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Reserve OER / Selection PSC-rpm-1

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1 Reserve OER / Selection PSC-rpm-1
AY11 Roadshow Brief Good morning/afternoon. Thank you for joining us today. I am ________________, from the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center, and I am the host of today’s presentation. Currently, I serve as __________________ in the Reserve Status Branch of the Reserve Personnel Management Division. As your host/hostess, I plan to take about 45 minutes to interact with you through a formal presentation on the world of work within Reserve Personnel Management division related to the Assignments Process. Please feel free to ask questions at any time during the presentation; however, I’d like to allow about 45 minutes at the end for final Q&A. This presentation is intended to provide an overview of the OER & Selection Board process and the AY11 season. If you have specific questions about your personal OER or Selection Board please contact rpm-1 to address them. There simply is not enough time to address everyone’s individual circumstances and concerns. 1

2 Overview OER Basics OER Overview Selection Boards
Reserve Program Management Q & A

3 RPM-1 Reserve Officers LCDR Scott Toves RPM-1
Andrew Younkle Officer Status LT Component Changes Waivers Dana Pieper Assist Status OES Manager LTJG Endorsed Comms OERs Promotion Boards Todd Remusat Coordinator Boards Thompson-Yancey CWO Assignments Panel Coordinator CWO War/Staff, etc. Panels Register of Officers Ms. Rose Lord OPAL

Submission Schedule Biennial- even numbered yrs Above or in zone cannot be late Period of Report From the date of your last OER Reviewer Signature block cannot be prior to end of report period Primary Duty block – must match RPAL in DA Attachments - need to be submitted w/ OER If I only had a dime for every time a member tried to tell me they didn’t need to have an OER – CHAP 10.A.3.a - MUST HAVE an OER (even numbered yrs and above & in zone) Also a few key errors that can delay your OER Validation Period of Report – start from the last date of your OER not when you transferred

COMPLETED BY ROO USE CORRECT DATES COMPLETED BY SUPERVISOR Should Include: Scope of Duty, Resources Responsible for, Money Managed, People Supervised and Collateral Duties (Reservist Should Include Reserve Participation in the Following Format:) IDT Scheduled/Attended: 48/48; ADT: 13 Days; ADOS: 5 Days Ensure proper version of the OER Make sure you sign your OER electronic or hand written Primary Duty – completed by Supervisor Don’t forget your IDT Scheduled / Attended format line – it’s required!

6 Section 2 Primary Duty: Must match RPAL in Direct Access
Responsible for execution of CG Maritime Safety, LE, ATON, Environmental Protection & Nat’l Security for 2 State AOR includes international border w/ Mexico. Directs, ensures safe ops & provides cmd/control/support for 11 subord units in TX including: 3 Stations, 2 WPBs, 3 HH-65Bs, 3 ANTS, 2 LORSTAs, Naval Eng Det, 25 surface assets, SPO. Directs efforts of 43 Off, 335 Enl, 75+ Reservists, & 550 Aux. Financial Oversight $2.6M budget. Incident CDR for CG cmds in AOR. Member, Border Coordinator Initiative (BCI). IDT Scheduled/Attended: 48/48; ADT: 13 Days; ADSW: 5 Days Attachment: MSM dtd 02 JAN 2010 Primary Duty block – MUST match RPAL in DA – found under CG member info Primary Duty: COMPLETED BY SUPERVISOR Should Include: Scope of Duty, Resources Responsible for, Money Managed, People Supervised and Collateral Duties Personal Awards Only USCG and Other Armed Services For Period in Which Received Even if the Award Cites Performance Outside of Period Certificate and Citation Required Punitive Letters of Censure Court Memoranda Unclassified Information Brief

7 Which schedule? IDPL vs ADPL
Understand the difference between schedule and list: one is how often, the other is with whom you are competing. Reserve Officers are on the ADPL schedule if: On EAD ADOS greater than 181 Days Title X at original unit > 6 months Title X at new unit > 92 days All other officers are on the IDPL schedule This is not to confuse you but please refer to the PERSMAN Chap 10.A.3.e (pages 33-35) when trying to figure out which schedule you fall into.

8 OER Submission Schedule
ANNUAL 31 MAR – ENS 30 APR – CAPT 31 JUL – LTJG (LTJG In-Zone, 30 JUN) BIENNIAL (On Even Numbered Years) 31 MAR – CDR 30 APR – LCDR and CWO4 31 MAY – LT 30 JUN – CWO2 31 JUL – CWO3 (If In-Zone, OERs are required on odd years) This is self explanatory again to re-emphasize Even Numbered Years – ALL OERs are due If above or in zone required on odd years and can not be late LTJG – 30 JUN for in zone candidates

9 Occasion of Report Annual/Semi-Annual Detachment of ROO (Transfer)
Change of RO Promotion (CAPT / CWO–LT) Concurrent (TAD >60 days) Special (Performance Change / NJP) This is also required for even year Promotion Year Boards, which occur on odd Calendar years Continuity Purposes Only (IRR/Retirement) When other times to submit an OER

How Well It Was Done Concise Accomplishment Demonstrated Impact… “Resulting in _________” I’ll show you an example on the next slide

