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Facing the NBA Audit By Dr. D.J. Doke. Welcome TO WORKSHOP ON NBA ACCREDITATION.

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1 Facing the NBA Audit By Dr. D.J. Doke


3 CONCEPT OF ACCREDITATION Accreditation is a Quality Monitoring and Assurance System 1986 – The Educational Policy proposed Council for Controlling Technical Education (AICTE) 1987 - AICTE Established as Statutory Body 1990 - Interpretation of Technical Education, Sample Survey, Norms and Standards, Partial list of Institutes 1992 - a) All existing institutes recognized, subject to following norms and standards of AICTE. b) Grouping of institutes and formation of Boards of Studies c) Norms and standards prepared 1994 - Institutes not following norms penalized by not giving new courses / reducing intake 1994 – Accreditation introduced as a concept to give credit for doing better than minimum norms 1994 - NBA was set up as autonomous body of AICTE (now it is a separate statutory body) 1996 – Accreditation process started, Criteria decided 1996 - Criteria and format for self assessment report (SAR) modified - 2009 number of times. Last modification in June 2009.

4 CRITERIA Prior to June 2009From June 2009 IOrganization & Governance80I Organization, Governance, Resources, Institutional support, Development & Planning 150 IIFinancial resources allocation & utilization 70 IIIPhysical resources (Central facilities)50 IVHuman resources (Staff) a)Faculty – 160 b)Staff – 40 200IVFaculty Contributions150 VHuman resources (students)100IIIStudents Entry and Output150 VITeaching-Learning Process Syllabus – 100 Calendar / exam – 50 Equipment, Comp, Library, internet - 100 Consumable - 100 350IIEvaluation & Teaching/ Learning175 VIISupplementary Processes, Extra /Co- curricular, alumni, Prof. assoc, TPO 50VFacilities & Technical support75 Total900Total700 VIII Research, Development & Interaction100VI – Continuous Improvement -75 VII – Curriculum – 125 VIII – Program Objectives, Compliance, Output - 100 300

5 PREPARATION FOR NBA AUDIT Preparation phase starts right from the time we prepared Self Assessment Report (SAR) Preparation for NBA Audit Self Assessment Report & Earlier Reports Deficiencies noted Corrective Action Action Plan Monitoring Check Not Complete Audit Intimation Completed

6 Action Before Visit I)Rectify Deficiencies noted during SAR and earlier inspections i) Infrastructure ii) Equipment iii) Services (Power, Water, Sanitation, Watch & Ward, Scavenging, etc) iv) Faculty v) Staff vi) Library vii) Feedbacks viii) Training to faculty & staff ix) Maintenance of building, coloring, gardening, fire fighting equipment, lifts, electrical installations, gas services, grounds etc. X) Information communication: mission, objectives, service rules, website update, display boards etc.

7 Action Before Visit 2) Prepare updated data as per Part I and Part II for the current year 2010-11 and earlier if more time elapsed (supplementary report) 3)Communicate and update management / faculty / staff / students about visit and programme schedule. 4)Assign documentation work to faculty / staff 5)Decide route for the visit for central facility (decide escorts for individual experts) 6)Decide route for departmental visits. 7)Arrange for video recording with multiple operators 8)Identify meeting venue and office place for committee members 9)Arrange for meetings of students, staff, faculty (Identify students and staff to prepare presentations) 10) Arrange for meetings of employers, parents, alumni ( identify, brief them, use personal contacts, target number 100)

8 Action Before Visit 11.A day before visit, check for cleanliness, parking arrangement etc 12.Prepare Principals presentation – rehearse (Most important,1 hour, first Presentation) 13.Prepare departmental presentations – rehearse 14.Keep documents / records ready and sequentially arranged, as listed in next slide.

9 List Of Documents / Records During NBA Visit





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