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Experience Management The Key To Growth. Agenda Business Trends > Emerging Technologies and Applications > Avaya Professional Services > Migration and.

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1 Experience Management The Key To Growth

2 Agenda Business Trends > Emerging Technologies and Applications > Avaya Professional Services > Migration and Evolution > Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite >

3 3 The Contact Center Market

4 Avayas Leadership Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Contact Center, IVR and Unified Communications Number One Contact Center supplier in all territories Many millions of agent positions worldwide handling multi-million calls every day More than 90,000+ Contact Centers in over 100 countries Avaya 35% Nortel Enterprise 12% Others 20% Aspect 4% Cisco 14% Genesys 15% Worldwide Contact Center Market Share (ACD Agents) Source: Gartner Group, Calendar 2008 $4B+ Product Market with $5B+ related Professional Services Avaya + Nortel 47%

5 The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representation of a marketplace at and for a specific time period. It depicts Gartner's analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the Magic Quadrant, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors placed in the "Leaders" quadrant. The Magic Quadrant is intended solely as a research tool, and is not meant to be a specific guide to action. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This Magic Quadrant graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. as part of a larger research note and should be evaluated in the context of the entire report. The Gartner report is available upon request from Avaya. Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure, WW Drew Kraus, Steve Blood, Geoff Johnson February, 2010 Full report is available at products/reprints/avaya/vol6/article2/article2.html Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure – Worldwide (2009)

6 The Top Customer Service Leaders Choose Avaya The 2010 BusinessWeek Customer Service Champions that chose Avaya* * partial list shown

7 Market-Tested Differentiation "Avaya Aura ® Contact Center 6.0 raises the bar in the integration of multiple channels. It offers one of the most effective agent interfaces we have seen in recent years for cleanly blending a mix of voice calls and text-based contacts. – Ed Mier Multimedia FeatureAvayaCiscoI3 Single Fully Blended Queue 535 Multiple Contact Handling 524 Context Sensitive Prompts and Auto-Suggest 524 Display Context Driven Buddy Lists of Experts & Other Agents 423 Knowledge base for searching responses 424 Web Based System Wide Administration and Supervision Tool 423 DB lookup or Web service support within the graphical SCE 444 Web services support 522 Scalability of solution across media types 424 Mier Consulting Test Results – July 2010 Comparison of Multimedia Capabilities for CC Midsize

8 Market Dynamics are Changing! The Vision and Strategy

9 Todays Reality...

10 Published Late May, 2010

11 Fact: Demographics Are Changing Major Customers Demographics are Changing with Different Customer Satisfaction Expectations Sources: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Retail Forward, Owned by Kantar Retail Baby Boomers: born from 1946 to early 1960s; Gen X: born from 1960s to 1970s; Gen Y: born from 1980s to 1990s 78M Baby Boomers 55M Generation X 80M Generation Y 25% of population = Generation Y 28% own a blog 44% read a blog 50m tweets per day

12 No Single Interaction Channel: Need to be Proficient in all Channels Fact: Interactions Are Changing Source: Webtorials Editorial/Analyst Division Percent of Respondents Voice (agent) Fax Voice (self) WebSMSChat Video Social Media IM

13 of consumers report a stronger connection when they interact with companies on the social web 56%

14 Risks are Increasing of Not Providing Expected Customer Experience of consumers form an opinion about a companys image through their interaction with the Contact Center of Millennials [Gen X and Y] will leave after one bad experience Source: Benchmark Research, Webtorials Editorial/Analyst Division, Convergsys will tell others about their poor experiences Fact: Customer Satisfaction Risks are Increasing

15 Lost Data and Lost Context Equals Poor Customer Satisfaction Fact: Technology Evolution Is A Must for Growth Approx half of respondents say up to 25% of data is lost with agent transfers Source: Webtorials Editorial/Analyst Division Data 56% 100% 0% 75%

16 of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience 80% of their customers agree 20% of employees are stressed and say work levels have increased 2 in 5 of top performers surveyed in 2006 say they planned to leave their current employer within a year 10% of top performers surveyed in 2010 say they plan to leave their current employer within a year 25% Source: Benchmark Research, Convergsys, Customer Focus Inc., Nov 2010, Harvard Business Review May 2010

