Salary based on record plus market (current salary, competing offers) Intercampus recruitment limits

25 External Letters RB I-46, I-49, I-50, I-51 Sample letters Placement files Confidentiality statement Materials sent to reviewers List of evaluators No identification

26 Additional items in the case CV UCSB Biography form Publications Other supporting documentation

27 Other items to forward with the appointment case Recruitment Packet Faculty Enrichment request Correspondence Start-up requests

28 Start-up Items RB I-17 Equipment Recruitment Allowance Removal Space renovation Summer salary Other (research funds etc) MOP loans For purchase housing Rental housing

29 Once a decision is made Department and College informed, CAP ccd on letter Offer letter is sent to the candidate from the Chancellor or EVC Dean or Chair communicates start-up and other items Candidate accepts Department does hire paperwork, enters into PPS. Becomes an employee and has future advancements Candidate declines Department either goes to a second candidate, reopens search, or puts search on hold

30 Ladder Faculty Appointments and Advancements

31 Agenda- Day 2 Advancement eligibility Types of cases Case preparation

32 Eligibility Normal eligibility Off-scale salaries Time off the clock Other eligibility issues

33 Normal eligibility RB I-30 Based on the salary scales and APM Years at step vs. years since last review vs. years since last salary increase

34 ASST PROF ASSOC PROF PROFESSOR Normal Normal Normal Step period of serviceStep period of service Step period of service II2 III2 IV2 V2 I 2 II 2 III 2 IV 3 I 3 II3 III3 IV3 V 3 VI 3 VII 3 VIII 3 IX 4

35 TABLE 3 FACULTY--LADDER RANKS--BUSINESS/ECONOMICS/ENGINEERING* ACADEMIC YEAR Minimum ScaleAdjusted Scale Minimum ScaleAdjusted Scale Years at10/1/11 7/1/13 RankStep AnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly AnnualMonthlyAnnualMonthly AssistantI270,9005, ,0006, ,3006, ,5006, ProfessorII274,6006, ,8006, ,1006, ,3006, III278,2006, ,5006, ,8006, ,1006, IV282,4006, ,9007, ,0007, ,6007, V285,9007, ,5007, ,6007, ,3007, VI289,0007, ,7007, ,8007, ,5007, AssociateI286,0007, ,6007, ,7007, ,4007, ProfessorII289,1007, ,8007, ,9007, ,6007, III292,7007, ,5007, ,6007, ,4008, IV395,5007, ,4008, ,4008, ,4008, V398,3008, ,2008, ,3008, ,2008, ProfessorI395,6007, ,5008, ,5008, ,5008, II398,4008, ,4008, ,4008, ,4008, III3104,0008, ,1008, ,1008, ,2009, IV3110,1009, ,4009, ,3009, ,7009, V --116,6009, ,10010, ,9009, ,50010, VI --125,40010, ,20010, ,90010, ,80010, VII --134,50011, ,50011, ,20011, ,30011, VIII --144,00012, ,30012, ,90012, ,30012, IX --155,60012, ,30013, ,70013, ,50013,625.00

36 Off-Scale Salaries RB I-8 Maintained in routine cases Decrease or increase is not routine Impact on eligibility when change from on-scale to off-scale Limit of two within-step increases

37 Time off the clock RB IV-1 Only applies to Assistant Professors/Lecturers PSOE Reasons include: Childbearing, Child care, Personal illness, Activity completely unrelated to the academic career Must be requested; being on leave does not stop the clock Changes 8 year limit, does not change eligibility Can not count the time off against the person in future reviews

38 Other Eligibility issues Service on other campus or in other Professor series Start dates other than 7/1 Special (overlapping) steps

39 Deferrals RB I-4 Assistant Prof. - requires review Assoc. and Full Prof – notification or non- submission of materials No deferral of: Appraisal (unless time off the clock) tenure review into 8 th year mandatory review

40 Mandatory review RB I-4 Once every 5 years Administrative exemption Lack of candidate involvement

41 Types of review Routine On time one-step Decelerated one-step Asst. Prof. deferrals Other: Reconsiderations Retentions Career Equity Review Non-Routine: Acceleration Special steps Appraisal Promo to Tenure Promo to Professor Merit to Prof VI Merit to or within Above Scale

42 Routine reviews RB I-30 Any one-step increase. Deans Authority No external evaluation Expected level of performance in all four review areas

43 Accelerations RB I-36 Kinds of acceleration In years (early) In salary/step (more than one-step) Mixed Justification No set measures

44 Special Steps RB I-37 Counts as time in next rank Assistant V Associate IV Justification Shows evidence of work that is likely to lead to promotion in the near future when completed Asst. V; can be based on research or teaching

