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Newtons Schema for a Master Address List Douglas Greenfield City of Newton, Massachusetts.

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1 Newtons Schema for a Master Address List Douglas Greenfield City of Newton, Massachusetts

2 NameAliasDescriptionData Type SBL_IDSBL IDProperty IdentifierText Build_IDStatewide Building IDBuilding Identifier for Statewide Parcel StandardText Loc_IDLocation CoordinatesUnique Location Identifier for Statewide Parcel StandardText NumNumberAddress NumberLong Integer Num_SfxNumber Suffix Text Pfx_DirPrefix DirectionDirectional PrefixText Street Street NameText St_SfxStreet Type Text Sfx_DirSuffix DirectionDirectional SuffixText Unit Unit NumberText CityVillagePostal Place DesignationText ZipZip Code Text Source Address Source or TypeText ***** coded values ***** Alt SpellingAlternate spelling of street name AssessingAssessors database (excluding parcel addresses) CommercialCommercial properties from Assessors database HistoricHistoric or retired address-from Engineer's list CensusCensus lists from city or US Census EngineeringEngineer's official address list MistakeCommonly mistaken or misspelled street name OtherOther databases or lists including schools ParcelsParcel Database RangeNumber within an address range-may not be official HansenDPW Hansen Database Addr_QualAddress Quality Text ***** coded values ***** AAccurate - Address at correct building GGood - Address at correct parcel BBad – Incorrect address that is regularly used HHistoric - retired address QQuestionable address - usually from another database IInactive-address may be used in the future UApartment Unit OOut of Town-Address in Neighboring Community SStation Point

3 Versions of the database 1. Geodatabase – Full address list – use for validating addresses and for general desktop GIS purposes 2. Geocoding file – Do not include apartments, they will result in tied candidates – Shapefile format to support legacy applications 3. Address locator for web applications – Use only valid addresses 4. Notification Table – Minimize undeliverable addresses

4 Geocoding ** Good Accurate Questionable Historic Bad Inactive Vacant Station Point Out of Town Notifications Good Accurate Apartments Shape File where = Addr_Qual <> Apartments Export File Geodatabase Export Table *Vacant includes Open Space addresses if they are ever assigned ** Use same file for general internal GIS use Locator for Web Apps Good Accurate Inactive Vacant

5 Address Update Model

6 In the future… – Hopefully this will become a recognized Master Address List – New addresses are entered as part of the address assignment process – Schools will use pick lists or drop downs to ensure that students use legal addresses – Public Works databases have these type of menus but their addresses do not always match the list - only official addresses will be allowed – This list will help integrate city departments to a common database

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