17 Technology Enables Labor Efficiency: One Point of First Contact Resolution Improvement Could Drive $1.6B in Labor Savings Fact: Technology Is A Driver Of Labor Efficiency At 65% of total, labor is the bulk of total contact center operating expense Source: Global Purdue Benchmarking Report for the Telecommunications Industry HR Telecom Computing Rent/Facilities Other $160B At $5.6B, Contact Center Technology Products Are ~2.2% of Total Spend

18 believes there is a better way

19 Experience Management

20 CC Customer Service Video


22 Agent Optimizing for Experience Management Experience Management Defines a New Model for Customer Engagement Where the Customer and Their Context Is at the Center Transactions Optimized for Consumer Sessions Optimized for

23 Evolution to CONTEXT based Enterprise Wide Experience Management Value of any interaction is defined by its context Standalone Voice based Call Centers Distributed Multichannel Contact Centers CONTEXT based Experience Management

24 Avaya Contact Center Strategy Experience Management Management of end to end experiences for customers, employees, partners, suppliers Orchestrating assisted or automated multimedia contextual collaboration sessions Differentiation based on real time context in every session End to End Experience Management Immerse the Agent in the Experience Manage, Learn, Apply Bring Full Context to Every Session Orchestrate the Experience

25 Avaya Differentiation Are You Experiencing Low First Contact Resolution? Are You Matching The Customers To The Right Resource? Avaya Competitors Contact Routing Work Assignment

26 Contact Routing to Work Assignment Competitors Avaya ACD Skills Routing Business Advocate Work Assignment ANI DNIS Other Skills Language ANI DNIS Match to CC KPI Other Skills Language ANI DNIS Expert Presence Customer Intent Customer History Match to CC KPI Other Skills Language ANI DNIS Unique model sets Avaya as innovator in the space Incremental steps not enough anymore

27 Avaya Differentiation Are You Limited by Scale? Are You Having Trouble Getting a 360° View of Your Customers? Avaya Competitors Isolated Interactions Collaboration Sessions Model (Anchor Media)

28 Poor Customer Satisfaction Customer Routed to Agent Customer Routed to Agent Traditional Routing Model Customer Data Customer Data Customer Data Self-Service CTI ? End Customer Recording Host Data Exchange Customer Specific Data Reporting Insights Expert Assist Persistent Interaction Context SIP Collaboration Session Intra-Session Context End to End Customer Experience

29 Avaya Differentiation Are You Integrating Business Process for Service Delivery? Are the Processes Communications Enabled? Avaya Competitors Disjointed Enterprise Processes Integrating Customer Care into Enterprise Processes

30 Experience Management Integrating Customer Care into Enterprise Processes Intelligent Automation Collaborative Engagement Productive Interaction Unified Service Creation Avaya Dialog Designer Avaya Aura contact center Web Services Avaya ACE Users Interaction Is Intelligent, Adaptable & Personalized Communications Infrastructure Protected, Leveraged into New Value Applications Agility, Enhanced Customer Service 30

31 Avaya Differentiation Are You Delivering Enterprise Wide, Cradle to Grave Consistent Service? Can You Provide Preemptive Customer Service? Avaya Competitors React instead of Prevent Orchestrate the Experience

32 Experience Management Orchestrate The Experience (React vs. Prevent) Outbound Voice Text E Mail Customer Inbound Customer Voice Voice Portal Proactive Outreach SIP Self Service Live Agent (as needed) Welcome Aboard Payment Reminder Product Promotion Subscription Renewals Product Support Corporate Directory Ordering and Payments Applications Callback Proactively Managing Multimedia Inbound and Outbound for both Automated and Assisted Care

33 Avaya Differentiation Do you know what people are saying about you? Can You automatically process social media? Avaya Competitors Isolated Integrated Social Experience

34 Social Media Processing Automating Social Media Avaya Social Media Manager Standard Media Social Media Generic Contact Routing Managed Agents & Experts Scan and process events from social media using existing Avaya Contact Center infrastructure Contact Center Inbound Contact

35 Blogs Different Types of Social Media Social Media Social Networks Microblogs Forums Media Sharing Video StreamingVirtual Worlds Multi-Player Games

