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Self-Service…More than a Transaction Session #113 March 5: 10:30-11:30AM HEUG 2002 Conference - Las Vegas.

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1 Self-Service…More than a Transaction Session #113 March 5: 10:30-11:30AM HEUG 2002 Conference - Las Vegas

2 Session #-and Name2 Miriam Ward Director, HRMS/Payroll Office of Human Resources University of Minnesota

3 Session #-and Name3 Implemented PeopleSoft HRMS as part of the Universitys enterprise project using PeopleSofts combined product for student and HR. HRMS modules implemented include Campus Community, HR, Payroll, Base Benefits, FSA, Recruit Workforce and Training Administration. An upgrade from 7.6 to 8.0 is planned for implementation Feb 2003. Background

4 Session #-and Name4 Synopsis zIn this case study, attendees will learn how the University of Minnesota defined a comprehensive vision for HR self-service including strategies for implementation and deployment. z Self-service can be much more than web based PeopleSoft transactions. The session will cover why and how U of MN developed content management tools and integrated knowledge management with PeopleSoft transactions to successfully implement and deploy HR self-service to faculty and staff on all campus. zThe presentation will include a "look back" at lessons learned and a "look ahead" to future plans

5 Session #-and Name5 University of Minnesota zLand grant institution founded in 1851 z32,000 employees z60,000 students on 4+ campuses zTotal revenue & expenses about $1.75 billion zSponsored projects provide 1/3 of total revenue

6 Session #-and Name6 HR Self-Service…WHY? zImprove service for faculty and staff zLimited resources available to provide personal contact zReduce administrative cost

7 Session #-and Name7 Improve Service …HOW? zSingle Web Site zTransactions & Information zTimeliness/Accuracy zConvenience ( 24X7 ) zLinked to Related Sites zManage Personal Data

8 Session #-and Name8 Manage Xpectations zGeneration X EXPECTS self-service zGeneration Y ASSUMES self-service zFuture generations will BELIEVE self- service always existed

9 Session #-and Name9 Creating the Vision zWe used a Team of HR Subject Experts zWhat do faculty and staff … yWant to know? yNeed to know? zWhen will they ask? yLife event triggers.

10 Session #-and Name10 Ready to Build zBluePrint zKnowledge/Content Management Tool zPortal/Channel/Application Development zApplication Service Providers (ASP) zSecurity/Authentication

11 Session #-and Name11 Why a BluePrint? zClarity on what will be built zDisplays relationships of data and transactions zHelps with prioritization zAccounts for everything zDocuments final objective

12 Session #-and Name12 Knowledge Management Tool zWhat is it? zWhy use one? zBuy or Build? zU of MN solution… built GrassRoots

13 Session #-and Name13 Portals and Channels zAre they essential? yNice, but not necessary zU of MN Portal: MyOneStop zHR Channels versus Thin Client

14 Session #-and Name14 Mix in ASP zApplication Service Providers zIf it makes sense, do it! zCurrent ASP Use: y JAT for W-2s yPayCheck City for modeling zExtra Security considerations

15 Session #-and Name15 Access & Authentication zFor personalized view and transactions zU of MN uses x.500 to authenticate zWrites as one Oper ID in PS

16 Session #-and Name16 HRSS Home Page

17 Session #-and Name17 My OneStop, HR Tab & Broadcaster

18 Session #-and Name18 HRSS Channels in Production zVacation/Sick Leave zFlexible Spending Accounts zFaculty Retirement Plan and MSRS z403B Savings zPaycheck Channel (W-4, W-2 and PayCheck City) zTransaction Channel (Training and Personal View/Update)

19 Session #-and Name19 Build it…they will come! zActually it is NOT that easy. zStrategies for introducing Self-service. zCommunication Plan zStatistics to Track Use

20 Session #-and Name20 HRSS Use Increases Daily

21 Session #-and Name21 Coming Soon to a Channel Near You... zPay Stub Online zSelf-Reported Training zEmergency Contacts zOther Benefits Applications

22 Session #-and Name22 zLessons Learned zLooking Ahead yPeopleSoft 8.0 yLife Events yApplicant Self-service yManager Self-service

23 Session #-and Name23 Conclusion University of Minnesota, like many others, recognizes the value of providing employee self-service. We combined content and transactions to provide our faculty and staff with a 360 degree product. Phased implementation continues. A demo of HRSS will follow the presentation. For follow up contact: Miriam Ward Director HRM/Payroll University of Minnesota e-mail: Phone: 612-624-1370

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