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Tales from the hinterland How to read the Sunday Times Rich List (How Dr Philip Beresford estimates wealth)

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1 Tales from the hinterland How to read the Sunday Times Rich List (How Dr Philip Beresford estimates wealth)

2 Reading the Sunday Times Rich List The clue is in Philip Beresfords title – Dr. The standard of almost all of the entries is doctoral. The entries are based on primary documents, not cut and paste or sources. The primary documents that the list is based on come from Companies House. Philip uses a standard formula to calculate wealth. The same one the Revenue use for probate. The bias, if any, is conservative. The ST Rich list is not speculative and is important social history. Read the rules of engagement carefully

3 The sources you have to have 1. The ST Rich list and back issues. The new on line database only has 2,000 names and addresses 2. The A&C Black ST Rich list book 2006/2007 This has 5,000 names and addresses. 3. Debretts Peerage and Baronage Go to the relatives, the collaterals. (40,000) 4. The City Livery Companies Guide (27,000) 5. For the Landed. Who Owns Britain (2,000) 6. Hemscott and the Bureau van Dijk databases

4 Networks of the Rich in the UK 1. Royal. Special case valuation 2. Aristocratic and House of Lords 3. City of London excluding Livery companies 4. Liverymen of the City of London 5. Ethnic rich. Asian, Irish, Scots 6. Etonian rich cross with 1 and 2 7. County wealth. Landed and connected to 2 8. Theatre and Cinema

5 Getting the Rich to work for you 1. Royals on your boards (Charities) 1. Peers on your boards (Charities) 2. MPs on your boards (Charities) 3. Celebs on your boards 4. Great entrepreneurs on your boards

6 Back to estimating wealth 1. Know how to use a price earnings ratio to value shareholders. (How the ST does it. See rules of Engagement) 2. Landed wealth. The landed own 69% of the UK. There are only 158,000 farm in freehold. The average value is over £1m. The value, capital as well as rental, is obtained from the Valuation Office Report published by the Revenue twice a year. The sums paid in land subsidy are now publicly available and also identify land holders. The landed wealth have been the backbone of rural Britain and its charities for centuries. They have been giving for centuries. They are used to it. 3. Religious and related charitable organisation i.e. The Freemasons Knights of Malta

7 Approaching the Rich 1. The best way to get donations is by knowing people personally. 2. Get into the networks and when you do, signal who you are, if you can 3. Ties and cufflinks for the boys 4. Cards for the girls.

8 Landed wealth 1. Landed wealth is calculable Valuation Office Report 2. Who Owns Britain has basic names 3. Who Owns the World has international landed wealth 4. List of agricultural subsidies 5. Provincial newspapers 6. Forthcoming books of the rural landed 7. Debretts (Red) is a basic guide

9 Summary There is far more specific data on the rich available in the UK than in the USA. Most valuable source is private companies in Companies House. Most valuable part of the data in Companies House are the names and addresses of shareholders After Companies House most valuable source is ST Rich List, especially A&C Black Book of the ST Rich List. (Must have.)

10 Accessing the Rich Networks in the UK The RSA 1.Use the Royals, Peers and MPs on your boards to arrange events at Palace, HoL and Commons. To get auction gifts. 2.If you want to access the networks yourself consider the RSA. 3.The RSA was set up in the 1750s partly to give recognition to those who had done something in the community but who might not have an academic qualification. You dont need to be a graduate to be a Fellow. 4.It is a Royal Society. Once elected you can use the letters FRSA after your name. There are 27,000 Fellows worldwide. Many of the ST Rich list are in the RSA. It operates as a Fellowship 5.But if you join, remember, you will get nothing out of the RSA if you put nothing in. 6.If anyone wants to join, please get in contact with me at

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