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ERP Solution for your University, College & School

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1 ERP Solution for your University, College & School
IFW EduTech ERP Solution for your University, College & School

2 Requirements Hardware Server : 1 GB RAM Clients : 512 RAM Operating System Win XP2 – Clients Win Server Server Database MS SQL Staff ERP Manager Network Administrator Data Entry Operators

3 Module List Admission Counseling & Follow up Provisional Admission
Student Registration Fee Management Transport Management Academic Calendar Planner Attendance Management Front Office Management Address Book Phone Register TC Generator I-Card Generator Media Management Scheduler & Reminder Event & Activities HR Management Exam & Results Library & Book Bank Time Table Hostel & Mess Management Stock/Store Management Staff Payroll Management Back Office File Management Teacher Evaluation System Security / Gate Pass Manager Employee Daily Report Register Accounts Management User Specific Security Management Student Login - EduCamp Faculty Login – EduCamp Administrative Login - EduCamp

4 Admission Counseling & Follow up
Advantages: This Process help in making sure that no inquiry at your counseling area gets neglected. Reports: Student Inquiry List Student Follow up List Student Follow up reminder Course wise Inquiry

5 Provisional Admission
Advantages: This area gives you the facility to take admissions of students for next session in provisional mode. Reports: Prospectus Sales List of Students in Provisional Admissions List of Confirmed Students

6 Student Registration Advantages:
Complete student details like Academic, Personal, Relations, Hostel, Conveyance, Photograph etc. are taken at the time of Registration. Reports: Student I-Card (Class and Student Wise) Student General Information Report (Class and Student Wise) Student Strength Category Report (Class and Student Wise) Student Strength In Gen , ST, SC, OBC (Class and Student Wise) Student Seat Allocation Report (Class and Student Wise)

7 Fee Management Advantages:
All fees related processes like receipt generation, cancellation of receipts, duplicate receipts, extra fees, fee concessions and more are managed in this module. Reports: PDC Cheque Detail Fee Collection Report (class wise, student wise, user wise) Fee Concession Report Extra Fee Report Student Fee Status (Receipt wise) Head Wise Fee Report Refund & Cancel Receipt Report

8 Transport Management Advantages:
Vehicle Information like PUC expiry, insurance expiry, registration details etc. are managed here. Total expense on a vehicle and performance of a vehicle can be analyzed here. Reports: Vehicle List ( vehicle no. wise) Vehicle Expense (vehicle and date wise) Vehicle Allocation Report (Class , Student and vehicle wise)

9 Academic Calendar Planner
Advantages: All events, activities, holidays are submitted into the ERP here. Reports: List of Events Report List of Holidays Report Monthly Calendar Report

10 Attendance Management
Advantages: Class Wise, Day Wise, Half days Wise attendance of Students and Staff can be taken here. This Module can also be configured with Thumb Impression Machines & RFID Systems. Reports: Daily Attendance Report Monthly Report Leave Register Tour Details Daily IN/OUT Register

11 Front Office Management
Advantages: This modules helps you to keep record of all visitors, phone calls, postal mails etc. Reports: Address Book Mail In / Mail Out Visitor Record Person Searching Phone Register Gate Pass Generation Prospectus Sale Registration Report Reports: Daily Job Pending Report Closed Enquiry Qualification Report Monthly Outside Report Total Media Enquiry Course Wise Enquiry Future Job Pending

12 Address Book Advantages:
All phone numbers, mobile numbers, IDs etc. of VIPs, Vendors, important contacts can be managed here. Reports: List of Vendors List of contacts group wise

13 Phone Register Advantages:
Record of Incoming & Outgoing Phone Calls can be kept here in this module. This module can also be integrated with your EPBAX system software. Reports: List of Incoming Calls List of Outgoing Calls Person wise Calls Call Register

14 Transfer & Character Certificate Generator
Advantages: TC & CC Generation is handled on a single click in this module saving a lot of time of staff & student. Reports: List of TC Generated (Student Wise, ClassWise) List of CC Generated (Student Wise, ClassWise)