36 60% of consumers say they interact with companies on the social web 3 out of 4 consumers use social technology 93% of consumers believe a company should have a presence in social media Cone Business in Social Media, 2009 Forrester, The Growth of Social Technology Adoption, 2009 Cone Business in Social Media, 2009 Consumers are interacting on social media… Companies need to be listening! Social Media Conversations

37 Avaya Customer Connections Social Media Manager I supported CJs Charity Walk Week #CJ CJet airlines swings to $161M loss in third quarter – bizjournals.com CJet voters, don't let a golden opportunity pass us by CJet County Independent Dear reader, are you one who.. If CJet could just play nice & bump me to a later flight this would just uncomplicate things. No joy on 2 CJet flights. Back through security again to mothership Out of 70,000 relevant items, 1,400 actionable items remain 30,000 SPAM items & irrelevant items removed 100,000 Total Items Thousands of items are retrieved based on search results 30% identified as SPAM or irrelevant; 70% identified as relevant Of that 70%, 2% are actionable and are routed to agent

38 CC Building the Path Video

39 Customer Service Challenge: Customers Need Better Access to Service Reps CHALLENGES Long waits in queue and high call abandonment rate Inbound contact method limited to phone Agent costs increase quickly as call volumes rise Agents handling routine transactional interactions BUSINESS VALUE Potential to reduce costs through multi-channel; Chat, and self-help are 50%, 30%, and 10% respectively that of voice Lower costs by 25% while increasing customer interactions by 20% Reduce agent headcount by 30% while exceeding performance goals Reduce abandoned call rate from 28% to 11% with enhanced self-service

40 CHALLENGES Long call handle times Too many transfers before right resource is contacted Low first contact resolution rate Impersonal and unintelligent interactions with customers BUSINESS VALUE Every 1% increase in first call resolution rate increases CSAT by 0.64% Poor FCR equals minimum of 30% of operating cost, due to repeat calls and time finding right person Caller satisfaction % lower when second call made for same issue One point of FCR improvement could drive $1.6B in labor savings Customer Service Challenge: Improve Customer Experience with FCR

41 CHALLENGES Supervisors have limited view of agent performance Lack of understanding of key focus areas for agent training Low CSAT from inconsistent experience Multiple points of administration BUSINESS VALUE Improve supervisor productivity by up to 30-50% with automated QM Increase customer service ratings an average of 28% Completely satisfied customers are 6 times more likely to become repeat buys than just Satisfied customers Customer Service Challenge: Lack of Tools to Understand / Improve CC Performance

42 CHALLENGES Inadequate tools to facilitate home-based agents Lack of training and coaching Late night shifts, inflexible shift scheduling Repetitive requests for basic information from customers BUSINESS VALUE Estimated $5K-$15K per agent hire / training, & % annual agent turnover Reduce agent attrition by up to 20% Save 20% in workforce time by scheduling agents more effectively Customer Service Challenge: High Agent Turnover Due to Low Job Sat

43 CHALLENGES Increased inbound call volumes Limited outbound proactive customer engagement Agents lack access to required information Too many follow-up or reminder calls Limited opportunities to up-sell and collect revenues BUSINESS VALUE Improve collections revenue up to 10% Reduce staff levels and improve productivity by up to 27% Reduce time spent planning outbound collections campaigns by 90% Customer Service Challenge: Optimize Service and Maximize Revenue Potential

44 Agenda Business Trends > Emerging Technologies and Applications > Avaya Professional Services > Migration and Evolution > Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite >

45 The Path to End to End Experience Management

46 Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite IVRWebChat Automated Experience Management Agent Environment Performance Management Reporting Analytics WFO Chat MMS SMS Video XML Voice Assisted Experience Management Performance Center: Enables businesses to enhance customer experience, improve customer retention and drive down costs Workforce Optimization: Complete WFO suite tightly integrated into overall performance management Work Assignment Engine: Assigns the right work to the right resource at the right time to meet specific business objectives. Avaya Aura TM : Evolutionary path for every customer. Driving productivity and accelerating business across the enterprise Customer Experience Portal: Increases self service effectiveness through right channel communication. Enables differentiation to grow profitability and brand. Media Application Server: IT centric architecture, advanced application features and broad ecosystem support. Carrier grade reliability, scale, quality of service or CS1000

