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GreetingsOf Splendid day Thank you so much for taking your kind interest reviewing our short and exclusive presentation which is designed to meet your.

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1 GreetingsOf Splendid day Thank you so much for taking your kind interest reviewing our short and exclusive presentation which is designed to meet your demands & requirements. We at Meals On Wheels assure & commit your organization for providing best of the best services with 0% interruption & 100% quality control.

2 Our Key Strength Executive / Corporate Menu View Exec. Breakfast Menu View Birthday Bash Party Menu View Corporate Lunch / Regular Meal Menu View MOW Party Menu Labor Camp / Ground Staff Menu Labor Camp / Ground Staff Menu View Camp Menu View Staff Menu View Workers Menu

3 Meals On Wheels Catering Services Meals On Wheels Catering Services is where quality & innovation, taste & excellent service goes hand in hand to achieve our ultimate goal which is total customer satisfaction (TCS). Meals On Wheels Catering Services, At Meals On Wheels Catering Services, we draw emphasis on quality meets innovation. Our pioneering cuisine, exceptional service and creative presentation will ensure you memorable experience that will exceed your fondest expectations. Through commitment and constant innovation in the broad range of services that we offer to reputable and successful businesses in the U.A.E., we can proudly say that we are not far from achieving our ultimate goal and earning our place on the top of the ladder in the UAE market. ABOUT US

4 OUR MISSION To provide the highest food quality & the greatest atmosphere with a resilient emphasis on customer service to make any catering event a truly wonderful and most memorable. OUR VALUES » Attract and maintain customers » Build long term sustainable business relationships » Create a safe and healthy work environment for our employees » Have a never ending commitment to innovation » Gain clients and suppliers respect and trust » Offer an exceptionally unique customer service

5 » Educational Institutes Catering » Oil & Gas Facilities » Labor Camp Facility Management » Private Events Catering » Corporate Services Catering » Industrial Catering » Turnkey Services & Consultancy Catering Services MAIN SERVICES Meals On Wheels

6 As employers of a large workforce, we understand our clients duty of care to their people. Tastes and preferences have never been the same; this is why we have created a dynamic range of food to meet different choices. This translates into an absolute commitment to quality, taste, choice and service delivery. We provide our clients several advantages just tailored to their needs, such as: » A value for money at competitive prices » An individual client focus and communication » Frequent site supervision by our highly qualified and experienced team » Professional, competent and friendly staff who will guide you and support you with all needs »The best product quality, freshness, meal variations and healthy dietary operations. From day till dawn, we ensure you a safe and comfortable environment where all your catering needs are truthfully taken care of. INDUSTRIALCATERING

7 CORPORATE SERVICES CATERING Making the right impression is everything in business. We can help you make the best impression possible. We offer a variety of delectable, creative and appropriate menu selections to amaze even the most discerning business associates. We pride ourselves on making all dishes from scratch, using the freshest top-shelf ingredients. We also offer a wide variety of ethnic menus and flavors to please any palate. Besides providing the highest-quality of food and superb service, we are in the business of making your day a bit simpler. With years of experience working with several corporate clients, we understand what you require in a catered event and we deliver it. Our services range from box-lunch drop-off to full- service catering Meals On Wheels Catering Services is more than a business...We are a family. We are dedicated to grant you a personal touch that gives you a superb feeling. Knowing our clients, working within budgetary guidelines and understanding the total scope of each event allow us the opportunity to produce corporate parties and special events that exceed expectations.

8 We as a specialist in the private catering field know not just how to prepare food but also how to make it attractive. We provide you a full-service and take charge of not only food preparation but also of decorations, such as table settings or lighting. Our aim is to create the WOW factor, through sensational food, immaculate presentation and warm service, efficiently and lively. With the correct atmosphere, our professional event caterers experience can ensure satisfaction of all the senses and make any event an outstanding and an unforgettable one. PRIVATE CATERING

9 Meals On Wheels Catering Services has been the leader in providing quality cost-effective food service programs to all educational needs. Our customers enjoy a variety without neglecting their favorites. We have developed offerings which combine diverse, most balanced and yummiest of meals to keep all age groups and institutes 'members constantly satisfied. Our items are all purchased from recognized, industry leading suppliers, in order to ensure the maximum level of product quality, consistency and especially safety. Earning a top quality education doesnt occur all alone. It should be supported by the finest surrounding. Students should Continually feel honored, respected, happy and satisfied. We can assure their wants and needs are all well individually taken care of. EDUCATIONALINSTITUTESCATERING

10 LABOR CAMP FACILITY MANAGEMENT Meals On Wheels is the answer to any labor camp management. Due to our years of experience and well trained staff, we know how to manage a camp effectively and efficiently. Dealing with thousands of workers cant be done by any catering company. It requires a full attention to each ones demand and an extreme effort in order to know what would please people from different cultures. Meals On Wheels Catering Services is here to reduce the work tension and make everyone meet his expectations. Our aim is to do the right thing by managing relationships with reverence and understanding. Excellence is one of our main principles, which stands on anticipating clients needs and delivering unsurpassed value-added services. Due to our several loyal and worldwide clients we have been able to prove and distinguish ourselves from competitors.

11 OIL & GAS FACILITIES Meals On Wheels Offshore Services is one of the best specialists in remote site catering. We intensely train and motivate our people in order to serve others. All resources and energy developments require an extremely professional team who can deal with obstacles at all stages. No matter what conditions we might face, we are sure that we will make a difference. Oil & Gas facilities are considered as one of the major exhausting jobs than any person can go through. Meals On Wheels Offshore Services exist and foresee each persons need. We help create the best working environment by providing the best nutritional diet using the utmost quality product and services. People working on these important projects deserve a safe and comfortable home away from home "atmosphere.

12 Few are the very well known companies expert in giving advises within a particular field and thats what Meals On Wheels Catering Services stands for. We always look at every single demand in the market and offer the best solutions. Its all about professional turnkey business services: » Consultancy »Turnkey jobs » Market research » Concepts theme creation » Interior design » Product branding » Human scouting and labor supply » Management solutions » Product and equipment supply » F&B and service technical training » Sourcing out franchises TURNKEY SERVICES & CONSULTANCY

13 Tel: (+971) 4 369 71 71 Fax: (+971) 4 360 71 70 OPS: (+971) 50 640 9335 (Hassan Harakeh – OPS) Sales (+971) 55 724 94 84 : (Sarhan Khan – Sales) P.O. Box 294595 Dubai, UAE CONTACT US:

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