15 I-Card Generator Advantages:
With a single click you can generate Multi Colored designer I Cards, Library Cards & Exam Admit Cards for your students & staff. Reports: I Card Generation Student Wise, Class Wise I Card Generation Staff Wise Library Card Generation Student Wise, Class Wise Library Card Generation Staff Wise Exam Admit Card Generation Student Wise, Class Wise

16 Media Management Advantages:
All news paper, TV Channel, FM etc. advertisement details and frequency of occurrence is managed here. Analysis on media spend and response can be done on these basis. Reports: Media Master (collect all details of media which are related to college with their name, address , phone no. etc.) Media Advertisement Report (show all details of advertisement with media name , media add description , add size , add cost etc.)

17 Scheduler & Reminder Advantages:
Each user of the ERP can maintain his/her schedulers and reminders here. At every login the user will get the reminders. Shows the user Appointments, Important dates, reminders scheduled by himself.

18 Event & Activities Advantages:
Details of Sports Days, Cultural festivals and its organizing teams along with details of winners and guests is maintained here. Reports: List of Events month wise, class wise. List of Winners List of Organizing Teams

19 HR Management Advantages:
From resume submission to salary slip generation all processes of every employee is recorded and processed here. Reports: Employee Registration Allowance and Deduction Advance Master Salary Scheme Employee Information Candidate Information Salary Register Pay Slip

20 Exam & Results Advantages:
The most complicated and time consuming process of your organization is Exam management and Result Declaration. This process can be handled very easily in ERP. Reports: Exam Class Subject Relation Mark Slip Report Exam Schedule Report Class Subject Report Exam Class Relation Exam Sitting Arrangement Report Reports: Question Bank Submission Internal Marks Report Mark Slip With Student Marks Exam Admit Card Generation

21 Library & Book Bank Advantages:
EduTech’s Library covers each and every process of Library. Reports: Item List Item Subscription Detail Reserved Item List Issued Item Detail List of Subscription Receive Issued Item for Book Bank Due\pending Item List List of Issued Item in Stock Library I-Card Generation

22 Time Table Advantages:
This module help in getting the updated schedules of students & faculty. Reports: Time-Table Report ( shift and date wise) Teacher Specific Report ( Teacher, shift and date wise) Class Subject Relation (class and subject wise) Employee Report Teacher Subject Relation Code Master

23 Hostel & Mess Management
Advantages: From hostel room allocation to mess recipe management, every process of a hostel can be managed here. Reports: Hostel Room Specification Report (Hostel and Room wise) Hostel Visitor Record (Hostel , Room and Date wise) Hostel Allocation Report (Class , Hostel and Room Wise) Mess Attendance Report ( Student and Date wise) Mess Transaction Report ( Customer and Mess Wise)

24 Stock/Store Management
Advantages: This Process help in maintaining all the purchases and stocks. Also, you can check the availability of all resources and items. Reports: Stock Item Detail Stock Purchase Order Letter Stock Requisition Detail Stock Issue Item Transaction Stock Quotation Details Stock status of Employee Stock Purchase Order Detail Stock Write Off Report Stock Purchase Order Inwards Details Write Off Transaction Stock Purchase Order Return Stock Purchase Order Current Status

25 Staff Payroll Management
Advantages: Calculation of salary, keeping in consideration all the allowances, leaves etc. can be easily generated here. Reports: Employee Registration Allowance and Deduction Advance Master Salary Scheme Employee Information Candidate Information Salary Register Pay Slip

26 Back Office File Management
Advantages: This Process helps in maintaining the records of all postal conversations. Reports: Incoming Letters Outgoing Letters Group wise Letters

27 Accounts Management Advantages:
All monetary transactions taking place in various departments like fee, library, store, stock, Payroll as well as all other vouchers can be generated. Reports: Balance Sheet Trial Balance

28 Security / Gate Pass Manager
Advantages: On a single click you can fetch the information of all visitors in the campus at a time.