45 Appraisal RB I-38 To assess progress towards tenure/ SOE Done during 4 th year as Assistant Professor/Lecturer PSOE Full career review Options for recommendation Separate vote

46 Promotion to tenure RB I-40 Superior intellectual attainment, as evidenced both in teaching and in research or other creative achievement APM 210-1d Up or out review Timing of review Career review Recommendation to terminate or not promote

47 Promotion to Professor Requires an accomplished record of research that is judged to be excellent within the larger discipline or field. Superior intellectual attainment, as evidenced both in teaching and in research or other creative achievement, is an indispensable qualification for advancement to Professor. Sustained excellence in the areas of University and public service as well as professional activity is expected RB I-41 Career review

48 Advancement to Prof. VI Evidence of sustained and continuing excellence in each of the following categories (1) scholarship or creative achievement, (2) University teaching, (3) University and public service, and (4) professional activity. In addition, great distinction, recognized nationally or internationally in scholarly or creative achievement or in teaching is required RB I-42 Career review Merit, not promotion Not automatic, can stay at Prof V indefinitely

49 Above Scale Scholars and teachers of the highest distinction (1) whose work of sustained and continuing excellence has attained national and international recognition (2) whose University teaching performance is excellent, (3) whose University and public service is highly meritorious, and (4) whose professional activity is judged to be excellent. RB I-43 7% increase for sustained excellence in all four review areas as well as new evidence of merit and distinction Initial above scale merit vs. within Above Scale Same standards for within Above Scale actions

50 Reconsiderations RB I-10 Justification: New documentation of material in the case prior to cut off Evidence that reviewing agencies neglected important features of the case Recommendation same as in original case Different standard for promo to tenure

51 Retentions RB I-44 May be abbreviated case if: Case with same effective date already done Change in o/s only to match outside offer Retentions other than advancement

52 Career Equity Review To examine cases in which normal personnel actions from the initial hiring onward may have resulted in an inappropriate rank and/or step; i.e., a facultys rank, step, and/or salary is not commensurate with the candidates merit as assessed in the areas of research, teaching, professional activity, and service and in terms of the standards appropriate to the candidates field, specialization, and cohort. (RB I-6) Not an alternative to regular review process; must be done with an advancement case No reconsideration/appeal Initiated via the Department or via the Dean

53 Advancement Case Review Process

54 Advancement Approval Authority RB I-1 Merits On-schedule merits Dean Decelerated one-step meritsDean Merit to Professor VI, to andChancellor within Above Scale Other meritsAssociate Vice Chancellor Formal AppraisalAssociate Vice Chancellor Promotions Associate Professor, ProfessorChancellor Lecturer SOE, Sr. Lecturer SOEChancellor

55 Deadlines RB I-2 Departmental College Routine: 2 nd Monday in November Non-Routine: 2 nd Monday in December Internal: Dean to AP, AP to CAP All cases finalized by June 30

56 Contents of a case Documents to be submitted by the Chair for Routine (RB I-31) Documents to be submitted by the Chair for Non-Routine Cases (RB I-34) Departmental Letter Bio-bib Report on outside activities Safeguard Statement External Letters and other related items Self Statements Sabbatical Leave Reports Teaching evaluation Publications

57 Candidate supplied documents Evaluation of teaching ESCIs Publications Appropriate for the review period Can be hard copy of via link in bio-bib Numbered to match bio-bib if hard copy Self statements As required by department or college Research and/or other activities, including contributions to diversity

58 Candidate supplied documents (Cont) Sabbatical leave reports Report on outside activities (APM-025) Done on-line beginning Category I and II reported Other supporting documentation Anything they want as long as not in conflict with rights of others or policies

59 Bio-Bibliography Must follow format in Red Binder (I-28) Cut off of 9/15 (or earlier if set by department) Research Cumulative oldest = lowest number Changes since last review Other areas are since last review Check links if publications are being submitted electronically

60 External Letters RB I-46 Candidate suggested names Candidate has right to receive redacted copies and make comment All else same as with appointment cases Sample letters Confidentiality statement List of evaluators No identification

61 Departmental recommendation RB I-35 All same as with appointment cases Voting rights Evaluation of all review areas Minority opinion letter Chairs confidential letter Candidate right to respond To the Chair/Department To the Dean

62 Safeguard Statement (RB I-26) Assures faculty rights and access to confidential documents Request concerning ad hoc committees Follows steps outlined in Departmental Checklist for Academic Advancement RB I-22 Can request reviewing agency reports at close of case Must be completed for every case, for each department Completed on-line by the faculty member

63 Once a decision is made Decision letter is sent to the faculty member from the Chancellor or AVC, with copy to Dean, Department and CAP Candidate and Department are happy; move on to next review period Candidate or Department is not happy; reconsideration possible

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