47 Avaya Aura Contact Center Avaya Contact Center Control Manager Avaya Social Media Manager Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Avaya Interaction Center IVRWeb Chat Automated Experience Management Agent Environment Performance Management Reporting Analytics WFO or CS1000 Chat MMS SMS Video XML Web Voice Assisted Experience Management SM Social

48 Avaya Aura Call Center Elite 6.0 FEATURELIMITS CurrentNew Administered Agents20K30K Concurrent Agents7K10K Agents in Single Skill7K10K Skills / Hunt groups2K8K Skills per Agent60120 VDNs20K30K Vectors of 99 Steps2K8K Policy Routing Tables2K8K PRT Routing Points6K24K Vector Routing Tables Holiday Tables99999 Service Hour Tables99999 Why does it Matter? Achieve economy of scale requiring fewer agents Reduces hardware cost Consolidates administration What is It? Contact management solution that empowers agents to deliver competitive customer service, helps to lower operating costs, increase agent efficiency and effectiveness, and helps make the most of every customer interaction. Whats New? Business Advocate becomes an entitlement Works to automatically meet service levels across the business Eliminates chaos when dealing with the unexpected New workflow commands streamline administration and maximize efficiency Increased scale for agents, skills, vectors, etc. Available NOW

49 Avaya Aura Contact Center Provides an orchestrated customer experience across all touch points and ensures customer satisfaction Improve Customer Experience Increase customer options and satisfaction with easy access to real-time and historical information Ensure incoming customer interactions are appropriately matched to the right contact center and enterprise resources to ensure resolution Increase Flexibility Anticipate customer needs by leveraging their location, presence, social attributes, communication mode and historical data Ease the integration with social networks to provide options for business managers to nurture, build, and promote brand image with customers Customer experience with persistent and seamless real-time transfer of customer context and data to the best suited mode (voice, , chat, SMS) Leverage information about a user and their environment to improve the quality of an interaction Context Presence Open Flexible Multi-media

50 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya Aura Contact Center Whats New? AACC becomes a Multimedia adjunct to Call Center Elite Voice calls routed in Elite, multimedia in AACC Agents on voice or multimedia Integrated administration through Avaya Contact Center Control Manager CMS/IQ for voice reporting and AACC for multimedia reporting Embedded soft-phone on the Agent desktop (CM Only) Integration with: WFO with SIP Call Recording Avaya Voice Portal as front end IVR Integration with What is It? Context-sensitive, inbound/outbound voice and multi-media solution that lets enterprises anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions Why does it Matter? Scalable solution addressing end to end experience management for midsize and large companies Available NOW Avaya Aura Call Center Elite 6.0 Avaya Aura Comm. Manager Avaya Aura Contact Center 6.1 Multimedia: Avaya Aura Agent Desktop Unified Administration Avaya Voice Portal Avaya Aura Session Manager (Optional) Voice Multimedia Voice: One-X Agent ICR

51 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. 51 Avaya Social Media Manager Standard Media Web Social Networks * Early Adopter Program for the Social Media Manager What is It? Solution that automates and integrates social media mentions into their contact center that are relevant / require action. Why does it Matter? Scalable solution addressing end to end experience management for midsize and large companies– allowing them to react to changing demographics, new economic realities and new modes of communication How does it Work? Automates discovery, processing, and management of relevant customer posts Builds user context through CRM, Social Media, and other data integration Provides context based processing of customer service request Uses existing Avaya Contact Center resources Provides easy access to self-service and customer-to-customer social service Avaya Social Media Manager* Contact Routing Managed Agents & Experts Contact Center Inbound Contact Available NOW

52 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya Contact Center Control Manager Why does it Matter? Common administration across the Avaya contact center portfolio is competitive advantage Visual Call Flow Designer What is It? Avaya Contact Center Control Manager provides centralized operational administration exclusively for Avaya Contact Center Applications How does it Work? Lower Costs: Operated by non-technical personnel, freeing IT resources to focus on higher value add IT issues than basic administration of existing systems Improved Operational Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction: shifts administration responsibilities from IT to business managers who are closer to business process requirements Available NOW