29 User Specific Security Management
Advantages: Each Operator or process manager will be able to see or use only those modules & reports which are allowed to him by the administrator.

30 Why EduTech ? Save Stationary Cost
Save Time of all Levels of Staff & Students No Data Redundancy Complete Decision Support System Less Manpower Required Comprehensive MIS Reports Regular New Versions Available for Free Online & On Phone – 24 x 7 Support System Detailed Help in Documented, Graphical & Video Formats

31 How EduTech is deployed at your campus?
STEP 1: Site Inspection for availability of Hardware & Networking Resources. STEP 2: Installation Process of EduTech with ERP Manager. STEP 3: 3 Days complete training to all staff and management. STEP4: Staff Test and Certification STEP5: Data Entry Begins……..

32 Why EduTech ? Save Stationary Cost
Save Time of all Levels of Staff & Students No Data Redundancy Complete Decision Support System Less Manpower Required Comprehensive MIS Reports Regular New Versions Available for Free Online & On Phone – 24 x 7 Support System Detailed Help in Documented, Graphical & Video Formats

33 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - 1
1. Why should we take IFW EduTech for our organization ? IFW EduTech helps the organization to cut down working hours of the staff and increases their efficiency, therefore the staff can use that time for other important academic works and welfare of students and supporting management. Also with EduTech 80% of expense of the organization on stationary is reduced. Thus, we guarantee that IFW Edutech's cost is recovered within the first 6 months of implementation in the organization. 2. How IFW EduTech is implemented in our organization ? As soon at the company receives the purchase order for product, within 7 days the team of engineers install and deploy the solution in the campus. Immediately after this the training team starts conducting training sessions for the staff members or each department respective to their modules. Hardware, Networking & Data entry work is the responsibility of the organization purchasing the ERP. However, IFW's team can provide such services if required by the client at additional cost. 3. How will we get support from IFW after installation? IFW's Support Cell and engineers are available on all working days from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM online on IMs & s. On phone the Support engineers are available 24 x 7 x 365. Any kind of bug or error or problem in the ERP will be attended within 2 days and solved within 7 days at most. 4. Is this a ready to use product or the company will develop it for us ? IFW EduTech is a complete, fully functional and time tested ERP solution which covers more than any other solution available in the Indian Market in this sector. This ready to use product can be purchased & installed with staff training within 6 hours.

34 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - 2
5. What will happen when the technology on which this solution is made gets outdated? IFW EduTech is developed on the latest technology plate form, as the technology gets updated new versions of EduTech will be available in the market from time to time. The client can upgrade the solution that he has and get the benefits of the new versions at discounted cost. 6. If we dont need the complete ERP can we select the modules we need ? And can we add more modules later in the same ERP? Yes, one of the major plus points of IFW EduTech is that it is made on a modular approach. Your organization can decide and purchase the complete ERP or only the modules that they need. When the organization feels that they need more modules as per the expansion of the organization, new modules can be purchased and added easily without disturbing the existing data or modules. 7. Can we export the reports into word, excel or pdf formats ? Yes, the reporting format of IFW EduTech is very flexible and the reports can be easily exported into formats like .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf etc. 8. How secure is the data of the organization in IFW EduTech ? IFW EduTech comes with 100% security of your precious data and information. The database of the ERP is stored in the server which is either placed in a locked room or in front of the eyes of the management. Also the database is protected so as even a expert hacker cannot break the database. The ERP Administrator can give each user rights of accessing his respective modules, so that only the assigned modules can be accessed by each user.

35 Contact Us IFW Techno Creations Pvt. Ltd. Office :
Nahar Tower, Nirala Street, Near Andhra Bank, Shakti Nagar, Udaipur (Raj.) INDIA Phone : Mobiles : /2/3 Websites : Gtalk : Skype : helpline_ifw Yahoo! : karanifw

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