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31 Makashvili Str. , Tbilisi 0108, Georgia | Tel

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1 31 Makashvili Str. , Tbilisi 0108, Georgia | Tel
31 Makashvili Str., Tbilisi 0108, Georgia | Tel./Fax: ( ) / / | | Web-Site:

2 The International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd
The International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd. is an international service provider company which offers various services to foreign companies, international missions, NGOs, individual expatriates and others who need local expertise and connections in Georgia. The International Project Support Services offers assistance in establishing and supporting new businesses in Georgia. Don't get frustrated in not being able to accomplish in Georgia what you could in your own country. Seek efficient, professional and western oriented assistance from IPSS. We can provide you with qualified staff and contacts to help you acclimate to the life and culture in Georgia. IPSS helps to identify issues before they become problems as well as resolve conflicts. The International Project Support Services is always ready for help. The International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd. has the recourses, the people and can obtain equipment to complete your project on time and on budget. Our goals are to resolve issues that arise in providing solutions, a highly professional manner, through innovative thinking, experience, expertise and networking. The IPSS philosophy is to provide outstanding client service. IPSS provides a one-stop solution for business and personal needs while abroad. IPSS’ most important asset is the experience and business system utilized by the company to best serve its clients. The company’s strength is the diverse group of management consultants and its growing portfolio of integrated services. The essential mission of International Project Support Services is to provide the highest quality service by meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

3 S E R V I C E S Business Support: Real Estate,
Financial and Legal advice, HR and staffing, Staff recruitment, Logistic support, Provide transport and drivers, Reservations at hotels, restaurants, Arrange tours within Georgia & etc. Accommodation and Life Support: Accommodation review, Construction / Refurbishment to International Standard, Catering and food / Domestic equipment supply & etc. Construction, Engineering and Design Support: Design and research, Construction jobs, Construction material supply & etc. Project Support: Project Safety Consultancy Service, Project Health Care Consultancy Service, Project Environmental Consultancy Service, Project Medical Support, Project Evacuation Support, Project Catering & Hygiene Training Support. Telecommunications & computer service: 24/7 Technical support, Dial-Up service, Leased line service, Networking, Web-Design, Graphic Design. The International Project Support Services - IPSS Ltd guarantees confidential integrity, quality service, professional work and client satisfaction. Wherever you are, whether in the USA, Europe or Asia, we can provide the support you need from our office via , fax, telephone or courier to get a head start to your business needs. We pride ourselves not only on our start up support, but also in our professional follow up services. No project is too big or too small for us to handle. IPSS is committed to supplying the customer with the highest quality of service to unable our consumer to efficiently start and run a business.

4 IPSS - Your one-stop provider for Industrial, Construction and Home Supply
IPSS has an experienced team, ready to deal with all of your Procurement and Logistics needs. We offer a value added service to allow our clients to forget their supply woes and focus on their core business. IPSS provides quality products paired with unrivalled service at a cost that will please. From supplying Health and Safety equipment to arranging transportation of goods, we can enable you to achieve all of your corporate objectives. IPSS recognises the importance of partnership when doing business. We strive to achieve long-term partnerships, built on mutual trust, with our clients to provide lasting benefits for everyone. IPSS Procurement division supplies: Industrial Products Construction Supplies Safety and Janitorial Products Office, Laboratory and Home Furniture Homeland Security Products P R O C U R E M E N T

5 P A R T N E R Our sister company International Medical Support Services (IMSS) Ltd. Georgia has full service diagnostic and investigative capabilities provide access to a broad range of medical tests and examinations. We work in close partnership with the best clinics in Georgia as well as laboratories in Europe. Trained in the US & Europe, the highly skilled and dedicated medical staff provides the highest level of patient care including the following healthcare services: 24 Hour Emergency Medical Service General Practice Health Care - 24 hours / 7 days per week Local and International Medical Evacuation Service Full Medical Services In-Patient Care Basic and Advanced First Aid Training Programs Hygiene inspection and domestic help training Remote Site and Offshore Medical Support Topside Medical Support Consultancy Service Procurement and Equipment Supply Camp Facilities and Portable Clinics HSE & Safety Officers, Managers

6 Customized, personalized and integrated solutions for your business and individual financial needs in Georgia. At IPSS, the most important thing we can do today is sit down and talk. Talk about your past experiences, the current market, trends in your industry, your present and future goals, what is working well for you and what is not, your goals for this year and the future. We will expand upon that discussion and help you identify your options, weigh your choices, and put your decisions and planning into action. As accounting, tax and financial consultants, we know that talking and strategically planning with you is how we can best advise and serve you. Working with you as your key resource and advocate, we can help you respond to changing economic environments and adapt your plans and strategies to meet your changing needs and goals - from month to month and year to year. That's why we say the most important thing we can do today is sit down and talk. Today and regularly. Chances are you aren't running a business because you really wanted to recruit employees or manage personnel performance-but HR responsibilities come along with the job. And, no matter how large or small your company, it is essential to identify and manage your legal obligations and rights as an employer. IPSS HR Consulting Services range from the tactical day to day issues to strategic issues impacting the future of your organization. We help you protect your organization and your greatest assets, your people. We can be your dedicated HR Manager providing all the classic services supporting current practices such as legal compliance, recruitment & retention, benefits & compensation, employee relations & performance management as well as organizational development. We can create or further develop HR practices where none previously existed. Or, we can assist novice HR professionals by serving as a mentor and experienced HR advisor. Our experienced, HR professionals give you all the benefits of top-notch expertise with none of the drawbacks. No turnover, no payroll taxes, no benefits, no training requirements. With our team of Lease Administration and Project/Program Management operating groups and support staff, IPSS offers a comprehensive range of real estate services tailored to office and industrial users of space in Georgia. IPSS offers a broad range of information technology solutions that give your business a strategic advantage by enabling you to do more with information. From hardware and networking to business applications to Internet solutions and value-added maintenance services, IPSS will deliver a turnkey solution designed to allow your business to focus on improving productivity and profitability. At IPSS, we understand that every business is unique and tailor our solutions to address the individual needs of our clients. We offer clients a single resource of IT professionals dedicated to providing high quality service and committed to developing lasting customer relationships.

31 Makashvili Str., Tbilisi 0108, Georgia Tel.: ( ) / / Fax: ( ) / / / Web-Site:


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