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PT.PELAYARAN TEMPURAN MAS A Fully containerized shipping line,was incorporated as private limited company in year 1987 by two founders, the late Mr.Koentojo.

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2 PT.PELAYARAN TEMPURAN MAS A Fully containerized shipping line,was incorporated as private limited company in year 1987 by two founders, the late Mr.Koentojo and Mr. Harto Khusumo. Since then the company is traded and known as TEMASLINE. It become a public listed company in july The name TEMPURAN MAS carries a unique meaning. The company is formed and shared by compilation of hard working, diligent and multi cultural background of employees as a team to achieve a shared common goal. Initially, the company chartered in vessel to provide inter-island shipping services in Indonesia. With hard works and persistence from the owner and all employees, and supports from its customers, agents, and area representatives, TEMAS LINE has, in a span of twenty years, grown steadily to have fleet of 27 vessels and around containers, container handling equipments, container terminals and a wide network of branches and agents in major ports throughout Indonesia, including, a representatives in Singapore. Services which we provide : SHIPPING LINE AGENCY SHIP CHARTERING DEPOT HAULAGE WAREHOUSE LOGISTICS TERMINAL/STEVEDORING Our Services and networks put us in a competitive position as your shipping partner and gateway to the Indonesias access and connection. YOUR GATEWAY TO INDONESIAS ACCESS

3 Connection Build on the Indonesia archipelago, our prime service is the see transportation of contenarized cargo, with container vessels calling regularly between island port. The shipping service is planed and operated to satisfy of customers requirement. Our schedule frequency, network, reability, and experience contribute to the combined effect that put our customers a head of their competitors. TO BECOME LEADING CONTAINER SHIPPING LINE SERVING INDONESIAS REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TRADE GROWTH Q QUALITY S SAFETY S SATISFACTION To maintain a leading position within our served market in term of growth, quality of service, efficiency and innovation To constantly strive for excellence providing fast, punctual and reliable shipping service of high quality and value To develop and maintain capable, efficient and dedicated employees with operational quality, technology competence and sustained customers services. To forge close partnership with customers, suppliers, related institutions regulator, and government conduction business of shipping To create a rewarding working environment that emphasis on safety integrity, for high performance as on going practice in the entire company To achieve sustained growth of profit and return of investment to our shareholders through sound financial practice and operational discipline. W E G R O W T O G E T H E R W I T H Y O U OUR VISION : OUR MISSION :


5 KM. Umbul Mas 504 Teus KM. Kisik Mas 626 Teus KM. Curug Mas 352 Teus KM. Muara Mas 214 Teus KM. Bahar Mas 242 Teus KM. Ayer Mas 326 Teus KM. Kedung Mas 481 Teus KM. Samudera Mas 296 TeusKM. Segoro Mas 296 Teus KM. Guhi Mas 283 Teus KM. Sendang Mas 406 Teus THE FLEET OF TEMAS LINE KM. Lagoa Mas 500 Teus KM. Sungai Mas 500 Teus KM. Estuari Mas 537 Teus KM. Kawa Mas 1002 Teus KM. Kuala Mas 538 Teus

6 KM. Mare Mas 537 TeusKM. Kali Mas 537 Teus KM. Jales Mas 537 TeusKM. Lagun Mas 283 Teus THE FLEET OF TEMAS LINE

7 OUR FLEET OF VESSELS As a growing shipping line, TEMAS LINE continually invest in vessel, new technology, equipment, and more importantly people, to achieve international standard of shipping to serve our valued customers. In order to enhance the maritime security, our company has taken special measure to implement the new security requirements and procedures for the company and vessels to comply with international Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. These requirements and procedures from coordinated activities involve operation personnel on how to detect, deter, disrupt and respond in situation which pose a threat to Ships and Facilities.

8 Within the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, TEMAS LINE vessels utilities the berths N.[400m] with a maximum Draft Quay of 12m. This Container Terminal is operated and manage by PBM. Olah Jasa Andal. It is equipped with Container Cranes, Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes, Rubber-Tyred Gantry Crannes and other Container handling Equipments, and bacckey by Container Yard and Backup Depot of m2 with total stacking capacity of TEUs.The full-fledge service network and facilities offer excellence shipping services and total logistics support fro cargo movement. Customers can count on our well-coordinated, highly responsive and well-organized network for their competitive shipping needs.

9 OUR FLEET OF VESSELS Our ISM-certified container vessels ensure safety, efficient and pollution free operations in accordance with International rules and standard practices demonstrating our capability as a credible container shipping line With a fleet of 27 vessels, and container supply numbering TEUs, TEMAS LINE has manages to satisfy our customers need Of a quality and reliable sea transportation throughout Indonesian port.

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