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Category: Improving Transparency, the Delivery of Services for Taxpayer Service United Nations Public Service Award 2007 United Nations Public Service.

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1 Category: Improving Transparency, the Delivery of Services for Taxpayer Service United Nations Public Service Award 2007 United Nations Public Service Award 2007 UN HQ Vienna June 2007

2 1975-1990: The Lebanese war seriously damaged Lebanon's economic infrastructure. Immediately following the end of the war, there were extensive efforts to revive the economy and rebuild national infrastructure. The ability of the Ministry of Finance to deliver on its mandate was severely challenged. The strategy to face this challenge consisted of adopting a comprehensive and integrated reform program to re-haul its operations.

3 Taxes established by laws are applied by the Tax Administration in the Ministry of Finance Lebanon is a centralized country: the power to levy taxes is held by the parliament Indirect Taxes: V AT S tamp Duty E xcise O thers Direct Taxes: I ncome Tax -Personal Income Tax -Corporate Income Tax -DASS -Capital Gain B uilt Property Tax I nheritance Tax

4 Organizational chart of the Tax Administration Regional Offices VAT Directorate General Directorate of Finance Revenues Directorate Ministry of Finance

5 Regional office Satellite offices

6 2-Mount Lebanon 2 1-Beirut 1 3-North Lebanon 3 8-Baalbek- Al Hermel 8 6-Nabatieh 6 7-Akkar 7 5-Bekaa 5 4-South Lebanon 4

7 Strategy Structure Systems Tax Reform Program Skills Style Staff Shared values

8 Modern and innovative Tax Administration able to anticipate and respond to external and internal changes Efficient organization with function-based HQ & operational offices Business process reengineering (BPR) & Automation Qualified & skilled Human Resources Taxpayer Service & Customer Value Culture Continuous capacity building of distinctive competences Full commitment to the modernization plan Strategy Structure Systems Staff Style Skills Shared Values

9 Strategy Build a modern tax administration: Streamlined processes and procedures High-quality services to taxpayers Improved fiscal compliance Equitability and transparency Efficient organizational structure Competent and skilled staff

10 Structure Re-organized Tax Administration: Three levels of management : Central function-based headquarters Regional tax offices with functional departments Satellite offices (proximity counters) Taxpayers segmentation (Large, Medium and Small Taxpayers)

11 Systems Business process reengineering and automation: Processes and procedures Forms Automated Tax Administration System

12 Staff Qualified and skilled personnel Clear job descriptions Dedicated multidisciplinary tax reform team

13 Style Taxpayer service and customer value culture: Communication and awareness (Interpretation bulletins, newsletters) Education (Friendly visits) Consultation Result oriented: Well defined programs and work plans Optimized productivity Performance evaluation according to KPIs

14 Skills Continuous capacity building of distinctive competences: Local training and workshops Technical assistance from international organizations (EU, IMF, WB) Cooperation with other tax agencies

15 Shared Values Full commitment to the reform plan Team work and spirit Internal communication Horizontal synchronization Style StaffSkills Structure Share d value s Strategy Systems


17 Promote and facilitate voluntary compliance : Inform and educate Provide high-quality responsive services Streamline processes and procedures Promote a new image of the Public Administration: Customer Focus culture Integrity and accountability Confidence in the Government and its modernization program Transparency and credibility

18 Reengineering & modernization of the existing systems and processes Simplifying tax returns Developing tax guides & other communication material informing taxpayers of their rights & obligations Continuous dissemination of information on new developments through media channels Improving staff skills and professionalism, enhancing the working environment and strengthening management controls Improving working tools for the fast and reliable delivery of services Minimizing the personal contact with taxpayers through the use of regular mail and electronic tools to process their operations and inquiries Developing a business continuity plan to ensure sustainability of operations in risk situations Creation of an exhaustive and user-friendly website constantly updated Simplifying tax laws for fair, equitable and transparent application

19 2002: VAT 2005: LTO 2006: All Regions 2007-2008: Gradual implementation of Satellite offices (proximity counters)

20 Filing exclusively by mail Payment exclusively through banks Specified due dates for all transactions Automated document tracking for taxpayers enquiries Expansion of mail services enabling taxpayers to process their transactions by mail and receive the result at specified address Introduction of e-services enabling taxpayers to file and process their tax transactions through the web Launching of a 24/7 call center to provide around the clock services for all taxpayers enquiries Instant communication by e-mails with taxpayers Continuous update and publishing of information on the website Distribution of guides, bulletins, newsletters and brochures Delivery of conferences, seminars and workshops aimed at increasing taxpayers awareness and education Taxpayer Services

21 1,292818 Incoming calls 7,94011,344 Visits to Taxpayers Services Department 8,0896,158 Incoming calls 1,0751,548 Visits to Taxpayers Services Department Pre-defined duration by type Pre-defined required documents Response/result sent to taxpayers Multiple visits with no assigned time for completion Transactions that need further investigation Immediate3 days Transactions processing time Duration/ Number 20062005 VAT LTO

22 Higher voluntary compliance rate Reduced number of cases of disputes Increased revenues collection Updated taxpayer database

23 Compliance rate (DASS)

24 Number of cases of disputes (VAT)

25 VAT revenues (Q1) The amounts are in millions

26 Number of registered taxpayers

27 Thank You

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