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Intel Confidential 1 Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) Training.

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1 Intel Confidential 1 Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) Training

2 Intel Confidential 2 Overview of Login Page –The login page allows you to enter the site with your user name and password and reset the user name or password if you have forgotten it. –Directions: –Enter Username and Password and select Login. –Forgot your username? Request an email be sent to the email address on record with your login. –Forgot your password? Request an email be sent to the email address on record with a link to click that will allow you to reset the account with a new password –New User? Register online

3 Intel Confidential 3 Enter User Name Enter Password Click Login Button New users can register online

4 Intel Confidential 4 Non-IBL users can recover User Name or Password by clicking login and following the instructions

5 Intel Confidential 5 Enter email address on file For password reset – enter user name and email address Email will be sent with password information

6 Intel Confidential 6 Overview of Sign Up Page –Sign up for a new account by clicking on the Don't have an account? Sign up here hyperlink. –You will be asked to provide: –First name, family or last name, email address, company, Division/Location, Management Level, Job Role, and email language format –You will be asked to choose what Product Categories, Key Characteristics and email intervals you prefer. –Email notifications can be sent in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English –You can also select individual notifications with or without the PCN attached, daily summary, or a weekly summary of the published PCNs.

7 Intel Confidential 7 Click here to sign up for account

8 Intel Confidential 8 User must accept in order to receive an account

9 Intel Confidential 9 Enter First Name Enter Family/Last Name Enter email address, company name, division and location

10 Intel Confidential 10 Choose management role

11 Intel Confidential 11 Choose Job Role

12 Intel Confidential 12 Choose language to receive email in and to set preferences

13 Intel Confidential 13 Select Product Categories to receive notifications

14 Intel Confidential 14 Select Key Characteristics to receive notifications Select notification preference

15 Intel Confidential 15

16 Intel Confidential 16 An email with Username and Password will be sent to the email address used to register for Intel ® PCNS

17 Intel Confidential 17 Examples Email Notifications

18 Intel Confidential 18 Weekly Summary

19 Intel Confidential 19 Daily Summary

20 Intel Confidential 20 Individual Email with PDF

21 Intel Confidential 21 Individual Email w/o PDF

22 Intel Confidential 22 Overview of Home Page The Home Page is where all the Intel® QDMS options are located. You can … –Search MDDS –Search Database –Get Help –Log Out

23 Intel Confidential 23 Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) Home Page Search for MDDS Search for Generic PCNs –Does not include customer specific information Logon not required

24 Intel Confidential 24 MDDS Search Database Click link to view document

25 Intel Confidential 25 Search Database Overview The top section of the Search Database page gives you two areas for search criteria. By selecting from the drop-down in Select Search Criteria you can create the first filter. –You can search by product code, material master or mm#, PCN Title, key characteristic, product category, PCN number, or PCN Abstract Then select And or Or in the Select And/Or box and enter the second filter. Any part of the search criteria can be entered. –For example for a key characteristic search of product discontinuance only the word discontinuance would need to be entered. Two view are available –Document List provides a list of all documents meeting the search criteria –Document by Parts provides a list of documents with the related Intel part numbers

26 Intel Confidential 26 Click Here To Search the PCN Database

27 Intel Confidential 27 Enter Date range and search criteria

28 Intel Confidential 28 When searching for Key Characteristic, an additional drop down menu becomes available

29 Intel Confidential 29 When searching for Product Category, an additional drop down menu becomes available

30 Intel Confidential 30 Other Search Database Features You can view the PCN by clicking on the number in the display. This will open the.pdf file where you can view, save, or print the PCN. By clicking on the Column Heading at the top of any grid column, the page re-sorts the displayed grid by that column in ascending or descending order. –The column and direction by which the data is sorted is indicated by an arrow icon at the top of the column. By clicking the Text File Export button you can download a tab- delimited text file or an Excel spreadsheet format –The Excel format is limited to the first 65,000 rows displayed in your query. –The results in either download will reflect the data displayed per the search criteria. –For example, if you choose to only view a Product Category selection of Networking Products any matches made will be included in the downloaded file. The number of rows you chose to display does not impact the download – all database results will be included.