53 Chat MMSSMS Video XML Web Voice Assisted Experience Management IVRWeb Chat Automated Experience Management Avaya Aura WFO Avaya IQ CMS Agent Environment or CS1000 Performance Management Reporting Analytics WFO

54 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization 10.1 How does it Work? CR & QM delivers quantifiable agent performance data through audio & screen recording Workforce Management automates agent scheduling by forecasting staffing Performance Management: scorecards agents, supervisors, executives, with extensive set of KPI's. New in WFO 10.1 (Feb): – Merge of the Nortel and Avaya recording software streams – SIP recording with AACC 6.0 / 6.1 and screen recording – Performance Management Coaching (Avaya-branded) What is It? A suite for recording, analyzing and optimizing customer interactions in the Contact Center Why does it Matter? Provides information businesses need to make informed decisions about agents, processes, and quality of service, improving customer satisfaction and retention Available NOW Note: End of March 11 for CS1K customers

55 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya Call Management System 16.2 Whats new? It enhances Control and Flexibility Guardrails: Systematic throttling of reports that exceed recommended limits, notification/ identification/termination tools; Safeguard against rogue reports System Backup Improvements: More choices for LAN backups, Reduced hardware footprint, Faster, more secure backups Support New Technologies: CMS Supervisor on 64-bit Windows 7, Thin-client via Citrix on Windows 2008 Server, Lower cost, higher capacity CMS servers 55 What is It? Reporting and administration application for all sizes of companies using Call Center Elite Why does it Matter? Provides information and management tools customers need to monitor and analyze performance of their contact center operations Available NOW

56 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya IQ 5.1 Whats new? Increased scale and performance – Real-time report refresh of 3-5 seconds – 900 report users Support for new product releases – Intelligent Call Routing, Call Center 6.0, Duplicated Processor Ethernet connectivity and Multiple Proactive Contact systems on a single CM CMS parity features – High Availability for fault tolerance – Call Profile reports - required service levels and reduce abandon rates – Turn-key option for all sizes 56 What is It? Unified reporting and analytics solution for real time and historic data Why does it Matter? Monitors, analyzes, and reports on contact center and translates this into vital information that can be effectively used to make decisions to meet business objectives. Available NOW

57 Chat MMSSMS Video XML Web Voice Assisted Experience Management SM Social Avaya Voice Portal Avaya Call Back Assist Proactive Outreach Manager Agent Environment Performance Management Reporting Analytics WFO or CS1000 IVRWeb Chat Automated Experience Management

58 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya Voice Portal How does it Work? Execute automated outbound campaigns in Proactive Outreach Manager on same infrastructure used for inbound self service Integrates with Avaya Aura, Avaya Aura Contact Center, Interaction Center, Proactive Contact, IQ Runs open standards based applications leveraging SIP, CCXML, VXML, Web Services Supported by one of the largest development ecosystems in the industry What is It? Web services based platform for multi-channel inbound and outbound self service applications Why does it Matter? Automated customer care applications improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, reduce service cost and lower TCO. Speech E Mail Text Inbound/Outbound Automated Customer Care Video Customer Avaya Voice Portal Available NOW

59 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Avaya Callback Assist 3.2 How does it Work? Announces estimated wait time and presents callers option for a callback during peak call volume Completely integrated with Avayas Contact Center Platforms Leverages CMS, IQ or OA reporting to make operation decisions Supports both CTI and SIP environments 59 What is It? Application that allows customers to be called back (immediately or at a requested time) by a customer service representative without losing their place in queue Why does it Matter? It levels traffic without additional agents while lowering wait times and related toll charges, and improving the customer experience Available NOW

60 © 2010 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved. Proactive Outreach Manager 2.0 Whats new? High capacity platform supports thousands of concurrent campaigns Industry leading call detection algorithms including Do- not-call list and opt-in/out support Contact center integration ensures customer context and call delivered to agent Unified administration to further lower costs and simplify execution Multi-tenancy to provide maximum flexibility 60 What is It? Unified platform for the design and management of automated outbound voice, , and text campaigns Why does it Matter? Reduce labor costs, reduce / shape inbound call traffic, increase revenues and margins and anticipate customer needs SIP Proactive Outreach Available NOW

