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Located in South Carolina Equipped to Provide EAP Services Nationally 1-800-968-8143.

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1 Located in South Carolina Equipped to Provide EAP Services Nationally 1-800-968-8143

2 We Help People Be Better at Work Be better.

3 Being Better at Work An EAP is a worksite-focused program to assist in the identification and resolution of employee concerns, which may affect performance. Such employee concerns typically include, but are not limited to: Personal Matters - Health, relationship, family, financial, emotional, legal, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, etc. Work Matters - Work demands, work performance, fairness at work, working relationships, harassment and bullying, personal and interpersonal skills, work/life balance, stress and other related issues. Employee Assistance

4 We are all human. We all have stressors. Being better at work starts with resolving these issues. If problems go unresolved any number of workplace complications could occur. Being Better at Work Think About It -Behavioral concerns impact productivity Unresolved Problems Create Conflict, stress, unnecessary healthcare use, poor choices, increase in liability concerns, loss of focus, increase in safety concerns, workplace bullying or violence, leadership burnout, poor performance, turnover.

5 Being Better at Work A Decrease In Absenteeism Accidents Workers Compensation Unemployment Insurance Healthcare Costs An Increase In Employee Morale Job Performance Quality of Life Quality of Work Environment Our Customers See – A noticeable change in people Employees are an organizations most valuable investment. EAP services provide real protection and growth opportunities for that investment.

6 Being Better at Work Its in the way we partner with our customers. We impact at three levels within our customer organizations so that everyone can be better. Employees (and their families) -Crisis, counseling, work/life and wellness services, onsite orientation, newsletters and educational lunch and learns. Supervisors & Managers - Consultation regarding performance, risk & liability issues, onsite orientation, consultation and referral for manager recommended employees, managerial newsletters and a variety of training topics. Human Resources - Program promotion strategy and policy development including health and benefit fair presence, wellness program support, consultation regarding behavioral risk & liability issues, HR newsletters, HRCI accredited training programs, critical incident response and organizational assessment. How Do We Do It? - We partner at all entry points

7 Being Better at Work Its in the way we design our services. We know our customers want to be better. We make it safe and easy for individuals and the the organization to: Maximize Productivity - Confidential and barrier free access, managerial & HR support, team approach for performance improvement. Reduce Risk and Liability – Training & consultation on issues that involve behavioral risk – workers comp, substance abuse, fitness for duty, ADA, FMLA, etc., and how to use the EAP as a management tool to prevent risk. Reduce Healthcare Costs – Education and early intervention regarding costly behavioral health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. How Do We Do It? -We provide a safe spark for change

8 Being Better at Work Being better means staying current with workplace and economic trends so we can offer our customers relevant support. The recent recession brought: Personal Visits to Our Customers - To discuss needs and economic stresses. Free Manager Training – Dealing with the Economic Pressure Cooker. Free Live Performance Event - Reducing Risk and Liability. Additional Free Resources - Podcasts, Power Points and newsletters on financial topics. Free HR Advisory Conferences - (2) Managing the Recession Impact and Finding Success in the New Normal. Layoff Assistance Services - Consultation and onsite support. Termination Assistance Services - For difficult, risky or safety sensitive separations. How Do We Do It? - We capture meaningful trends

9 2010 Utilization 13% Impact Rate 7% Utilization Rate (Benchmark Rate was 5%) 7% Manager Utilization (Benchmark Rate was 5%) Top Problem Types Family/Marital Depression/Anxiety Financial Legal We follow the conservative guidelines set by our professional association EAPA when tracking utilization. We note trends and discuss them with you so you can make informed decisions when considering workplace interventions. Being Better at Work Its a Measurable Difference - We Will Track With You

10 First Sun EAP A paving contractor was considering terminating an employee who was responsible for payroll. She had been with the company for 20 years and her salary was $27,500 plus benefits. This employee exhibited a hostile attitude toward co-workers who she felt were not performing their jobs well. Three consecutive workers who were hired to assist her left employment. First Sun was contacted and the employee referred in order to address her performance issues. The employees job performance improved significantly. In addition, overall teamwork in the department improved. The employee was able to keep her job and the contractor saved a 20 year veteran employee. We Help People Be Better at Work – an example