Vague: Conducted vessel inspection to check for hazards. Specific: Responded to 6 grounded vessels following a major storm; conducted on-site inspections, determined pollution threat, drafted 2 administrative orders for removal of onboard fuel & oil; efforts ensured proper response actions taken by owners & no pollution reached the water. Real OER example from LT OER. This is a very well written OER comment. It could cover/ re-emphasize multiple categories: Using Resources, Results/Effectiveness, and Professional Competence How well it was done Concise accomplishment Demonstrated Impact

12 OER CONCERNS Vague Comments: “Demonstrated good leadership skills.” Lacks impact & specificity. Excessive Abbreviations: “Spb plg/prp res 4 mtg all op msn reqmts; thrly plnd 2 FL sts, 1 WWP, 1 GANTSEC, & 1 JIATF-S ptl & dpt cmptly prp’d for C4I mgtn.” Confuses the reader. Community-Specific Acronyms: “AFIC, BCI, ACOE” – Use only widely known acronyms; if unsure define thoroughly. Prohibited Comments: References to Medical/Psychological issues, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, Race or Family Status are restricted. Use of Personal Pronouns: He, she, his, her- are not universally restricted, but place undue emphasis on gender. The best written OERs limit the use of pronouns. Excessive Abbreviations - makes it difficult to read, impact of statement gets lost in excessive abbreviations/acronyms. Turns reader off – regular feedback from panel and board members. Acronyms - Don’t assume Board/Panel members will know them all (boards are diverse) Prohibited Comments - To avoid biased personnel management decisions based upon color, race, gender, religion, medical, marital status, etc. OERs are not intended to be gender neutral, but placing emphasis on gender is prohibited. (personal pronouns authorized, though excessive use will be flagged).

Defined As: “1” in Any Performance Dimension, or “UNSAT” Comparison Scale Mark, or Removal from Primary Duty Addendum Process Supervisor/RO Signs OER and provides copy to ROO ROO has 14 days to prepare addendum/statement Supervisor/RO endorse addendum/statement and forward entire package to Reviewer for signature (OER + Addendum/ Statement + Endorsements) Derogatory OERs must be prepared/ routed IAW PERSMAN 10.A.4 (h., i.) Engage PSC-rpm Staff early in the process (draft OERs, addenda, replies).

14 The Life of an OER End of Period
Unit CO publishes the Rating Chain -21 Days ROO Submits Supporting Docs (Minimum Blocks 1 & 13) +10 Days Supervisor Section due to Reporting Officer +30 Days Sup and RO sections due to Reviewer, sends to OER Admin +45 Days OER Due to PSC-rpm +90 Days Validated OER sent to member for records End of Period Check your Validated OERs in Direct Access Home>Self Service>Employee>View>My Employee Review -21 Days prior to the end of report your OSF must be submitted otherwise your mark cannot be hirer than a 5 on evaluations 45 days after the marking period they should arrive at PSC-rpm

15 CG-PSC RPM-1 Final quality control review
Process all OERS in Direct Access Support the Promotion Board process PSD-mr Scan OER into computer storage system Send original, validated OER back to member (read slide) In a nutshell the final pieces of the puzzle

16 Review your record from PSC-PSD-mr 3 months before your board
The Promotion Cycle Annual Kick Off Message for all Boards February Candidate Message (Who is In Zone) 30 Days before the Board Board Convenes Selection Message Approx 6 weeks after board OPAL Message Beginning of each month This is where it counts! Read from the slide… Review your record from PSC-PSD-mr 3 months before your board

17 Promotion Basics A Promotion Year runs from July 1 to June 30
Example: PY 2011 runs from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011 It is when the selected people actually get promoted, not when the boards take place Going before the board is based on the Register of Reserve Officers Boards are a closed process based on matters of record, your OERs are the most important piece Please make sure that you are ready prior to being in-zone boards have been known to select from below zone.

18 What Recent Boards are Saying
Factors that place officers at risk Core values and 8H violations Fail to qualify Alcohol incidents Overweight Lack of job diversity/geographic diversity Excessive staff tours/no ops or field support tours Nothing out of specialty (broadened specialist) R I S K Each board develops evaluating criteria before any of the records are reviewed and each board is allowed to develop their own rating standards. So be aware these are things that can put you at risk.

19 Important Tips for Reservists
Ensure your contact information is up to date in Direct Access, including best Regularly read message traffic at Communications to the IDPL Boards are strongly encouraged for Reserve Officers Reserve Officer Resumes to the IDPL Boards are NO Longer required for Reserve Officer boards the ESS in CGBI is now used.

20 IMPORTANT TIPS Maintain a Personal OER File
Update Record of Professional Development (CG-4082) before Promotion Boards. Advanced education at the top! Achieve Closure - Follow Through Don’t Delay Submission Verify Validated OERs: Direct Access: Home> Self Service> Employee> View > My Employee Review Review HQ PDR or Request a Scanned Copy - Just in case one is misplaced before a Board. - Not the best time to have a quality OER prepared. - Flight school, PG school, units.

21 Thank you for your time & Have a great Coast Guard Day!
Q & A Thank you for your time & Have a great Coast Guard Day! If you have personal concerns you may address them with me afterwards or please copy down the phone numbers on the next slide and feel free to contact us!

22 RPM Contact Information Reserve Officer Promotions: (202) Reserve Officer Status: (202) Register of Reserve Officers: (202) Reserve OES : (202) Here’s are contact info …

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