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Marathon everRun FT & HA Technology Overview

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1 Marathon everRun FT & HA Technology Overview
José Juan Díaz Systems Engineer Div. Virtualización Albora Soluciones

2 Agenda Availability Definitions Marathon Technologies Overview
everRun FT & HA Architecture everRun VM Availability examples everRun VM

3 Availability Definitions

4 The Application Availability Spectrum
AL4: Continuous Availability - System Fault Tolerance No user interruption – % Availability – 5.25 minutes AL3: High Availability – Traditional Clustering User interruption – 99.99% minutes AL2: Recovery - Data Replication & Back Up User interruption – 99.9% hours AL4 AL3 AL2 AL1 AL0 AL1: Reliability – Hot swappable components All service stops – 99% hours AL0: Unprotected Servers All service stops Source: IDC 4

5 Typical use cases AL4 AL3 AL2 AL1 AL0
Building Security/Access Control, Process Control , CRM, Database, Financial Systems Critical File Servers, DNS, Webservers AL4 AL3 AL2 AL1 AL0 Non critical systems, test and development, network server applications 5

6 Marathon Technologies Company Overview

7 Marathon Technologies
Founded 1993 Worldwide headquarters in Littleton MA 15 years delivering proven availability solutions built on fault-tolerant capabilities 13 US Patents Award winning technology Over 2000 customers worldwide Over 300 partners worldwide

8 Marathon everRun Proven in over 2000 Mission Critical Environments
Financial Media Airlines/Airports Government Manufacturing $1 Billion Hedge Fund Logan Pharmaceutical Technology Telecom Resorts/Casinos Energy 8

9 Marathon Partnerships
100% channel model Over 300 Distributors, Integrators & VARs Microsoft High Potential ISV Program Citrix XenServer Technology Partner Preferred 3rd party HA vendor XenServer HA co-development & integration Server & Storage Hardware Manufacturers HP, IBM, Fujitsu, etc Qualified Hardware List for most popular H/W ISV Support in Gaming, Healthcare, Process Control, etc

10 Marathon & Citrix Strategic Partnership
Marathon named “Preferred High Availability Provider” XenServer 5.0 HA “Powered by Marathon” co-development Development agreement in place for tighter integration of products Unique selectable availability levels and fault-tolerant protection for virtual machines All everRun products Citrix Ready certified “Marathon has a superb plug-in complementary product for XenServer that delivers fault tolerant computing for the mass market” – Simon Crosby, CTO, Citrix Virtualization and Management Division 10

11 Comprehensive Solutions Automated Application Availability
Oracle Exchange SQL Protection for your Citrix XenServer environment Exchange Protection for stand alone Infrastructure applications SCADA Protection for mission critical applications Available, Affordable, Automated – Application Availability

12 Marathon EverRUN FT y HA
EverRUN FT: “Aplicaciones donde el cliente no puede tener perdida de servicio en entornos físicos. Requiere máquinas exactamente iguales. Máximo 1 CPU por máquina. EverRUN HA: “Alta Disponibilidad para aplicaciones en entorno físico”. Ventajas con respecto al Cluster MS: necesita 2003 Enterprise y Storage Compartido, con EverRun MS Estándar y Storage Local. 12

13 Comprehensive Solutions Automated Application Availability
How do everRun FT & HA work? Patented architecture creates a single virtual server with a fault-tolerant I/O subsystem using two mirrored physical servers ComputeThru® failures vs. traditional failover approaches Intelligent Policy Management – automated vs. scripted

14 everRun® VM Why respond to failure. PREVENT IT. José Juan Díaz
everRun® VM Why respond to failure? PREVENT IT. José Juan Díaz. Systems Engineer Div. Virtualización Albora Soluciones

15 everRun VM Unique Architecture – VM Fault-Tolerance in Software
Installs directly onto a pair of Citrix XenServer hosts Thin software layer between hypervisor and VM environment Auto-creates and maintains identical PVM on alternate host “Active” VM is paired with a “Ready” VM Assured recovery if Active VM host fails PVM’s I/O resources are transparently paired Aggregated across both XenServer hosts Fully redundant networking & storage “ComputeThru” device failures Availability Manager attaches to each PVM Mini Linux VM, manages I/O redirection Automated error detection, fault handling

16 Flexibility to “Dial-in” Availability by VM
Simple “click-through” operation to protect VM’s Future product releases will allow different protection levels for each VM Choose appropriate level of availability per application 16

17 Citrix XenServer and everRun VM
Level 3 - everRun VM System-Level FT (1H ’09) Level 2 - everRun VM Component-Level FT (Available now) Level 1 – Citrix XenServer 5.0 HA (everRun VM Basic Failover) Citrix XenServer Enterprise AL4 AL3 AL2 AL1 AL0 Here we build our way up the pyramid showing how Citrix and Marathon complement and add value to each other. Citrix XenServer Enterprise addressing the requirement for server consolidation of AL0 and AL1 applications Level 1 – XenServer HA address the availability requirements for AL2 applications as well as some AL1 applications Level 2 – everRun VM offers fully automated component level fault tolerance and automated fault management for AL3 applciations Level 3 – everRun VM Lockstep option offers full system level fault tolerance for niche applications that require no interruption, typically non infrastructure applications. 17

18 everRun VM - Key Benefits Summary
Available Zero downtime due to subsystem failures Patented “ComputeThru” technology ensures transparent fail-out of devices No complex failover management or testing No false failovers Mirrored storage for zero data loss Affordable Allows consolidation of multiple business-critical applications Priced for broad adoption No shared-disk subsystem or SAN required Automated Easy to install, operate and maintain “Point and click” operation Automated fault handling and policy management Active redundancy provides assured recovery on host failure No scripting or custom coding Protection for your Citrix XenServer environment SQL Exchange Oracle

19 Availability Examples

20 Noticias de este Enero 2009. Microsoft and Marathon Technologies Expand Relationship to Provide Fault Tolerant Computing to More Businesses MICROSOFT CHOSES MARATHON’S FAULT-TOLERANCE AND HIGH AVAILABILITY FOR WINDOWS 2008 AND HYPER-V

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