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The First Few Pages By: Jeton Mehmeti Joshi Dibyadhar 07.06.20141.

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2 The First Few Pages By: Jeton Mehmeti Joshi Dibyadhar

3 Introduction Title Abstract List of contents Introduction

4 Title Page Where is this made? Master Thesis University of Oslo Department of Informatics Spring 2009 Reading Castaneda: A Prologue to the Social Sciences Jeton Mehmeti Joshi Dibyadhar What is it? What is it about? Who made it? When was it delivered?

5 Abstract Covers the following: Your research problem Why that problem is important and worth studying Your data and methods Your main findings

6 Abstract Should never start with this research or report…. rather summarise the content. Should be limited to around 100 words

7 List of contents Your list of contents should allow readers to find their way easily between different parts of the dissertation. To demonstrate that you are a logical thinker, able to write with clear organization. To allow readers to see the content of dissertation at once. Use of double numbering system. e.g.. – 2 Review of the literature – 2.1 The background studies – 2.2 The core readings

8 The introduction Murcoot (1997:1) says that the point of an introduction is to answer the question: – what is the thesis about? She advise to explain: – Why you have chosen this topic? – Why this topic interests you? – The kind of research approach you will utilize, – Your research questions/problems

9 Conclusion The impression you create at the start of your dissertation is very important. Your title, abstract, list of contents and introduction should be appropriate, informative and attention grabbing

10 Q & A Thank you for your attention!

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