31 Intel Confidential 31 Document Summary – List of documents based on search criteria Columns sortable ascending/descending Export data to Excel and Tab delimited file

32 Intel Confidential 32 Document by Parts Clicking on the part number will show the affected milestones

33 Intel Confidential 33

34 Intel Confidential 34 View My Profile Overview You can manage your personal information and preferences when you View My Profile –Change Login/Password –Change User Information/Preferences –Unsubscribe –Get Help –Log Out

35 Intel Confidential 35 Once logged in you can: Change Login/PasswordChange Login/Password Change User information/preferencesChange User information/preferences UnsubscribeUnsubscribe Get HelpGet Help Log OutLog Out

36 Intel Confidential 36 Change Login/Password Overview –Change Login/Password links you to the Edit User Information page. On this page you can: –Provide a new Login (to replace the email address which was assigned by default when you signed up) –Once you have received the account information, you can log in and immediately change the login and/or password if you wish. –A new login can consist of any string you wish to use. –Provide a new password (to replace the system- generated password assigned when you signed up) –New passwords must be at least 6 characters long and include at least one alpha character and one numeric character –You must enter your existing password and select Submit to make the change. You will receive an email confirming that the change has been posted to the database.

37 Intel Confidential 37 Change User Information/Preferences –Edit your personal information entered when the account was created –First name, Last name, Email address, Division/location, Management level, Job Role –Choice of notification language: English (default); Chinese Simplified; Chinese Traditional; Japanese –Product Categories - at least one checkbox selection must be made in order to save the record. –Key Characteristics – at least one checkbox selection must be made in order to save the record. –Email notification preference – these will be sent in accordance with your preferences –Daily Summary – contains all notices published by Intel for a given date. –Individual (with attachment) – sends a separate email with a PDF attachment for each notice received in the database. This option is NOT recommended if you have a slow internet connections due to the potential size of the PDF file attachment. –Individual (without attachment) – sends a separate emails with a link to the PDF file for each notice received in the database. –Weekly summary – sends a cumulative email summary containing all notices published for the past seven days. Initially, these will be sent on each Friday. –Enter your password to save changes. You can cancel the changes anytime prior to saving the record.

38 Intel Confidential 38 Select Product Categories to modify your notifications. You will only be notified for the categories you select. At least one category must be selected.

39 Intel Confidential 39 Select Key Characteristics to receive notifications Change your notification preferences Enter your existing password Dont forget to update your profile!

40 Intel Confidential 40 Unsubscribe –Unsubscribe allows you to remove yourself from email distribution and removed your site login permissions. –Enter a login and an email address. Once they have disabled it, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. If you change your mind at any time in the future, you will have to create a new account.

41 Intel Confidential 41 Get Help and Logout Get Help –Help screens are located on every page –Click the get help –Logout –Logs you out of Intel PCNS

42 Intel Confidential 42 More Information –Customers registered with an Intel Channel Program, please check the Intel Reseller Center for additional Intel Channel member specific support services. –OEMs and ODMs should contact their Intel Field Sales representative for their support options. –Other support information and phone numbers can be found at:

43 Intel Confidential 43 Examples Additional Language Options

44 Intel Confidential 44 Chinese (Simplified)

45 Intel Confidential 45 Chinese (Simplified)

46 Intel Confidential 46 Chinese (Traditional)

47 Intel Confidential 47 Chinese (Traditional)

48 Intel Confidential 48 Japanese

49 Intel Confidential 49 Japanese

50 Intel Confidential 50 Weekly Summary

51 Intel Confidential 51 Weekly Summary

52 Intel Confidential 52 Weekly Summary

53 Intel Confidential 53 Daily Summary

54 Intel Confidential 54 Daily Summary

55 Intel Confidential 55 Daily Summary

56 Intel Confidential 56 Individual Email with PDF

57 Intel Confidential 57 Individual Email with PDF

58 Intel Confidential 58 Individual Email with PDF

59 Intel Confidential 59 Individual Email w/o PDF

60 Intel Confidential 60 Individual Email w/o PDF

61 Intel Confidential 61 Individual Email w/o PDF

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