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A Guide to Using Banners Approval Process The Approval Process.

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1 A Guide to Using Banners Approval Process The Approval Process

2 Within the Purchasing Procedure, there are two documents that require departmental approval: 1. Requisition 2. Invoice

3 FORMS RELATED TO APPROVAL QUEUE FTMAPPQ (Approval queue maintenance form) FOMAQRC (Approval queue routing codes form) FOAUAPP (User approval form) Lists all documents awaiting your approval FOAAINP (Document approval form) Lists all approvers that the document is waiting for action FOIAPPH (Document approval history form) Lists approvers who approved/disapproved the document FOIAPHT (Approval history form) Lists all approved documents For Fiscal Services use only

4 FOAUAPP (User Approval Form) Your user ID will automatically default in Click on Next Block to see all the reqs/invs awaiting your approval

5 FOAUAPP (User Approval Form) Look at Document Type to determine if the document is a requisition REQ or an invoice INV Click here to see details Requestor for each document

6 FOAUAPPRequisition Accounting Details Check the FOAPAL to be charged Vendor and total amount of req Click here to view commodities

7 FOAUAPPRequisition Commodities List Exit when done reviewing Are these the right items/services that you want to order? Correct quantity?

8 IMPORTANT NOTES for the requestor (person entering the requisition): The commodity descriptions … –should be as detailed and explain exactly what the items are. –should contain the vendors item number (if applicable). –can be as long as you want it to be. Just click on item text (a new window will open) to continue where you got cut off on the main screen. This will help the approver(s) to understand what it is thats being requested to order. The same description will be copied over to the P.O. and then to the invoice. If there is a quote number, state that number on document text. Check the system often to follow-up on the req. until it is assigned a P.O.

9 FOAUAPPInvoice Accounting Detail Check the FOAPAL to be charged Click here to view commodities

10 FOAUAPPInvoice Commodities List Is this what you received? Correct Quantity? Exit when done reviewing

11 FOAUAPP (Approve/Disapprove) Either approve the invoice to get it paid, or disapprove because of discrepancies (call A/P or the vendor to have it fixed) Either approve the req to place the order (get a P.O.), or disapprove so that the requestor can 1) do corrections where needed or 2) delete the requisition altogether

12 IMPORTANT NOTES for the approver: In approving a requisition, you attest that … –this is a legitimate purchase to be used for the good of the University or (in the case of grants) is used for the sole purpose of achieving results for the agreed contract. –the purchase is within the allowable funding amount (budget). –a signed contract is present for contracted services. A copy of this contract should be forwarded to Fiscal Services upon completion of the requisition. In approving an invoice, you attest that … –the purchaser has received all the items/services listed (billed). –the amount charged was agreeable between the vendor and the purchaser. –this purchase was approved by the authorized personnel.

13 FOAUAPP (User Approval Form) Click here to see who needs to approve

14 FOAAINP (Document approval form) Document is waiting for approval from the people listed (all can see the document, but only one needed to approve) You can also approve/disapprove and view the details of the document here

15 FOAAINP (Document approval form) Click here to see who has already approved this document

16 FOIAPPH (Document Approval History Form) This document was approved by on this date

17 FOAUAPP (User approval form) You can also click here to see who has already approved this document (whichever one that is highlighted in yellow)

18 FOIAPHT (Approval History Form) Same information as FOIAPPH With this form, you can query on more than one document at a time (F7, F8)

19 We hope this short presentation helps answer your questions concerning requisitions and/or invoices approval. If you need more information, or prefer to have group training, please do not hesitate to contact: Joyce Sandifer ext. 5230 Phuong Thuy Ta ext. 5231

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