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Cardonald College Anniesland College Langside College.

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1 Cardonald College Anniesland College Langside College

2 Aim of project – to produce mobile learning materials for three curriculum areas, to be distributed via a Moodle Hub – hub being a network of two or more Moodle instances Curriculum areas are Complementary Therapies Catering Computing

3 Conducting Survey of student devices Key devices we assume are: Ipods Ipads Smartphones Android devices with small screens Android tablets

4 1. Initial video 2. Key points list 3. Self-test questions

5 Handheld digital video recorders, home-made look 1 – 2 minute clips, maximum of 2 minutes Looked at Camtasia and Captivate Captivate (Version 6) sophisticated but outputs as Flash

6 Camtasia (Versions 7 or 8) outputs in wider range of formats with preset sizes: Web – MPEG-4 (MP4) video Ipad – ditto IPhone/IPod – M4V Allows us to add subtitles, captions etc. Tested movies in Moodle. Setting important. Embed was not a good choice for Android. Download seems to be best choice – forces to play in player on machine Quality in test materials seems good Alternatives considered included Softchalk

7 Tried simply creating a web page in Moodle – bulleted list, worked well and displayed well on mobile devices Had considered HTML/Flash authoring softwares, but key is to keep this replicable

8 Decided to go with the Moodle Quiz Engine – combined with Respondus Looked at Wirenode (but pay now), and also Captivate and Camtasia Respondus gets round complexity of Moodle quiz engine. Also allows lecturer to type questions on template Tested Moodle quizzes on mobile devices and found they presented well Realised better to turn off Flagging option on Moodle quizzes for mobile presentation Allows tutor to check – reporting

9 The lecturer shoots video or is helped We edit and produce video Lecturer creates bullet list of key facts as Word doc – we add these to materials as html page Lecturer submits self-assessment questions as Word templates in Respondus format, we upload these

10 Tested Anniesland Cardonald, yet to test between 3 colleges We have synchronised our versions of Moodle – 2.2.3 Hub involves networking settings within Moodle, and sending public key. Yet to test fully

11 Need to survey own students Working on videos Do testing on devices Then test with students and evaluate Produce guides and good practice materials Have a blog at

12 Simplicity of production Snippets of materials and self-testing Range of devices Replicable Using Moodle Hub

13 John Edmonstone Kevan Scade Iain Shaw

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