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SOCIAL AREA Actions and Projects of the Social Area November 2011.

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1 SOCIAL AREA Actions and Projects of the Social Area November 2011


3 Waiting list and allocation of new season tickets

4 Allocation of season tickets members registered waiting list At the beginning of the 2003/2004 season registration is closed for new subscriptions in the Stadium. ­A waiting list is opened and growing with no order or proof or receipt of inscription is given. The Club normalizes the process bringing order to the waiting list. ­Period of ratification of position on the waiting list. 22 November 2010 28 February 2011 ­Assignment of a consolidated position on the list established by strict seniority criteria: 1 March 2011.

5 Allocation of season tickets members registered waiting list On 24 October, the Board of Directors approves the allocation of all season ticket resignations in the waiting list. Once all resignations were studied and all the claims addressed to the Members Trustee were attended, 200 new season tickets have become available. Strictly following the position on the waiting list, the Club has proceeded to call the top 200 members on the list for the allocation of season tickets: From 12 to 20 December

6 Allocation of season tickets members registered waiting list To become a new season ticket holder, members are required to pay in advance the amount corresponding to three seasons (non-recoverable funds) of the chosen seat category. As the season ticket will be available only for the second half of the current season, the new season ticket holder will pay the 50% of the fee.

7 The waiting list and the allocation of new season tickets Expansion of the wheelchair-accessible area

8 Allocation of season tickets members registered waiting list | Wheelchair area Expansion of the wheelchair-accessible area for disabled people and their companions in the Stadium. ­We've gone from 24 places for disabled (without companion) to 48 places for disabled + 48 seats for their companions. ­New toilets fully adapted for disabled. Allocation of 14 new season tickets on the waiting list for disabled members (wheelchair-adapted). Same conditions and timetable as the rest.

9 Allocation of season tickets members registered waiting list | Wheelchair area BEFORE NOW

10 Oficina de Atención Especializada OAE

11 Oficina de Atención Especializada Establishment within the Supporter Services Office of a new department of assistance services for members. Personal and specific assistance for members affected by any kind of disability: motor, visual, auditory, psychiatric and / or degenerative.

12 Oficina de Atención Especializada Procedures and resources ­Specific supporting team. ­Internal program regarding services and facilities in coordination with other departments of the Club. ­With the support of an external team of experienced advisors specialized in physical and mental disabilities. Calendar ­Implementation of the OAE: January 2012.

13 TACOMPANYEM with the Red Cross

14 Tacompanyem with the Red Cross | The Project The Red Cross and Futbol Club Barcelona launch an integral and pioneering project to support and accompany special collectives on match days at Camp Nou. A joint program implemented with resources and with the team of Red Cross, in coordination with the Club. SUPPORT FOR THOSE COLLECTIVES WITH REDUCED MOVILITY IMPLEMENTATION IN THE STADIUM RED CROSS HUMAN AND TECHNICAL RESOURCES ATENCIÓN ESPECIALIZADA SPECIALIZED SERVICE

15 LINE 1 ­Collection and accompaniment of disabled and / or with reduced mobility people to the games previously agreed with the Club. LINE 2 ­Installing support service points at the Stadium for people with disabilities. LINE 3 ­Support for disabled people in away games or in extraordinary events (Finals). We Accompany You with Red Cross| LINES OF ACTION

16 14/15 January: Implementation of the project Tacompanyem in the game FC Barcelona-Betis We Accompany You with Red Cross | Timing

17 Tacompanyem with the Red Cross | Service and Information Points

18 CENSUS 2012

19 Census 2012 Within the next year 2012 the Club is planning an update of the census ­Background: The last update was in 2004 and since then the club has gone from 120,379 to 176,058 members. ­It is necessary to periodically update the census to provide reliable and real data. The period of 8 years is considered the optimal time span.

20 Census 2012 Workings and Procedures Update data personally at the Supporter Services Office. Geographic distance, physical impossibility and legal / administrative expenses will be taken into account. In these situations a living faith or a solicitor document may be accepted During 2012 Organized in collectives and membership groups according to their membership numbers (seniority)

21 Beam and net removal

22 Removal of the beams and security nets in the goals The beams and safety nets in the goals were set in the 2002/2003 season at the request of the security authorities. Due to the absence of incidents and to the civility shown by our fans, and in response to requests from members to enjoy a better view of the game, the Board of Directors decided to eliminate this annoying obstacle. Final removal of the beams in the FC Barcelona- Zaragoza on 19 November.

23 Data Regarding Membership Evolution and Attendance to the Stadium

24 Evolution of the number of memberships 2008/092007/082006/072005/062004/052003/042010/112009/10 Applications Cancellations


26 Members Charity Day FC Barcelona promotes a pioneering solidarity initiative, in which members will be the main protagonists: The Members Charity Day. We ask for season ticket holding members complicity in order to free their seat for free through the seient lliure for next Cup match. This way, the seat will be offered to collectives with social interest. This way, for one day, we will be able to provide to NGOs, schools, organizations and institutions of social action with a great package of free tickets to attend a game in Camp Nou.

27 Day of the Supportive Member | Possibility to choose SEIENT LLIURE SUPPORTIVE SEIENT LLIURE Release with the usual conditions Supportive release without compensation

28 Lines of the Campaign Specific Web Support News channel Supportive release space Communication Campaign Press conference Club Media Advertising in the Stadium: Scoreboard News and interviews

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