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Specialized Information Management Services © 2011 – Prax|Sage Inc.

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1 Specialized Information Management Services © 2011 – Prax|Sage Inc.

2 The Need Transforming Vision into Reality Vision.Risk+Strategy.Assets+Capabilities.Product/Service.Value Going from abstract to specific Largely a function of environment – Product/Service, Market & Industry IT evolution driving obsolescence Strategies and frameworks from traditional product engineering dominant industries worked well for the rigid IT of the 20 th century Org Layers Executive Middle Lower Requirements Ambiguity Certainty Functional Specialization © 2011

3 Putting Function Over Form Increased Role Risk => missed opportunities for developing organizational assets + capabilities. People Assets Critical Comprehensive skill set to ensure certainty despite ambiguity The Opportunity Cross-functional Synergies Competitive necessity for 21 st century IT dominant product/service companies Functional Communication Org Layers Executive Middle Lower Synergistic Collaboration Functional Compartmentalization © 2011

4 ADAPT + Role Risk Diversification Delivery + Value Proposition with team success, collaboration and mentorship at its core enabling intended transition while ensuring business process continuity The Business Model Ideal Client Contexts Non-traditional role requirement / Indicators of strategic and tactical missteps / Growth Opportunities 1 Role : 1 Team (of 2 or more) Intrinsic Risk Management Introduce Synergistic Collaboration Skill Diversification Advantages 1 Role : 1 Person © 2011

5 Our Services Cohesive Information Management Strategy Comprehensive synergistic collaboration around IT based core product/service value proposition © 2011 Vision Risks Capabilities Value Strategic Planning Service, Product & Technology Commercialization Risk Management Process, Product/Service & Technology Technology Management Capability Maturity

6 Summary Prax|Sage Engagements Not turnkey but instead requiring a strategic commitment – a partnership for change Specialized Information Management Services ADAPT + Role Risk Diversification make intended change seamless from within Each success improves viability of a cohesive information management strategy © 2011 Synergistic Collaboration

7 Questions? … enabling synergistic collaboration, driving change. © 2011 – Prax|Sage Inc.

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