61 Agenda Business Trends > Emerging Technologies and Applications > Avaya Professional Services > Migration and Evolution > Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite >

62 Emerging Products and Technologies Value Added Solutions to Enhance the Customer Experience

63 Innovation An important distinction is normally made between invention and innovation. Invention is the first occurrence of an idea for a new product or process while innovation is the first attempt to carry it out into practice. Jan Fagerberg University of Oslo Jan Fagerberg, 2004

64 Improve Customer Experience Customers are continuously adopting new technologies and expect to be engaged via web, video, mobile, and social networking Avaya Customer Connections Video and Web will help build deeper relationships and improve trust with online experts and face-to-face video consultations Use Customer Connections Mobile to enhance customer experience by eliminating hold times and allowing self service features Mobile applications are available to check balance, get load status, ask questions and speak to an agent Offer an array of multimedia interactive technologies to help meet customer expectations Customer Connections Video, Web, & Mobile

65 Increase agent efficiency and first call resolution using rich context Leverage existing investments self service applications Enhance customer experience by eliminating hold times and allowing self service through mobile device Customer uses smartphone application Interested in refinancing mortgage Types a question about mortgage rates Decides to speak to an agent Request Callback Provide a richer customer experience on their touch point of choice AV Financial Services, Inc. Call Me Now Call Me Later Next agent available in 2 minutes Customer Service Agent Call Me Later Customer Connections Mobile

66 Across the counter service in action

67 Attract & Retain Customers Proactively engage customers online with branding and advertising with latest promotions Improve customer participation and satisfaction with interactive sessions Build the Virtual Bank of the Future Reduce Costs Reduce the need for face-to-face meetings and other travel expenses web.alive virtual environments Improve Efficiency Provide trainings quickly and immediately Expand trainings to wider audience (not geographically limited by travel) web.alive – Build the Virtual Bank Innovative immersive experience for building trusted online relationships Proactively engage online customers

68 Agenda Business Trends > Emerging Technologies and Applications > Avaya Professional Services > Migration and Evolution > Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite >

69 Contact Center Upgrade and Evolution Path

70 Upgrade & Evolve BUILD OUT A Path for Every Customer Leverages and extend existing investment into Avaya Aura Contact Center Preserves feature capabilities Transition over time 70

71 Classic Avaya software upgrade BENEFITAVAYA CC SOLUTION CALL CENTER ELITE <6 IMPROVE FIRST CONTACT RESOLUTION Through intelligent routing INVESTMENT PROTECTION and EXTEND THE EXPERIENCE Through multimedia activation Call Center Elite 6.0 With Business Advocate AACC 6.1 for Multimedia IMPROVE AGENT PRODUCTIVITY Through workforce mgmt, call recording, speech analytics, agent scorecards WFO 10.1 IR/VP ORCHESTRATE THE EXPERIENCE Through a common automated platform and proactive interactions VP 5.1 and POM 2.0 product add CALL CENTER ELITE R3 + Interaction Center 7.3 IC < 7 EXTEND THE EXPERIENCE and INVESTMENT PROTECTION Through multimedia activation CALL CENTER ELITE IMPROVE FIRST CONTACT RESOLUTION Through intelligent workflow, integration CALL CENTER EXPRESS AACC 6.1

72 Classic Avaya software upgrade BENEFITAVAYA CC SOLUTION IP Agent IMPROVED AGENT PRODUCTIVITY AND RETENTION Single agent desktop, collaboration and any where agents Proactive Contact 5.0 product add Proactive Contact Avaya one-X Agent CMS < 16 CMS 16.2 IQ 5.1 CMS IMPROVED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Through unified cradle to grave reporting IMPROVED BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Through unified reporting IMPROVED TRANSACTION PRODUCTIVITY Through unified proactive campaign and predictive dialing capabilities All of the above LOWER COSTS Through single point of administration Contact Center Control Manager

