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Company Financials: Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM) Mergent Online 1.

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1 Company Financials: Boston Beer (NYSE: SAM) Mergent Online 1

2 Management Librarian in Troy Colette Holmes Email: Voice Mail: 518-276-8331 Folsom Library, 3 rd floor North (341A) Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM Appointments Recommended 2

3 Passwords & Tech Help – Your RCS Userid and Password – One sign on for most library services – Available from VCC Help Desk – Contact consult& Sample Logon Window for Off-Campus Access 3

4 Ticker Symbols Identify publicly traded shares for – Specific Stock – Specific Market Example: Boston Beer Ticker: SAM Exchange: NYSE 4

5 Ticker Symbol Look Up Google Ticker Look Up sites – Quicken ticker look up – Yahoo ticker look up Google Companys Web Site Ticker Symbol article in WikipediaTicker Symbol 5

6 Public Companies Example – Boston Beer Ticker Symbol - sam Sells stock Traded on stock exchange(s) - NYSE Must report to SEC Information is public record 6

7 Private Companies Example – Dunkin Donuts Privately owned Do not sell stock to public Do not file with government Very difficult to research 7

8 SEC Filings SEC = Securities and Exchange CommissionSecurities and Exchange Commission US Government Agency Public companies must file with SEC: – Disclose financial and other types of information – Wealth of information in public domain – Added value to commercial databases such as Mergent Online 8

9 SIC & NAICS Codes Numeric Codes Assigned to: – Companies (Both Public & Private) – Industries Example: – Boston Beer & Brewery Industry NAICS 312120 (Breweries) SIC 2082 (Malt Beverages) Codes are U.S. Based 9

10 SIC & NAICS Searches Helps collect and classify data Searches by industry or company: – In Company Databases Example: Mergent Online – In Government Sources Economic Census (Industries Only) SIC/NAICS vary across information sources 10

11 articles-journals tab 11

12 Alphabetized Database List Click M for Mergent 12

13 Mergent Entry in Databases List 13 red r means licensed

14 Basic Search Page 14 Searches Symbol or Company Name Searches Industry Code Target Audience

15 Basic Search for Ticker, SAM 15 Target Universe Drop Down List Search Results Enter Ticker Symbol, SAM.

16 Brief Search Result Display 16 Boston Beer Entry at Top. Click on it.

17 Boston Beer (NYS: SAM) Entry 17 Company Details Entry Navigation Tabs

18 Company Details – Default Tab 18

19 Navigation Search Tabs Navigation Tabs Are – Company Details – Executives – Company Financials – Equity Pricing – Reports – Filings – News – Competitors – Report Builder We Will Focus On – Company Financials – Competitors – Report Builder 19

20 Company Navigation Tabs 20

21 Company Financials 21 Company Financials Tab Pull Down for Financials

22 Customized Output - Basics 22 Excel Downloads – From Search Results Page Company Analysis List - Up to 500 – Build as You Go My Mergent Tools – Company Analysis List - Up to 500 companies – Executive List

23 Customized Output - Basics 23 My Mergent Tools Excel Download Company Analysis List

24 More about Customized Reports Report Builder Tab – Custom Reports One or More companies – Report Wizard Predefined Reports – Comparison Reports for Peer Groups SIC, NAICS, or MIC – Industry Codes 24

25 Report Builder Tab 25 Report Builder Tab

26 Mergents Calculated Ratios Ratios Link 26

27 Mergents Ratio Categories Profitability Liquidity Asset Management Per Share May Also See in Other Company Info Sources Other Categories such as Coverage, Operating, … 27

28 Ratios Categorized Example Profitability Ratios 28

29 Mergents Competitors Tab 29 Create Competitor Report

30 Same Primary NAICS Another Route to Competitors 30

31 Primary NAICS Is 312120 31

32 Primary NAICS Search – US Companies 32 US Companies Primary NAICS 312120

33 NAICS Search Results 33 NAICS Competitors Search 111 Companies; 13 Public

34 Financial Ratios Library Pathfinder Ratio Books in Print in Folsom Library RMA Annual Statement Studies Folsom Library, Circulation Desk, 3 Most Current Years Call Number : Ref HF5681.B2 R6x 34

35 NAICS Ratios from RMA See RMA Statement Studies in Print at Folsom See RMA Annual Statement Studies Folsom Library, Circulation Desk, 3 Most Current Years Call Number : Ref HF5681.B2 R6x Example: NAICS 11140 Wheat Framing Sample Financial RatiosSample Financial Ratios from RMA Statement Study Financial Ratio Benchmarks Introduction – Good overview of ratios 35

36 Company Databases Mergent Online LexisNexis Academic Net Advantage Business Source Premier Business & Company Resource Center 36

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