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List Poems.

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1 List Poems

2 Cultural Appearances Grocery lists
Christmas lists (Santa’s “Naughty & Nice” list) Homework list (often written down in a student planner) Some song lyrics… David Letterman’s “Top 10” lists

3 Definition List Poem: A type of verse that uses repetition and variation in the creation of a list or inventory of things, objects, desires, plans or memories. List poems often feature surprises or revelations (an idea revealed to the subject for the first time) at the end of them.

4 Appearances Lists of family lineage of the Bible
Lists of Trojan War heroes in Homer’s The Iliad Over 250 years ago, Christopher Smart wrote a list poem about what his cat Jeoffry did each morning

5 “When I Count to Three” by Lauri Bohanan
the toys better be picked up. the quarter will disappear from my fist. your butt better be in the car. I'll have calmed down. the swats will end. the world will explode. the pain will be gone.

6 “Driving at Dawn” by Van K. Brock
A dead rabbit by the roadside, Sunlight turning his ears to rose petals. A new electric fence, Its five barbed wires tight As a steel-stringed banjo. The feet of a fat dove On a high black line Throbbing to the hum Of a thousand waterfalls. A flock of egrets in a field of cows. Three Great Blue Herons like hunchbacked pelicans in a watering pond. The red leaves of a bush Burning inside me. A swamp holding its breath.

7 “10 Things I Do Every Day” by Ted Berrigan
wake up smoke pot see the cat love my wife think of Frank eat lunch make noises sing songs go out dig the streets go home for dinner read the Post make pee-pee two kids grin read books see my friends get pissed-off have a Pepsi disappear

8 “Home Is Where” Home is the place where you drop your backpack
and your stories and your dirty clothes and your troubles and your used towels and just be yourself (But my mom always makes you put away The backpack, clothes, and towels. At least my mom does.)

9 Jim Carroll – “People Who Died”
Teddy sniffing glue, he was 12 years old Fell from the roof on East Two-nine Cathy was 11 when she pulled the plug On 26 reds and a bottle of wine Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old He looked like 65 when he died He was a friend of mine Those are people who died, died They were all my friends, and they died

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