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1 Press the F5 key on your keyboard to begin this module.

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2 1 Press the F5 key on your keyboard to begin this module

3 How to Use Advance Eligibility List How to Use Advance Eligibility List 2

4 3 The PowerPoint training modules begin automatically when opened There is a narration, so turn on sound You can use the arrow keys to move forward or backward if too fast or slow If you move forward using the arrow key, you may miss some narrative About the training modules

5 4 Assumptions What is the Eligibility List? Generating the list Creating packets from the list Things to consider In this module…

6 5 You understand the Appointment and Advancement business process You have completed the following modules and have a basic understanding of the Advance system: –The Overview module –The APA Module Assumptions

7 6 A list of academic employees who are eligible for Merit or Promotion The list will also include those Senate Series Assistant rank faculty who are eligible for an Appraisal The list does NOT include: –Faculty requiring a five year review –Accelerations –Other actions (Appointments, etc.) What is the Eligibility List?

8 7 From the overview page, click the Search hyperlink in the upper right. Generating the list

9 8 7/1/2011 6/30/2012 From the Search page, enter criteria such as Effective Dates, to generate your list. Other criteria may include Series, Rank, School, & Department.

10 Generating the list The Search Results page displays the eligibility list youve created. It will include all academics within your dept code access permissions.

11 Generating the list Create packets by clicking on the Action hyperlink. Find candidate who require a five year review by accessing that report.

12 11 Click the Action hyperlink to go to that candidates Packet page Define the packet – be sure to include a step, if appropriate Generate the Summary to ensure that the data appears as you expect –Action, Series, Rank, Step –On-time or Accelerated/Decelerated –Years at Rank and Step (profile page) Creating packets from the list

13 12 To create a packet for an accelerated action: –Candidate Mgmt page search –Select Accel/Decel value A1 = Accelerate 1 yr A2 = Accelerated 2 yrs Etc. –Select a Justification for the acceleration Accelerations

14 13 Advance can only calculate actions that: –Meet policy criteria (number of years between steps, ranks) –Have a prior action in Advance –Have a recognizable academic title Advance cannot calculate when: –There is no prior action in Advance –An action is currently in process Things to consider

15 14 After creating a packet, the person will no longer appear on the list Your list of eligible candidates will include Joint Appointees – do NOT create packets for these people Things to consider

16 15 Congratulations! You have completed the Eligibility List module and should know how to: –Generate an Eligibility List –Understand that the list shrinks as you create packets for the candidates –Understand how to define a packet for an acceleration Send questions or comments to The Eligibility List module…

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