73 HERITAGE NES software upgrade BENEFITSAVAYA CC SOLUTION SCCS/CC6,7 IMPROVE FIRST CONTACT RESOLUTION Through intelligent routing WFO 10.1 product add AACC 6.1 INVESTMENT PROTECTION and EXTEND THE EXPERIENCE Through multimedia activation AACC 6.1 with Multimedia SCCS/CC6,7 CRQM INVESTMENT PROTECTION Through workforce mgmt, call recording, speech analytics, agent scorecards INVESTMENT PROTECTION and EXTEND THE EXPERIENCE Through multimedia activation AACC 6.1 with Multimedia SECC/CCE7

74 HERITAGE NES software upgrade BENEFITSAVAYA CC SOLUTION product add AAEP 6.0 ICP INVESTMENT PROTECTION and EXTEND THE EXPERIENCE Add Proactive Outreach Manager, Speech Recognition, etc AAEP 6.0 MPS 500 INVESTMENT PROTECTION and EXTEND THE EXPERIENCE Add Proactive Outreach Manager, Speech Recognition, etc

75 Key Capability Roadmap Performance Management Assisted Experience Management Automated Experience Management Unified Management Experience Orchestration Workforce Optimization & Workforce Management Enterprise Work Assignment Outbound Automation SIP Scalability Multimedia, Collaboration Sessions Unified Reporting/Analytics Common Automated Experience Platform TodayNov 2010May 2011 May 2012Nov 2011

76 Agenda Business Trends > Emerging Technologies and Applications > Avaya Professional Services > Migration and Evolution > Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite >

77 Services

78 Avaya Global Services Execute over 2,000 projects per month globally Industry experience spanning financial services, retail/hospitality, healthcare, and public sector Leader in Contact Center 1 and Unified Communications 2 and, and leading- edge Data vendor Extensive horizontal and vertical experience Global network of >4,000 certified partners Specialists in 34 countries doing business in 77 countries Flexible resourcing model deploys right experts regardless of geography Central knowledge base and consistent methodologies and tools 1 Gartner, Inc; 2 DellOro Group; stats for calendar ,300 experts with average years of experience Over 1,000 industry certifications, including ACA and PMI Range of strategic, technical, and management skills Multi-vendor technology integrations Deep expertise across communications network

79 Comprehensive Avaya Professional Service Discovery Business LeadersOperational LeadersTechnical Leaders Requirements OperationalBusinessTechnicalMultivendor Design Call Flow / Routing Self-Service & Assisted Service CTI and CRM Integration Detailed Technical Specification Implementation Call CenterSelf-ServiceReporting/AnalyticsAgent PerformanceProactive Contact Assurance End-To-End AssuranceProvider Testing Capacity Benchmarking Multivendor and Go- Live Testing Optimization Best practicesBenchmarking Contact and VP Analysis Program and Project Management

80 Contact Center Benchmarking Service Service Includes BasicEnhanced Benchmark Top 20 KPIs Detailed Comparison Charts Industry Peer Group Ranking Performance Gap Summary Gap Analysis Balanced Scorecard Comprehensive Benchmarking Report Recommendations for Improvement Consultative Review of Results Onsite Interviews and Data Collection Detailed Recommendations and Action Plan Benchmarking Best Practices Workshops (3) Advisory Services Contact Center Benchmarking Improve performance by identifying, understanding, and adapting outstanding practices and processes found inside and outside the organization Benchmark performance vs. industry peers Identify strengths and weaknesses in the call center Diagnose and understand the underlying drivers of performance gaps Prescribe actions to improve performance Establish performance goals for both individuals and the call center overall

81 Summary

82 Demographics and changing interactions are transforming customer service Experience Management is the differentiator Our vision is focused and our portfolio is ready

83 Driving Increased Business Value Improve Agent EfficienciesAccelerate Business Integration/Results Enhance Customer Experience Understand and embrace customer demographics Leverage analytics Maximize multi-media Utilize customer surveys Leverage collaboration Understand and leverage agent demographics Optimize the desktop Leverage social media/multi- media Deploy collaboration and context applications Develop a communications roadmap Virtualize the enterprise Deploy a best-in-class contact center scorecard Ensure user adoption and smooth roll-out Become a Best-in-Class Contact Center

84 CC Engines Video

85 thank you


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