11 First Sun EAP Costs both direct and indirect occur when an employee is terminated. Using an EAP to help save peoples jobs also yields ROI Employee salary $27,500 Annual cost of EAP $11,600 Savings from not having to hire and train each replacement (est.) $11,875 Value of retaining 20 years of expertise in running payroll (est.) $10,000 Estimated 20% improvement in overall office efficiency (est.) $20,000 Total Savings $41,875 Return on Investment from this single employee intervention: $3.61-1 Being Better at Work - Saves jobs and money

12 A public utility company was experiencing high turnover and increasing absenteeism due to many employees who lacked basic life management skills such as how to use a checking account, how to get to work when the car wont start, appropriate use of sick leave, etc. First Sun provided an ongoing life management skills training program for these employees. Results: Annual cost of EAP: $ 3,810 Turnover was reduced by 2.5% Absenteeism was reduced by 2.5% Estimate savings total $3,000 per month for the past nine months: $27,000 Return on Investment from this training intervention: $7.08 -1 First Sun EAP We Help People Be Better At Work –In surprising ways

13 First Sun EAP Some things are hard to measure because they dont happen. For example, it is difficult to measure when: legal liabilities are averted, supervisors spend less time on performance problems, accidents are avoided, grievances are prevented or retention numbers inch up. EASNA reports that typical analyses produce an ROI of between $3 and $10 in return for every $1 invested in an EAP. Phillips, S. B. (2004). Client satisfaction with university employee assistance program. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health Hargrave, G. E., Hiatt, D., Alexander, R., & Shaffer, I. A. (2008). EAP treatment impact on presenteeism and absenteeism: Implications for return on investment. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health Hargrave, G. E., & Hiatt, D. (2005). The EAP treatment of depressed employees: Implications for return on investment. Journal of Employee Assistance and Workplace Behavioral Health Jorgensen, D. G. (2007). Demonstrating EAP value. Journal of Employee Assistance Being Better at Work – Behind the scenes

14 First Sun EAP When comparing our services on a spread sheet, it is difficult to capture who we are. We are passionate about our customers experience and success. Check Our References -We really are different SERVICE A personal touch in everything we do No cookie-cutter approaches Highly experienced and credentialed staff True integrity relationship Face-to-face account management OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Same day provider credentialing Network matched to behavioral health provider Case management that integrates with health/behavioral health Intake by employees rather than call center RESULTS High utilization rates High satisfaction

15 I want to thank you for the professional support our bank has received from your organization. I recently asked our employees for confidential feed-back from experiences they had had with First Sun and I received only complimentary comments. I must also express appreciation for the recent training you facilitated for us. Not only did I get good reports from the participants, but I very much liked your follow-through which allowed us to reward the employees for specific improvement. Patricia P. Darden Human Resources and Training Director Queensborough National Bank & Trust Co. First Sun EAP Our Customers Are Glad They Did

16 First Sun EAP We at BMW have been very pleased with First Sun EAP. Over the past year we have had several situations where we needed the support of the First Sun staff… We have been extremely impressed with both the responsiveness and the professionalism in which these issues were handled. Larry Staton Manager of Associate Relations BMW We Work Hard to Get to Know Our Customers

17 First Sun EAP We couldnt be happier with the EAP. Several of our employees have inquired about it and we have sent a few employees to First Sun for help with issues that were affecting their job performance. You have been so easy to work with and always helpful. I will be conducting a benefit refresher for our guys in the late spring and would love to be able to hand out brochures and newsletters to our guys. Elizabeth Napolitano, PHR Director, Administrative Services Bluffton Township Fire District So We Can Fulfill Their EAP Needs

18 First Sun EAP Masters and PhD Level Professionals Certified Employee Assistance Professionals Behavioral Risk Managers Registered Organizational Development Specialists Critical Incident – Stress Management Facilitators Master Certified Coaches Substance Abuse Professionals Certified Addiction Counselors We are Professional -With an array of expertise

19 First Sun EAP Chosen by BlueChoice and BlueCross as the EAP they sell Named Best in Class for Regional EAPs by National EAPA Excellence in Workplace Diversity Nominee (3 years) Presidents Award Winner (2 Winners) EAP Professional of the Year Recipient HR Professional of the Year Recipient We Strive to Be Better Too -an award winning staff

20 First Sun EAP Visit our Website There are Lots of Ways to Get to Know Us – just click

21 Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information. Maria Lund 800-968-8143 Or request an online quotation. Click below for a quick-response quote. First Sun EAP Call or Email - Wed like to get to know you too

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